$10,000 Every Day You Survive In A Grocery Store

čas přidán 1. 12. 2023
I didn’t expect him to stay that long
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Komentáře: 75 000

  • make sure to buy feastables at your local grocery store

  • This has to be one of the most creative ways to give charity, while entertaining the world.

  • Alex was an amazing contestant. He made this so much fun to watch.

  • Alex definitely needs to come back. He is so smart at giving away items everyday that make up 10k

    • gooーー〜

    • Alex has to come back 🔙 soon ?Right! MR Beast has to bring Alex back although, he's kind of funny though.

    • Definitely dude! BRING HIM BACK!

  • So creative and amazing

  • man alex is a crazy good dad, he puts his earned money to good use, he cares about his family, hes fun, hes smart, and what else could you say?

  • The efficiency this guy uses his time in this store is amazing.

  • The storytelling in this videos is getting insane! well done to the team

  • Alex is probably the smartest person you ever had on this channel we needed him back

  • 18:37 are you there jimmy? That hit hard

  • The poor mans goes to a grocery store now and just knows every price tag off the beat.

    • Disagree, Bidenflation

    • Gotta get your bread up just to get your bread up 🆙 off the shelf 💰 😢

  • Alex is kinda chill! Let's show him some SUPPORT! ❤

  • Imagina a core memory being Mr beast locking your dad in a grocery store and giving him money

  • Damn, Beast knows how to keep people watching until the end. This was really interesting to watch, from money point of view and psychologically, how will alex keeps his sanity.

  • dude, this makes me feel so much emotions, he's creative but misses his family, its, art

  • Soon as they shut the power, my guy turned into Lord of the flies.

  • Только сейчас начала понимать, что Джимми делает это не только ради благотворительности и контента. Таким типом видео он помогает людям осознать, что деньги это не самое главное, если ты остаёшься в одиночестве

  • The most creative charity! 💯

  • Creative, competent, entertaining, man deserves it.

  • glad to see someone actually compitant doing a challenge

  • This is among the most creative methods of charitable giving, blending entertainment with philanthropy.

  • as soon as the power went out, he went insane

  • Isso é incrível, Mr. Beast é incrível, eu daria tudo para participar ou ter uma chance dessas!! Alex vc foi forte e corajoso, merecedor 👏🏻

  • This has to be one the most creative ways to give charity, while entertaininig the world.

  • The most creative charity ❤❤

  • Give him another chance ,he deserves it for making all of those challenges.

  • The fact that he did a matpat inspired makes me soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy!

  • Jimmy never disappoint✨

  • Sua trajetória e fantástica 🎉 Que voce possa ajudar muitas pessoas, através do seu Dom

  • What an amazing opportunity, well done Alex 🎉🎉🎉

  • Freedom is priceless

  • This is by far my favorite episode and challenge this was great!!!!!! And Alex was extremely smart of how he built so many things and sold certain things he really had a game plan!

  • *Thumbs up to charitable entertainment. Love the videos Beast* 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • Alex definitivamente es una persona muy ingeniosa, hizo tantas cosa y casi llego a su meta para tener resuelta su vida y la educacion de sus hijos por un largo tiempo, ese hombre es otro nivel totalmente!

  • يجب أن تكون هذه واحدة من أكثر الطرق إبداعًا لتقديم الأعمال الخيرية أثناء الترفيه عن العالم

  • Congratulations, it's been 12 years

  • Muchas Felicidades Mr Beast por todo lo que haces, que Dios te bendiga en grandeza, no dejaré de comentar hasta que un día me invites a participar ❤ y ser un ganador de tus competencias.

  • This guys is a warrior

  • Jimmy just keeps bringing in the content 🔥

  • Alex is probably the smartest contestant you ve had on this channel.he needs to come back

  • Love your content. Bless your heart for all you do, around the world.

  • Glad to see jimmi uploads faster than before 🎉

  • After all those days Alex have become a forklift certified and a great accountant

  • His creativity is insane

  • Awesome as always, you're the best

  • Thanks for donating those items ❤

  • He was definitely unhinged by the end 🤣🤣🤣 this was a good one

  • Начала смотреть твои ролики только пару дней назад, но я тебя просто обожаю ❤

  • Him plowing through the shelves was hilarious.

  • こういう企画めっちゃ好き

  • Glad to see Jimmy uploads faster than before🎉

  • LOVE this guy…he change lives

  • This has to be one of the most creative ways to give charity while entertaining the world

  • This could easily become the plot of a lot of movies, loved it, what a great dad!

  • This is my first time ever watching THE GREAT MR BEAST. 😊 I Actually enjoyed it! This is a whole show and it's blessing many people!

  • Jimmy: did you fill the tv boxes with rocks? Alex: *D* *O* *G* *S*

  • Alex is probably the smartest contestant you’ve had on this channel. He NEEDS to come back.

  • Колико се овај човек труди за нас❤❤❤

  • Watching this a month later is absolutely amazing

  • Bro was having the time of his life, it looks so fun 😭

  • Hermosos tus videos, me encantan ya quisiera yo participar en un reto . Saludos desde Ecuador..

  • Sería increíble conocer a Mr beast🎉

  • Mr. Beast is an amazing CS-tvr with a heart of gold. His generosity and creativity are truly inspiring. 18:10

    • he literally blew up the earth wdym

    • @@aka3492 no he didnt lmoa

    • I’m confused… at 18:10 a robot comes out? Wut lol

    • @@trashilite7834he was being sarcastic XD

    • Yeh that day Jimmy sent a robot was a bit awful

  • Muito bom msm esse trabalho de ajuda as pessoas parabéns

  • Не перестаю восхищаться этими ребятами, очень благородные

    • все кроме криса

    • @@user-ty7wp2xo9k, да блять, что *вам* она бедная сделала? Человек просто сменил пол, теперь что, он стал чем-то хуже?

  • "yOu CaN fIt A hUmAn HeAd In HeAr" Gosh its a good thing your handsom, Chandler~

  • The storytelling in this videos is getting insane!well done to the team 😊😊

  • Jimmy is crazy 😆 But at the end is worth it!

  • Honestly this dude is hella resourceful and humble. Deserved all he won.

    • fr

    • Meh he sold the water before the soda... also could have just sold the pool.

    • But the pool is entertainment for days@@leftisbest6669

    • @@leftisbest6669he sold the waters for the shelters

    • He wasn’t humble by complaining for 2 months, making $10,000 a day.

  • 하루에 만달러라니 생각만 해도 좋네요 알렉스 축하해요🎉

  • Amo a este hombre. El mejor youtuber del mundo ❤

  • alex wanted to Give away alot of money. respect

  • Me encanto la parte cuando vio a su familia 🥰

  • Imagine the previous store owner watching this

  • If it becomes a zombie world, you want to survive in the supermarket.🧟‍♂️

    • Especially if you got the game theroist with ya, he can survive in there forever. (=

    • Quiero ser youtuber pero nadie me apoya en 😮😢

    • ​@@griffi6758try making videos in english it will help a lot

    • ​@@griffi6758if you sing me up did

    • .

  • So wholesome at 9:25❤

  • Programa espectacular, deberían hacer unos más de este mismo similar a este exacto. Me gustó mucho

  • Thanks mr beast this made me cry

  • Would love to do one of these challenges 🔥

  • He was the perfect guy for this challenge hahah

  • He realized how much human interaction mattered. Even on a basic money exchange, it was something he looked forward to everyday.

  • This guy is literally a genius lol go Alex!!

  • You should make a mall version ❤

  • “Here’s a broom” as he gives him a mop LMAO

  • Definitivamente los mejores videos son de Mr beast💪🙏

  • 이편 진짜 너무 부러웠어요. 한국에도 이런 실험 해주면 진짜 좋겠어요.

  • The fact this man was staying here for so long because he needed 500k but some of his carts were labeled "Give away" shows how much of a good person he is

  • 20:04 amei essa momento❤

  • when Jimmy downloads, immediately the mood for the whole day..

  • Gracias por ayudar las gente como los hace

  • Mr beast never fails to produce great contents ❤

  • Quizás sea el único en español, 😢 pero necesito ayuda les cuento un poco de mi historia resido en una ciudad donde puedes salir y si sales estas propenso que te asalten trabajo y el sueldo es una desgracia con lo poco que gano pago casa, alimento y nació mi bb. Realmente estoy super abatido y la verdad me ha costado salir adelante, realmente quisiera viajar a otro país para tener más oportunidades no me rindo porque tengo a mi madre que me anima. Y tengo x quien luchar. Solamente necesito ánimos para seguir amigos y un buen trabajo mejor para sostener a mi familia. 🥺

  • Chandlers a g for bringing in the lights

  • Я в ахтунге от Алекса, это было смешно как он сходил с ума 😂

  • This was one of the greatest videos from Jimmy!

  • This was sooooo cool!! what a great way to give to a charity

  • We are coming shopping 🛍️ and getting our feastables 📈🔥 your motivation is unmatched

  • Alex is such a smart contestant ❤

  • Mr Beast this is a really smart game, fun, entertaining and life changing for some people who have always struggled in life

  • 제가 본 영상 중 최고로 좋은 영상입니다. 😊