$1 Street Food Around The World

čas přidán 13. 09. 2018
From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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  • So, mexican money is called peso? 1:17

  • 5:11 - wait , he will return around 60-70 ₹ ie around 1$ Edit: 5:16😂 that guy got tricked. He gave more than the actual price

  • In India there are more than 1000 options. It may be limited in States but different cultures brings different types of food. Some street foods may be unhygienic.

  • Come to Greece....

  • Please do Phillipines.🙏🏻☹️

  • Pakistan

  • I want see indo and malay

  • What if one of the one dollar snacks in some of the cities gave away vegetables for snacks.

  • In Vietnam you can have a bowl of pho

  • Go to malaysia

  • How about malaysia

  • I wanna see street food from the Philippines

  • Indonesia

  • I want street foods from Pakistan

  • In Philippines 1pesos you can get 1candies

  • In indonesia 1$ or equal 15.000 in rupiah, you can get a glass of sweet iced tea and a plate of rice with 2 side dish on warteg kharisma bahari yang udah buka cabang ampe gabisa diitung pake jari anj

  • I love how the first guy is so happy for his work

  • I tried buying a hot dog on a Filipino 7/11 and they are soooo cheap. It's around 0.27 cents.

  • The One From India Looks Really Good

  • You guys Are so sweet! Because I feel bad for the people who made food so someone will buy but You buyed it! I'm thankful! I'm not also dramitic i just want people should be Fair so If your rich they should be rich too if you want to hate Please leave me alone

  • Ohh you haven't seen Philippines! In $1 you can buy a lot of street foods.

  • Damm Indian street food looks yummy would love to go to Mumbai some day!

  • Wow now i want indian food 🤤

  • In Venezuela, 1 dollar is like, YOU CAN BUY ENTIRE CARACAS (I'm a Venezuelan xd)

  • Where is nepal

  • In Philippines if you Have 1₱ you Can Buy *Piece Of Candy* 1$ However in The U.S.A If You Buy it In The Philippines you Can Get *54 Candies* 😑 Or Actually A Restaurant's Dish So.............

  • The thing they bought in Spain is also a popular breakfast food in China.

  • In Malaysia U Can Buy Anything With 1Dollar

  • this thing called 'porra' in spain literally means cum in portuguese

  • Where is indonesia?! 😰😰😭😥😢😱😨😓

  • Pork buns are good

  • In every other country, they say so yummy, but in India, they say "so buttery"...

  • In France for 1€ you can get...... nothing


  • Vietnam have street food

  • sa batri

  • Romania


  • In NZ it's a small bag of lollies lmao

  • MEXICO!!!

  • 1€ is not 1$

  • Do Döner

  • $1 in reais is R$3,75 so I could buy two coxinhas or two snacks, a R$1,00 pop and a batom garoto (chocolate). I would have some cents to buy sweets too, like two bubblegums

  • pizza in italy. pls

  • I want the taiyaki

  • In Hawaii you can get $1 chicken at manapua man

  • In france➡️nothing

  • Can you buy food in Japan or Korea with American money?

  • Yummy China food

  • These foods are buttry not buttery.

  • And england

  • U.S.A

  • i dont think there is any place in the world which serves food as tasty as pav bhaji!! indian food is sooo yummy! i do agree its a little unsanitary but if u go in a good restaurant , the food is yumm and sanitary at the same time!! no offence to anyone🤗🤗

  • You dont get pav bhaji in india for 100 rupees its just like? 30 rupees or 0.32 dollars

  • south african street foods!

  • For 1,23 bgn can buy a duner in Sofia. Bulgaria

  • Vietnam?

  • Pakistani street food do Pakistani street food it taste so good 🤗


  • In Pakistan only 30 Rs only for tiki roll 😅😁😂

  • if 1 dollar means 80 th in bangladesh u can get 16 samosas or 16 cup of teas and many more u can even have 16 packets of popcorn

  • In sweden you Can’t even get a snickers or like a candy bar with 1 dollar 😂

  • Hungary?

  • One euro isn’t one dollar

  • Pakistani 1 dollar street food

  • España

  • Swedish street food maybe?


  • Omg I didnt know that pesos is used in mexico also I live in the phillipines so we have peso money skl

  • czech republic

  • It says that a hot dog costs 99 cents

  • Subway sandwich 🌯🌯 (there was no sandwich emoji so I picked this emoji )

  • Germany!

  • Here in Brazil with this money you can end up taking a bottle of water or just the lid of the bottle even lol

  • In Malaysia you can get a plate of kuey teow and in Singapore you can get a plate of chicken rice (I think)

  • If anyone making food with his hand then u don't say these is unhygienic because every country has their own tradition of doing food

    • And sorry to say that but our tradition is our first priority and we don't want to disrespect of our tradition and not also disrespect of any other country tradition ❤

    • Ok then lets take an example if u r giving money to other person then germs on ur hand goes on money and from money gearms goes on hands of other person and I don't think u wear glove for just giving money if u r not using gloves then these is also unhygienic

    • It’s still unhygienic no matter if there’s a tradition behind it

  • Czech republic😂❤️

  • Thailand you can buy Thai local meal in 1$ exam. Pad Krapao

  • In srbija you can get burek for 100 dinara

  • Why did they use a plastic bag for the pork buns that is so wasteful and it's so triggering

  • Pls can you to Philippines

  • What the time?

  • where’s the philippines?:(

  • 1:13 kanuka ng baraya sa Pilipinas hawig lang skl

  • Damn China gives you alot for 1 dollar

  • TURKEY ?

  • In meh country with 1 euro u can by 5 fried donuts Its so tasty with yogurt

  • Each city in india had its different 100rs speciality

  • 0:12 *ketchup mastard*

  • philippine

  • "Can i have one PORRA please" kkkkkk taquiparui

  • In the philippines....

  • 1$ in philippines you can make it your all day food

  • Wait they have pesos in mexico? I thought only Philippines has pesos.. huh?

  • I wanna travel all the way to China just to eat those pork buns 😍😍

  • Indonesian

  • *Omg,all the foods so good even india food delicious*

  • I luv Pav bhaji from India 🇮🇳

  • Eh...Where is Turkey?!

  • Turkey and Germany ?