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  • Skyline 2 was one of the few movies I quit halfway through out of boredom. Can't see how they got a Third.

  • Hollywood is trying pretty hard to re-legitimize the newspaper again....

  • Sooo Avatar but with out the bending? lol even Raya looks like katara lol but ill watch it

  • U know what happened to Bonnie & Clyde right? Anyone that thinks people like this are to be glorified. U have pain coming. I'll be only too happy to see u suffer.

  • I'm an adult and I'm excited for this.

  • im proud to be kazakh

  • That minister was amazing. Imagine being faced with that situation and showing such composure.


  • When is this being released in the UK? Looks an amazing & compelling film. Really want to see this.

  • Looks like a complete copy of the original

  • As a kid back in 1990, the witches were really scary.

  • Hilarious

  • Council Estate ENGLISH JEW LOL

  • Fun fact, the director of this movie was home schooled. This is basically his interpretation of what he thought he school would be like.

  • Oliver two-timing.

  • I have waited oh so long for this!!

  • Yawn. Boring!

  • He glew up but I didn't 😓😓😓

  • no doubt

  • The first 2 were GREAT but this looks meh. Damn. It's the actors for me, I guess.

  • Of course the lead character is a girl. Who would dare put a male lead role anymore. Boring. Skip.

  • Tricking unsuspecting sincere people in order to make fun of them has got to be the lowest form of humor on the planet.

  • Wow! She's using a Arnis (Filipino Fighting stick)

  • Yah, she looked like katara

  • I am Kazakh. I want to become murder.

  • She reminds of Katara and totally looked like a water bender till she got out her weapon


  • meh

  • I love Borat but very disappointed to see propaganda in the movie. Very well timed and clever move with the election just around the corner..

  • Am I the only one who watched it only because Armie is in it?

  • I see Tom Hanks i click LIKE

  • Too many blacks

  • OMG!! that was amazing 😱😮 love the music so good ❤️


  • Why is Miles Morales Spiderman better than the OG in every possible way

  • Netflix?

  • The people of Kasachstan won´t be thrilled...

  • Whats more dangerous this virus or democrats? ...... DEMOCRATS 🤣 I'm dying.

  • I have my joint ready for this. That's gonna be a wild ride

  • Aaand...the Kazakhs are actually Românian again. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 So funny.

  • "why are we mouses?!!" That annoying kid "Mice" Period.

  • HE will NOT divide US :D hahaha can't take this dude seriously ever again

  • You need just say sorry

  • King Bach

  • Now this is sick and the music is aweeeeesooommmmmmmeeeeeee it’s gonna be a super hit

  • That sound will be inside my head forever

  • It's more fun to read comments than to watch the trailer.

  • My Dad is the smartest person in the whole flat world 😁 i agree

  • Oh my gosh! why Raya looks like Korra?

  • Hysterical on so many levels - visual sight gags, simple miscommunication, religious dogma, political correctness, at al. Love it. 😄😆😂🤣🤪🤗

  • Gotta love the music. Sounds kinda like fanfare ciocârlia?

  • 0:05 - 0:18 the beat sounds Rihanna‘s “Phresh out the runway”

  • Saport my channel bro

    • Dont be tnx let's help each others ok bro

    • Ok done bro

    • @Lahiru Sankalpa tnx bro ok done

    • @bikes stunts tnx bro

    • Thanks to you Gaye's

  • im only watching for pete

  • The first will always be the best

  • This is like the combination of avatar, moana

  • Put some Ferengi in there too.

  • Korra who

  • Borat is back lulul

  • Girl, if this Captain say something like "Island", "Apolo 13", "Ethiopean Seas" or "Cactus 1549" JUST RUN!!!


  • shit movie.

  • summertime sadness