$1 Eggs Vs. $89 Eggs • Japan

čas přidán
"Compliments to the chef, who is the chicken."
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  • Tide pods

  • Omurice man is LITTERLY just an immortal egg God who loves his job

  • That first guy they talked too sounds like Stan lee he gives off the same vibe it’s a Japanese Stan lee


  • Rie is such a gorgeous person

  • Gudetama is my constant mood

  • @7:45 OMG I CANT

  • Did anyone else see Steven’s face at 10:09?

  • Compliments to the chef which is the chicken 🐓 lol 😂 i died at that point lol 😂

  • 8:14 Did someone say Moto Moto?

  • Eggcellent video

  • sugoiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 0:58 the girl in the background is like "CAN I HAS SUM PLS!?"

  • Ketchup and hot sauce on eggs are totally normal for me lol

  • Duuude they went to chichibu! That's where menma and jintan lives

  • Chef Motokichi is the person I want to be

  • I also put ketchup on eggs, wth.

  • Japanese Stan Lee

  • Yo, the chef that makes the omirice has a video with 7 million views and others with food travelers!!!

  • This guy is an Asian Stan Lee

  • 10:03

  • 0:56 look! There's a cute girl in love xd

  • 1:13 sounds like Stan lee if he spoke japanese

  • Oooh gohan is rice. I see u dragon ball z i see u huh

  • I'm Malaysian and that is soooo true 😂

  • proud Malaysian here

  • I really reaaaaally LOVE Japan! though I'm from different country

  • Hihaaarr kichi kichi

  • Feel like adam needs his own segment

  • Wait... Malaysian eats the most eggs? I as a Malaysian doesn't know that XD

  • I’d eat any eggs.

  • 1:18 looks like dr disrespect

  • Im Glad To Be Malaysian

  • Tamagoyaki chief has a great voice. Like a narrator from 80's anime.

  • Nasi pattaya

  • Yooooo that first chef look and sound like the Asian version of Stan Lee! 😂

  • $1 Egg: WOW! $89 Egg: wow

  • Why does Andrew remind me of like what onision would be if he were a good person and not an onion boy?

  • 18:16 Adam smile is so cute

  • When he sais Malaysia. I was like lmao. Yeah. We used lots of eggs. Everyday

    • which part?

  • Tell me why the owner of yoshoku restaurant reminds me of a older jhope because he makes all the noises

  • The lady at the start wondering why the were chanting Eggs

  • aaaaaaaah the kichi kichi chef is so cuteeee 😭😂💙 he gives off this grandpa vibes 😂😂

  • i have been to the black egg place

  • Going to Japan is my dream and yall went there to eat eggs?

  • as a malaysian, true that we ate so many eggs per person in a year 😂😂😂😂😂 one day you got no food to eat, fried egg with some soy sauce and rice will solved the problem right away 😂😂😂

  • 14:37 NINGEN

  • "Watashiwa Tamago" -Jessica Soho

  • Tru dat, since in Malaysia pretty much all of our traditional meals contains eggs

  • Buzzfeed bad redit good

  • Adam is hot yo.

  • Ya always learn something new in life Eggxactly 😂😂🍳

  • This guy must be friends with Toyo.

  • The first guy is just Japanese Stan Lee

  • Kichi Kichi is the best Eggs made out from pure happiness HAHAHAHAHAHHA c:

  • i like the first guy who had a really cool mascot. something about him just makes him cool

  • Raw egg? Y'all enjoy. But I'll pass.

  • 0:58 i bet the girl is like ohh food imma just stair at them

  • 0:53 me in the back when people grouped

  • I wonder how many times they shared saliva between the episodes. Even using the same spoon some times

  • Does anyone else think about them getting salmonella after eating the raw egg or is it just me?😂

  • The omelette rice guy 😂 lot of fun


  • 0:04 the lady in the back was like "why are they saying egg many times?"

  • Chef Motokichi seems like he came from Food Wars skkssk

  • Da mango

  • I love eggs so much. Desperate to try the omelette rice and that beautiful egg... which is also over rice XD Who knew two versions of eggs and rice could be so different yet so delicious looking?

  • “Some people say egg dishes are all about the shell.”

  • The lady at the back at 0:53 tho😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tamago = egg One piece = Big Moms subordinate (Tamago)😂

  • Did you go to Disney cuz that’s in Tokyo if you want like scary rides go to Osaka there universal studios egg fact did you know kids eat raw eggs with rice

  • You forgot balut from the philippines

  • The asian guy is so cringy and he doesn't even know his language

  • I wonder what that lady in the back was thinking😂

  • Took em 20 minutes to eat 3 different types of eggs.

    • WhatCar why?Can you travel in different places in just 20 minutes?

  • Uhh... hello can someone just get Rie her own damn travel show??

  • please come to Mexico next your money will last even more and you can do egg themed episode, taco themed, seafood, literally anything

  • omg TAMAGOtchi

  • I love how Andrew, an English speaking man says "je ne sais qoi", a French phrase in Japan.

  • 8minutes on the video, reminded me of Saltbae. xD

  • They go to a 711 in Japan... :/

  • Im proud to be Malaysian

  • He says he's president like he is looking after the whole country, lmao

  • You guys need to watch Tampopo. It's a Japanese movie.

  • How cute is the sound lady right at the beginning, also someone give her a raise, she looks sad.

  • I'm a malaysian yet i didn't know the fact

  • 0:53 hi.

  • Japan : Tamago Us. : Tamagow

  • Buzzfeed guys are beta lol

  • 0:58 are we just gonna ignore the lady silently judging them

    • Exactly nobody is talking about it. I am feeling very sad for tbh, maybe doesn't have much money to be like them

  • Although he doesnt talk much.. i still love adam😂😂😂

  • But its still an egg, right?

  • The best part of the video was Adam smiling when he was holding the egg yolk

  • What? Malaysians are number 1 egg consumers? We can't be eating that much??? *My Malaysian inner thought while eating my nasi lemak with egg in it, almost every breakfast*

  • Japanese people are just real life anime’s

  • lol

  • Making a comment BEFORE watching the video, I just can't imagine paying $89 for an egg dish. Come on over to my place. I'll prepare eggs of your choice, with thick cut, locally sourced thick fresh hickory smoked bacon, brown eggs from yesterdays hens asses, on a nice brioche, with a hollandaise sauce made by me. Accompanied by your choice of either a Bloody Mary, with your choice of Vodka, or a fresh mimosa, for about $30.

  • well im from malaysia...proud to be malaysian

    • uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Salt bae has nothing on Motochiki