The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant

čas přidán 11. 08. 2019
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Every day billions of soldiers fight a merciless war on thousands of fronts, that has been going on for over one hundred million years: The world war of the ants.
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  • Thanks to Curiosity Stream for supporting us in making this video. Go to for a free 31-day-trial.

  • Самое клевое видео про муравьев, что я видел!!))

  • Ant: World War A is the cruelest war World War Z: Hold my brains

  • Damn now I gotta find some ant supercolony war doc so I can sleep

  • 4:05 idk why, but I'm as proud of him as I would be in my own child.

  • Hi Kurzgesagt! Thanks for making my peanut brain feel smart every day :)

  • i have a question, can specific species of ants make a big colony of 3 species or more? and make their colony bigger? like becoming friends

  • one word to describe this: spore

  • Ants... are... fascinating!😀😃

  • who would win: 1 million ruthless army ants that bring death and destruction where ever they go or 1 block headed boi ?

  • I can confirm

  • Oh wow interesting video

  • World war I: "I want the real world war" World war II : " I said the REAL world war" World war Ant : "Perfection."

  • Imagine ur sole purpose in life is to hold off potential enemies with ur bare head

  • Where's the HBO miniseries?

  • I love this comment section

  • the quantity is quality in itself in nutshell

  • What editor do you use

  • Imagine a strategy game with THIS!?

  • Why did the leafcutter right look so badass

  • Keep adding to the world war ant series it’s good

  • You know, this would make a really good strategy game

  • You know I’d be much more interested Learning about world war ant instead of world war 1 or 2 Just saying ;-;

  • Just like a game first i think.ant.are.dum but best insect

  • Nice vid

  • Kurzgesagt: Humans have decided that war is not a thing the should do more 7:29 Donald Trump: Hold my beer.

  • can we call this clone wars

  • Me: Look! A complex a... Random kid: crushes ant Me: 😧 Kid: wut Me: you just killed a supercomplex being of planet Earth! Kid (in first year/grade): its just an ant Me: walks away

  • 3:15 Ah hello good sir! Just passin' by, we're trying to find a colony to raid!' Ah, we too are trying to do that! Well good luck on your journey comrade You too!

  • So there is like 100 world wars

  • 1:35 lol was he dancing to the music

  • Must be that damn phone!

  • imagine a date where you and ya boo learn about ants and then talk about it after the video is done

  • Is this a german Channel?

    • No this is Russian channel

  • 0:58 an single ant is pretty useless *HE'S TRYING HIS BEST*

  • "We shall defend our colony, whatever the cost may be." -Sir Winston Anthill

  • Army ants = the German soldiers Leafcutter ants = the Romans The ones who do nothing but stick their head in a hole = the Italian army

  • Ants are metal as fuck

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • Why did i start looking for ants after watching this ?

  • Everything changed when the army ants attacked

  • fun fact yellow ants actually unite with other ant species to bad many die in the progress of unification

  • I don't understand the blockhead ant, if it can block doorway how does one get in and out?

  • Every ant is scared of army ants....except leaf cutters...they just don't give a s***

  • WWA

  • 2020?

  • humans have the most people in wars ants: am i a joke to you?

  • You ever just find an ant and fuck around with it and not kill it?

  • Humans everting wars

  • The Tyranids of the ant species.

  • More ant vids plz this narration is sooooo good.

  • Imagine if ants have weaponries like guns or tanks

  • @Ciência Todo Dia

  • Can we do the thaumatomyrmex next?

  • i got so invested in this

  • World warllll

  • Me and A group of classmates - walks on sidewalk.. Ants - It Was An Bad Idea Walking To The Sidewalk..EVERYBODY RUN FOR YA'LL LIVES!!!

  • R.I.P Ants

  • Nice Vids!

  • Nanobots will win without any damage -.-