£3000 Car Auction Challenge

čas přidán 7. 09. 2022
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  • Get 10% off Car Vertical using code Autoalex!

  • “I feel like the queen”

  • Taylor seems like an amazing chap and has the perfect chemistry with Alex. Nohomo.

  • And today we get the first glimpse of Alex's hidden history of heel wearing. That walk was far too natural for a first timer 😉

  • "Seated heats in the rear" made me laugh far more than it should have.

  • There needs to be a trading up series. Come on guys make it happen

  • That dude's laugh is AMAZING

  • Taylor has such an infectious laugh! Am absolutely loving these videos!

  • Taylor laughing makes these videos honestly. Get him on more regularly, he's great!

  • Alex making Taylor disintegrate laughing will never get old.

  • These videos with Taylors laugh and Alex's baffoonary are bloody brilliant. Literally my new fav channel. Keep it up boys

  • You're able to get uncontrollable laughter out of me from something as simple as a car auction!

  • Alex and Taylor’s chemistry is amazing! The camper scenes and the heels had me losing it. Fantastic channel!

  • Taylor is someone i would enjoy being around! his laughs is priceless!

  • Brilliant! Taylor and Alex in the motor home made me laugh out loud. Loving this channel.

  • Taylor's laugh.. I'm struggling not to pee myself every time you guys post something.

  • Taylor asking "why can't we ever do anything seriously?" Because of that infectious laugh. We need that in every video.

  • More Taylor please 🤣 🤣 his brilliant so glad his on the channel too.

  • taylor is a very welcome addition to the videos, his laugh is everything

  • love this kind of video, much more relatable than some of the other stuff out there.