$1 Street Food Around The World

čas přidán 13. 09. 2018
From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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  • One plate meal for $1. Come to Thailand 🇹🇭

  • There’s really good food in Thailand you should try it 😊

  • Philipine money and Mexican money I think they're the same any ways I'm a filipino kamusto kayo

  • In the Philippines u can get 5 small burgers

  • The Philipines

  • In Philippines you can have breakfast and lunch for 1$


  • Awesome video!

  • In my country the street foods here costs less than a dollar, and it's enough to make you full.

  • Can u go to Sweden or Finland or

  • Why they not visit PH.... i think there's a deep reason.....

  • Any one watch this because there poor or hungry sometimes both

  • In the only thing in Pennsylvania Wilkes-Barre they could get with a dollars probably bag of chips small two

  • Egyptian street food

  • I know my dream now,these people in a deregulated america,just imagining how much America and these traditions would grow,a hot dog vs 6 buns or a red bean paste filled fish thing,oh lord im hungry as all hell and just ate 😭😭😭

  • Its Not Hot dog its *HhOoTt DdIiGgTtYy DdOoGg* (Hot diggty dog)

  • At Tijuana you get one Carne Asada Taco for 1 Dollar

  • Nah I don’t believe anything cause nowhere in NY are hotdogs still $1

  • Danish Hot Dogs 10000x better then NY ones on goood

  • 4:47. He used no gloves. Thats freaking sick. Who knows what he's been touching

  • Philippines have Buy 1 Take 1 Shawarma! Beat that!

  • Under a Dollar in most parts of the Philippines, a whole meal.

  • Simit

  • Turkey

  • I think the one from Mexico looks best

  • They literally chose the worst mexican street food omg :(

  • yep mexican and indian

  • The pan fried pork buns look sooooooooooo good

  • How churros a Spain snack it is a Mexican snak

  • Serbia, please!

  • 3:20 is that a north African in Spain

  • A huevo una guajolota

  • Thank u for honoring the churro

  • In Italy for 1 euro you can have just a cup of coffee (real value: 30 cents).

  • In philliphines bro

  • You can’t beat street food

  • In the Philippines, you can buy your lunch in a dollar

  • Buahahahaha Madrid was so poor on this one. That porro can in no case be even a breakfast, just a sweet snack, when for same price in India you can have that dish which in days you are not specially hungry can even be a lunch :D

  • Fish ball or squid ball (filipino food) and it is cheaper

  • Soo buttery

  • 3:30 está re barato el porro en España viejaa

  • Stroopwafel a maddie

  • you found a mythical $1 nyc hot dog stand hahaha. they're so hard to find

  • You should go to Italy! Or like England and see what food they have their!

  • can you guys try doing one in cuba please?

  • 3:26 PORRO 😂

  • In Sweden you get a lollipop if you’re lucky

  • Phav baji is the best

  • jesus there's like 6 dollars worth of oil and butter on the Indian one.

  • Mexico is def the best

  • In Albania for 1€(70 cent) you can get a byrek, its delicious

  • Eat döner from turkey

  • I am from Spain and my buff is from japan

  • So buttery

  • One porra

  • Czech Republic please

  • Aqui no Brasil🇧🇷 eles botam até alface🥦 no cachorro quente 🌭

  • Please CzechRepublic

  • Indian

  • i love this video

  • Sooooooooo yumyyyyyyyyyyyyyiykyiyoy

  • In India we you can get a whole meal and have enough for dessert

  • (street food video) 3:28 Madrid, porro 1€

  • That Indian guy touches everything then touches the food

  • Get sod all in England.

  • Malaysian

  • Come to georgia 🇬🇪

  • Omg the Chinese one looks soooooo good

  • I know places in India which are much cheaper and use gloves.

  • That's very well-priced. Such a genuinely nice guy!

  • You can get a lot in less than a dollar in INDIA EXAMPLE :- DOSA IDLI PANI PURI / GOL GAPPA CHAAT SAMOSA KACHORI PAKODA, etc

  • Indonesia : $1 = 3 street crepes

  • Indonesia : $1 = 30 candies

  • Some of them are incorrect cause churros are like 5 euros and you usually eat them around Christmas

  • Nepal please😊😊

  • Wow Indian food is so yummy I love it Indian street food is the best

  • Do some in the Philippines, I am part Filipino and like to see the delicious food from there

  • 1 $ dapet nasi uduk pake telor balado pake gorengan

  • Indians are disgusting. They're not even using gloves in cooking

  • In the Philippines, you can buy a burger or hotdog for $1 or below.

  • I want indonesia

  • Turkey

  • The closest we have to $1 street food in the UK is Greggs.

  • In Indonesia you can get a plate of food v: v:

  • Manila, Philippines: Angel's burger!! 😏

  • That's because you went to Madrid and that's expensive af, here in Murcia you get a whole bag (six or seven of them) with sugar and for the same price

  • In Dubai, with a dollar, you get a slap in the face

  • 2€ a simple hot dog in france for 1€ you only can have a tiny french fries box and i live in one of the cheapest city in all country forget it in paris even a small coffee cup is more than 2€

  • In korea you can buy a lifetime of hard labor in concentration camps for only 1 dollar

  • Try Mauritian food 😉

  • In philippines You can buy a lot of food in 1 dolla

  • Philipines

  • А мы в России пьем квасик!😀❤😀❤

  • Screw America I'm going back to Mexico in the us is like 3.50 for a tiny 1/4 full bag of Cheetos

  • Look out China I’m bringing 10 grand

  • Just To Alert You Porra The $1 Euro Food On Spain Means Damn In Portuguese

  • Dang just for a pretzel in Denver its like 5 bucks

  • How about Peruvian street food?!?! NOW THATS BOMB!

  • This is so awkward

  • People preparing the food with the same hands they receive the money 🤦🏻‍♀️