$1 Eggs Vs. $89 Eggs • Japan

čas přidán 7. 10. 2018
"Compliments to the chef, who is the chicken."
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  • 4:26 missed opportunity to say _"gude-boote"_

  • You can eat raw eggs in Norway too.

  • heeeeh why does every person talk about Japans orange eggs We exist too ;;

  • Andrew also made this with that chef. Also side note, when he said he's absorbing your aura, I just imagined him absorbing chakra, like from Naruto.

  • Its eggsalent

  • I think Japan is so wholesome. They always try to be the best. Not everything is, but they still try.

  • I need some of the Kichi Kichi guy's happiness and joy in my life

  • Ridy?.... FIYAAAAAAAA!!!

  • 17:00 my indonesian ass can’t even 🤮 idc how expensive it is i KNOW DAM WELL that ain’t taste good at all

  • That kichi kichi chef kinda reminds me of jhope???? Like how happy and energetic he is ☺️

  • Finally, something to be proud of as a Malaysian. We eat eggs for dessert

  • i wish there will be a Adam shots montage video

  • Buys $10000 eggs, uses $1 rice and soy sauce

  • Not gonna lie but they make me feel uncomfortable... They are so cold and their jokes never land

  • That woman in the background during 0.58 she goals

  • Omurice chef is really awesome and always enjoying in work....

  • The Kichi Kichi Chef has purple hair.

  • 1:25 hahahaha the guy with oramge stripes is literally me when my math teacher is discussing about something

  • Kichi kichi chef is so positive love him!~

  • Wait your back to omuriceu

  • This video verifies my assertion that Japanese culture is really weird...and before I get hate, I mean that in a good way.

  • I wish Andrew would've gone in the kitchen and tried to make omurice with the chef


  • 1:15 he’s like an Asian Stan lee

  • 0:53 that girl in the back with the umbrella though 😂😂

  • I love the kichi kichi chef's hair

  • the old man tone of voice at 1:10 eerily sounds like Stan Lee

  • Food wars

  • 0:30 Lol Proud to be Malaysian lmao

  • I love the Kichi Kichi chef!!!

  • Mitsuo Ito looks like the Japanese iteration of Stan Lee.

  • 3:20 lemme get a close up

  • I absolutely hate eggs..... but I want to try every dish in this video 😂

  • Gutay-bootay.. Really missed out on this one @4:28

  • WHAT THE FOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

  • i seasoned my eggs according to my taste and cooked it according to my mood. 😋 lols

  • Kichi Kichi reminds me of J-hope can anyone else relate?

  • God Rie is adorable!

  • 10:39 did he just say je ne se quoi? it doesn't work with the sentence lmao

  • One thing I love is the Professionalism at the Omurice place, cause Rie and Andrew have met Motokichi Yukimura and The Chef taught Andrew how to properly make Omurice, such professionalism.

  • 生麦生米生卵

  • The omurice chef is the best on buzzfeed

  • i really want them to go to Malaysia

  • *his personality and energy makes me happy ☺️*

  • This is the only buzzfeed video series that I like. Anything political, I dont agree with

  • I wish could be in worth it it’s my dream

  • I can under stand Japanese so it’s fun listening to English and Japanese でも字幕はいらないな〜

  • Stop it at 18:42 and tell me doesnt that look like jackie chan? ;-;

  • Tsuji always been good I am glad he is going very well

  • "Shut up and put the matcha in your mouth" - Andrew, 2018



  • background lady's expression 😂


  • I see Rie, I click.

  • Like this video for Motokichi’s good looks.

  • Im a Malaysian n i cant believe malaysia have the most consumers 😂😂😂

  • I really want that omurice

  • Saman-go

  • *_Kylie Jenner, quaking in the distance_*

  • I'm living in Malaysia

  • I want to say that Rie is really cute

  • I am the person who has consumed the most eggs in the world

  • I don't like the way she rei looks 6:31

  • I'm only half way through and the kichi kichi chef is already my favorite.

  • What’s the Japanese lady insta

  • In the beginning the lady was like “Why Do They Keep Saying Egg?”

  • Lol 89$ for 10 eggs. And the way they're describing that egg over rice is cringe worthy. You're eating rice with raw eggs; stop describing it as if it was worth it.

  • "FBI. Freeze."

  • OMG Adam smiled!!!

  • That guy at 1:20 is an asian stan lee. Looks and sounds like him

  • Why does their guide look like the young grey haired lady from The Incredibles?

  • I find Adam so hot!

  • When I grow up I wanna be like The Kichi Kichi Chef

  • "It's like- eating- tidepods-" *cracks up laughing* *"nOOooOoooOo!"* my reaction eXACTLY LMFAO

  • He looks like such a dingus in the thumbnail

  • plz cite egg surces

  • and now i want to eat some eggs 🙃

  • 0:55 lady got in love with silver hair boy

  • And its like takoyaki

  • Why did I ever watch this even though I'm allergic to eggs

  • I love the chef of Kichi kichi 😍♥️♥️

  • The kichi kichi chef is so nice!

  • Did anyone notice that kyoto is tokyo kinda backwards😂

  • Rie should make a matcha parfait video ^-^

  • “So rich” Me: so expensive for a small plate

  • 10:39 Like CS-tv

  • Let me guess, China! Your close answer:Malaysia&Mexico Wow sure is close

  • Reasons why japan is way better than USA 1 the mesmerizing cuisine 2 high advancement in tech. 3 beautiful landmarks,landscape,and cities,and towns 4 you can feel the joy the people get from the job The list goes on and on and you can’t deny it

  • I'm not Japanese but I put ketchup on my rice

  • Rei looks so cute and a LOT like ada in Resident Evil 2

  • Yukimura is like a.... magician almost

  • "anybody looking for parfait ambassador, they should choose me" riE

  • I thought every one put ketchup with egg

  • Dang I don’t like egg but I still watched this

  • Egg in French is *oof*

  • My mom's cooking dinner while I watch this and I'm almost cramping from the look of this delicious food and the smell of dinner I'm so damn hungry

  • 3:33 and then a meme was born

  • The Japanese people are probably like "Why are they saying egg?".

  • Lol wearing an I❤️NY shirt in Tokyo lol