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Hi, everyone! My name’s Azzy and I’d like to welcome you to AZZYLAND!
I’m a Canadian girl with a passion for all the good things in life :) From the heart-warming and hilarious, to the surprising and exciting: I welcome it all!
That’s why my goal with this channel is to inspire positivity, by bringing people together to encourage one another!


♡ CS-tv:



  • 4:10 the face of absolute shock.

  • 5:55 Azzy: K step one have perfect hair Me: there goes that hairstyle idea

  • The one that has a little long teeth

  • I can stick my tongue out and swallow

  • What’s the most random face you could have in your hair? Me: FINNICK ODAR ..thg anyone?

  • Yass queen

  • Aaaa👍🏽🤢🤢🤢😤🤧🤧🤧😂🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮


  • Azzy : does wowed count🤣

  • Azzy: holy fruit cakes this is awkward Oompaville: YES MY GUY

  • Bye -bye

  • Give me a shoutout please!

  • the dad is trying to be nice and she is so rude :( :(

  • 8:10 Azzy you were suposed to click on the even numbers not the uneven ones AZZY YOU FOOL no offense

  • I love dogs

  • hi

  • Azzy, I didn't know you say bad words... ☹️

  • Kassie: *Takes a sip* Azzy: *Takes a sip* Kassie: *OOOO* Azzy: *COUGHS LOUDLY* Kassie: *MMMM Dr. Pepper?* Azzy: *AHHHHHHHH* Kassie: *mmmm it's delicious!!* Azzy: *Dies* Kassie: *YUM did I get it right?!* Me: I would do that to my friend too ;-; U-U

  • 1:22 EXPOSED sorry for that

  • That moriah made over

  • So satisfying 😀

  • With that can thing with if your also have ocd XD

  • There’s also ice cream taste testers

  • I think only the orange ladybug,s are poison someone told me that too

  • 1:17 is amazing

  • how did they find diamonds so easy!!!!?????

  • 4:35

  • Lol on first one lolz

  • Who’s not watching this during quarantine lucky humans -w-

  • Baby KassieAnd baby azzyMail there self two Hawaii

  • I hate it

  • So cooooooooool!!!!!😁

  • 1. I woke up 2. I saw Azzy 3. I hugged her 4. I cried Now read it in the order 2314 P.S Real nightmare

  • OMG I love watching your vids Azzy!

  • So she crash her own car

  • At 3:04 he says idont but it but it really does

  • Your roommate or mom looks like my teacher

  • Yes i am in quarantine

  • He got 50 dollars and his brother got a video game 🎮 I would be so happy ☺ to get 50 dollars

  • I have ten sisters and five brothers

  • assie

  • So cool.

  • Its a Fox rith?


  • It’s late like 11 almost 12 im here a scared hopeless 10 year old child reading everything about Mr. Floyd meanwhile I hear gunshots close all by myself then u see azzy 💗💗

  • Azzy should be MC Donald’s mascot


  • I love to whach azzy

  • Can you do a video on furry

  • The toilet paper dress might come in handy now

  • Why does this video remind me of myself?

  • My dad where is vests

  • Alpaca are so cute and funny and fluffy

  • i have that thing at 5:00 and its actually for big water jugs like gallons and that way you can fill up your cup just from there if you dont have a water cooler.

  • F

  • Hehehe those otter are stealing money they're probably on the money Heist or something hehehe 😂😏

  • I'll be listening to a book and acting out what I think the characters are doing then someone will walk in the room

  • Why do people dislike dis there's nothing wrong with dis

  • That man wearing the same color of the couch is African that's why he is wearing that. Oh and also I'm African too.

  • I love azzy you make me feel good about myself

  • harry ron and Herminini actually went to the same school and these people came for the cast of Harry Potter and they got in. sorry if this is long 😂😂😂

  • I think im gonna pass out frfr not lying im dizzy rn and im sittung

  • Farts for days

  • I'm hungry now

  • 2020 MY DUDES

  • I am covered in maskto bites and I don't feel good

  • Yes for help on homework

  • He lost befire u he LLLIIIEEESSS

  • I'm still waiting for those noodles 😂😃

  • F

  • That lady is.......ChEWBAKa!!!

  • Bathroom in the closet is bad enough, but there is also carpeted floor. 😐😂

  • You said wow you missed it

  • Can you try doing ASMR?

  • I had a lot of friends when I was samller but now I don’t

  • Oh my god it’s a Karen

  • Me and my bro have the same mark on the same ear

  • Do part 2!

  • I laugh at your puns

  • That was scary😨😱

  • Why isn’t anyone talking about the water bottles in the shirt 👚😂😂😂😂she looked hilarious 🤣

  • “I’m a gummy bear inside your mouth, what do you do?” Me: Spit you out. :>

  • i noticed the lambo's plate number is azzyland

  • I wish this happened to me my mom is poor and I really want to meet you

  • This a gold digger song

  • 🎱🆒💘💔🖤✝️💒🦄🦄🐽👑

  • Azzy is the best

  • F

  • dont need a crotch shot

  • dont like it

  • The bikini doesn't have a top

  • I... this is horable

  • Wow sorry I said wow

  • F

  • This remind me when you’re looking for sunglasses and there on your face

  • I will eat apples any day even if he’s cute

  • I have 30

  • U siad wow it look like Hart and something

  • Dear I don’t know

  • 😁😁😂😀😁😁