$1 Street Food Around The World

čas přidán 13. 09. 2018
From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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  • east and west india is best❤

  • Please do baltic states

  • in Indonesia with 1 dollar you can get 1 portion of vegetable and meat rice

  • Philippines broooo

  • 100 rupee pav bhaji is a lie

  • Plzzz try a Nepali street food

  • wait no 20 peaices is 20 pesos sorry

  • fishball in the philipines just 1 philipine peso

  • there are unlimited street food in India which are less than $1 :)

  • In nepal we get 10 to 12 pieces of momos😋😋😋 I love momos

  • i liked pav bhaji

  • In *Pakistan* this is what you can buy in $1 -Biryani -Tikka -Bread (rotti) -Lots of fruits/kg -Lots of snacks -Ice cream rolls -fries -5 packs of ramen/instant noodles -fresh fruit juice -spring roll -a mcflurry -a dunkin donut' donut -street burger -a taco And many more


  • Ñam, las porras están genial ^w^ Like si eres de España :3 ❤️🇪🇸

  • Philippines please, that $1 would go a long way!! hahaha

  • Suadi? Morocco? *its OK if no!* *oml I cantttt. BTW I'm half Saudi and Morocco,*

  • In India, considering $1 ~ 70 INR you'll get ample of options, cost and locations might be variable. And please add on if you know more, I'll be more than happy :) 1) MISSAL PAO : Sprouts and pea curry topped with *Namkeen (common Indian snack), served with Pao bread (INR 50 - Location across Maharashtra) 2) MASALA DOSA : Thin pan cake made of rice batter, stuffed with mashed potatoes, served with *Sambhar (a vegetable stew) and coconut chutney (INR 60 - Location Southern parts of India) 3) IDLI/ WADA : Steamed rice cake and fried dough made of black lentil also served with *Sambhar and coconut chutney (INR 50 - Location Southern parts of India) 4) DHOKLA/ FAFDA : Sort of soft bun made with a fermented batter derived from rice and split chickpeas served with raw papaya chutney and fried chilies (INR 40 per 250 gm - Location across Gujarat and Maharashtra) 5) CHOLE BHATURE/ KULCHE : Chickpea masala along with *Bhatura (a fried bread made from refined flour) or *Kulcha (a type of flatbread) served with pickle and salad (INR 60 - Location Northern parts of India) 6) AALU PARATHA : Indian flatbread filled with mashed potatoes and masala, served with curd/ Mint chutney/ pickles (INR 60 for 2 - Location Northern parts of India) 7) SAMOSA KACHORI : *Samosa (fried tetrahedral dish stuffed with potatoes) and *Kachori (fried snack similar to small version of flat bread stuffed with lentils) served with potato curry and sweet and chili chutneys (INR 40 for any 2 - Location Central and Northeastern parts of India) 8) PURI BHAJI : fried flat bread served with potato curry (INR 50 - Location Northern parts of India) 9) VADA PAO : Deep fried mashed potato covered in batter and served between Pao with chili chutney and coconut garlic dry chutney (INR 15 - Location across Maharashtra) 10) BUN TIKKI : Deep fried mashed potato without batter served with sweet bun with sweet and chili chutney (INR 30 - Location Northern parts of India).

  • Why you not try indonesia im indonesia

  • Philippines next.😆😊😊

  • In my country 1$ can get u fried chicken with rice and sambal

  • Souvlakiiiii🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷

  • in north korea you get one rocket for 1$

  • Yuck! Ewww that last foood the man grab the bun twice!!! and then the dirty money and again those other buns EWWWWW!!!!!!!!!

  • ummm... la doña de españa estaba barriendo y no se lavo las manos para servir. thats kinda nasty, bruv

  • Mexico was the best

  • Indonesia

  • Even though the Indian one looks so yummy, it has so much butter it made me feel guilty just by watching it

  • Sweden

  • Make a video like This agian

  • Poor countries: a billion ingredients, extreme tastebud experiences. Rich countries: just a few ingredients, with as little effort as possible. Damn it, give me the extreme tastebud experiences!

  • Meanwhile in Indonesia... BATAGOR!

  • here in philippines street food you can get 5 sticks of kwek-kwek, pair sticks have 4 kwek-kwek.. you will still got 4 peso since money rate here is $1-P54

  • i cant watch this its too cringy

  • *DAMN India will fill up your stomach*

  • India is the god of street food 😂

  • number 1 the best food in the world is from Indonesia, namely "Rendang" & "Nasi Goreng" the price is cheap, only 1 dollar

  • About Philippines street food too. There will be many things you could buy with one dollar at Philippines.

  • Philippine pesos. mexican pesos

  • number 1 best food in the world is "Rendang" its Indonesia food ,u need $8 Dollar for this

  • Maltese pastizies

  • in Indonesia, for 1 USD You can get 7 bowl of noodles.

  • I liked the guajolota

  • 0:50 that's also in Korea

  • I just love malaysia food😂😍❤

  • They all look good

  • You have to review indonesian cilok

  • The coins in mexico looks like the coins here in PH~!

  • DO philippines

  • In Australia all you could get for a dollar is probably a chocolate or a small drink lol

  • Where is vietnam In there you can buy a hot bown of pho for 1 dollar

  • 오~~~좋은데용 ^^

  • Philipines please

  • Phillipine

  • At the dollar store you can buy anything for a dollar.

  • San Antonio

  • Id like to see in the philippines...it is so good you can buy: 1kwekkwek-1peso 2fishballs-1peso and many more

  • Oh no why you did Mexico like that? No one in the north eats that

  • You can buy like 4 timbits here in Canada



  • Indian foods are dirty ewww

  • PH!!!

  • I hate these kinds of videos bc people never talk about Pakistan or Saudia Arabia where I am from

  • This actually made me hungry from eating a taco from Taco Bell

  • Indonesia

  • *A Euro for a Churro*

  • Canadiens street food

  • You can buy lots of street foods in the Philippines for under a dollar

  • 1$ is almost my breakfats

  • You Can Buy 5 Kinds Of Street Food With 50 Pesos =1 Dollar In The Philippines.

  • In greece, you can get a single grain of rice for only $1!! 😁😁

  • Pfffft- In the Philippines, you can buy a good fast food meal for only a dollar.


  • 1 euro is like $2.50 in Singapore

  • Soh Batterii!!! 😂😂😂

  • Did anyone notice the 911 on them

  • filipino and their cons then mexican people and their cons looks kinda same??

  • Mexican street food is not that piece of trash it's tacos

  • I love China because foods in China , they're so good

  • I just love how the ones in China tied that bag

  • Thailand pls

  • 100 inr for pav bhaji? bruh you got scalped 50 inr tops

  • Phlipines street food

  • Philippines

  • Please morocco

  • Now i gotta go to spain and try porro

  • London : Me: hello I would like a burger Him: ok fish and chips Me: wait no burger bbbbbbbbbuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrggggggggggeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr Him:fish and chips? Me: fine omg fish and chips Him: sorry were all out Me:😐🤔 Him:ummm Me:fml (Edit) Me: leaves

  • Australia 🇦🇺 and New Zealand 🇳🇿 because I live in New Zealand

  • Would you do Dutch streetfood next vid?

  • In Morocco you can get the porro only for 1 dh that's 0,1$!

  • E ja u HR nemogu ni hljeb za dolar kupit :) Pozz za ostale balkance


  • Colombian

  • FILIPINO FOOD (lumpia, ensaimada, etc)

  • india is non - hygienic

  • Saudi Arabia next

  • In Morocco u can buy a sandwich ( vegetablz tuna eggs n french fries 4 a dollar )

  • Nigeria!! Lagos to be precise 🙌🏾💪🏾

  • Oblea from Colombia. It’s amazing

  • En la de México el chavo le dio 15 pesos cuando la guajolota cuesta 12