$1 Street Food Around The World

čas přidán 13. 09. 2018
From taiyaki to pav bhaji to pan-fried pork buns, experience these different types of $1 street food around the world - POV style!
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  • Spain has the same street food a Turkey!

  • France stp j habite la bas >go paris

  • Todo hay que decirlo, a la de la porra le han tomado, con un 1€ te da para 4 churros más xd

  • Phở

  • Poland pls :o

  • buy burek in serbia or buy chuck norris pizza

  • Greece???

  • China

  • 5:13​ I want to see Gordon Ramsay reacting to this menu

  • Me: **waits for Pakistan** Me again: **Watches till the end** Me: Well, I guess my country doesnt exist

  • Italy?

  • Greek souvlaki?

  • Pork Buns Look Nice😋😋

  • With 1 dollar i can buy 2 Bánh Mì Thịt or 1 Bánh Mì Thịt+ Trứng ( SG - VN )

  • 1 dolar i can eat many food in vn

  • Where’s the Bunnings Snag like wtf

  • 0:01 i lost my virginity in that very spot.

  • Lahore , Pakistan 🇵🇰

  • What you get in Holland for €1 you ask, Nothing because everthing is €2 Or more.

  • He pav Baji is 50 rupees idiot I live in india

  • You should come to pakistan also

  • In Russia, you can buy 25 cents for a dollar

  • Ya'll get thypoid for 1$ here in PH.

  • Where does Pakistan goes you Said all around the world

  • S O B U T T E R Y

  • On philippines

  • Please make video with street food from Bulgaria!

  • Part 2 plz

  • I'll go with french fries or corn

  • philippines pls

  • Philippines street food ... you should either try taho, balot or kitchinta idk if i spelt this right

  • AFGANASTAN (I think I spelled it wrong)

  • Add Brazilian Pastel next. It's a nightmares to eat it. If you tilt it too much, hot liquid from the inside will spill on you. When you bite, hot steam comes out. It's tasty but tough to eat it.

  • I dont know that mexican money called pesos same in philippines

  • Wooow Indian street food looks awesome and cheap love it

  • At 2:45 it looks like there is a bar and she walks right through it

  • I went to New York and the hot dogs full cost me $5!!!

  • NewYork ,US. So good! Tokyo mhhhh so yummy Mexico. i love it China. Its delicious Spain. Yummy Indian. So buttery

  • Italy sicily

  • In 0:45 the man eye are white like if you see it too

  • I really wish a Bunnings snag was one dollar in Australia so that it could be in this video. They're normally like two dollars fifty Australian so they'd probably be two dollars American. I just love watching people from other countries be confused by the social custom that is Bunnings snags.

  • *Lo siento I dont comer churros*

  • Should've also came here to turkey! with 2tl (0.45$ almost) you get a cup of corn

  • I have never eaten food that costs 1$

  • in Jamaica you can get one kick in the ass with a dollar

  • So know one is ,going to talk about the fact the Indian guy put his hands in everything with no gloves even tho that’s prob normal for them

  • In my Churreria in spain a single churro costs 0'30€ :v

  • in germany

  • Pav bhaji is best

  • We want shaorma from romania :))