The World War of the Ants - The Army Ant

čas přidán 11. 08. 2019
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Every day billions of soldiers fight a merciless war on thousands of fronts, that has been going on for over one hundred million years: The world war of the ants.
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  • Thanks to Curiosity Stream for supporting us in making this video. Go to for a free 31-day-trial.

    • When are the new ant episodes coming?

    • bit of a late comment. I do use curiosity stream for a year now and I would honestly love to see al the Kurzgesagt vids posted there <3

    • Can't wait for the next vid

    • Hello Kurzgesagt, I know English quite poorly (I live in Russia) and I would like to ask you one question! Just watching a video in English is uncomfortable and therefore I go to watch a re-played video from the Kurzgesagt channel, but when I try to find your videos in Russian, I encounter a problem that you delete channels with re-sound (( I would be very grateful that you do not delete your videos in Russian))) I would be very grateful: Dmitry

    • I like Kurzgesagt

  • Reminder that an army ant eating a leafcutter ant is like a human eating pork. It's only cannibalism if it's the same species.

  • the ants: 🐜😡

  • 3:53 look at this little dinker

  • The fire nation Attacks

  • we need that supercolony video.

  • The square head ant made me laugh lmfao

  • One like = One lavra for that poor army ant that didn't get a larva at 6:22 | ˅


  • I love the background music on this video very much! It makes everything even cooler!

  • Human death tally from war: some large number Ant death tally from war: that number's cute

  • I'm still waiting for part two. Megacolonies are where it's at!

  • can i get the background music of this video-

  • More exciting than GOT

  • Seeing the happy worker ant after blocking the entrance to his nest touched my heart

  • I want MORE !

  • The ants 😡🐜

  • I want to read a novel of this now

  • the ants were at peace until the army ants attacked.

  • What if ants had assault rifles.

  • I really hope this ant mini-series continues. Loved this video.

  • Kurzgesagt: There are 100000000000000 ants on earth Me: WTF WHO COUNTED THEM !!

  • Real civil war

  • more ant videos pretty pls

  • The ants 🐜

  • There's not Italian subtitles

  • When are the other episodes for this coming?

  • I want more ant videos!

  • Ants make warhammer 40k look tame by comparison!

  • That's why people fight

  • So ants is like zentradi from SDF Macross.

  • World war ant

  • Where my sequel

  • *Then everything changed when the army ants attacked*

  • i never thought ants could be so damn interesting!! thanks for the awesome video.

  • More like drive way war ant lol

  • Ants are truly the most violent creatures on Earth. Based and epicpilled.

  • Did no one notice the dead human body at 6:04? lol

  • Какой жестокий мир. Почему до сих пор нет протестов ??

  • Ants are fucking amazing wtf

  • They should stop playin' Fortnite

  • :)

  • Army ants = Sparta Leaf cutter ants = Athens

  • Video 2?

  • Antscanada: am I a joke to you?

    • ayyyyyy

  • “Humans have decided that war is not a thing that they want to do a lot anymore” John Cena: Are You Sure About That?

  • Amazing video! Please talk more about supercolonies!

  • why dont we use humans as barricades for the area 51 raid

  • If you stand in the Amazon and listen closely you can hear ants singing marching songs like Erika and a variety of different war cries.

  • Don King may be able to profit from these fights...LET'S GET IT ON!!!

  • Where's part two?

  • AntsCanada has joined the chat

  • Please make and post the next video you told us that you wil post.

  • The number of people wanting part 2: ⬇

  • When is the next video in this series coming out?

  • Some ants lock there heads and the worker ants cast *EXPELLIARMUS* on the army ants

  • Filho da puta! para de por o titulo em portugues se o video é em inglês

  • war the ants kill them send the king groos but warrrrrrr!

  • Death: can you like, give me a break?

  • I love leaf cutter ants