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Black Clover Opening
Black Clover Opening
Black Clover 49
Black Clover 49
Black Clover 50
Black Clover Episode 49 HD subbed
Black Clover
Black Clover amv
Black Clover 49
Black Clover 50
Black Clover Episode 49
Black Clover Episodio 50
Black Clover Episode 50 Preview English Subbed HD
Black Clover Episode 49 Sub
Black Clover Episode 50 preview
► Anime: Black Clover
► Song: Layto - Little Poor Me (Vosai Remix)
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  • Eu também tenho um canal de amvs quem quiser se escrever la pra min ajudar eu agradeço

  • Jump force.

  • broken frames 0:45

  • What is this song called

  • amv mob // cs-tv.org/tv/video-5ognELdxWxo.html&t=194s

  • Why people says Black clover is garbage ?

  • Well he's mr anti magic and his demon form just enchance it

  • do anyone knows when the new episodes will realese?

  • Самое офигенное когда Ями Сакехиро пробуждает свою силу, такое чувство что у тебя есть в теле мана как у Ями

  • 10 из 10

  • This is my favorite AMV 👍

  • i love it

  • Already 2 million views ?Fucking hell nice ,it deserves it

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  • Nice amv bro !!!!

  • Why didnt you add a link to the channel?

  • The only times the demon was in astas shadow was the beginning and this time and they both had lots of despair so the presence of the demon probably just happens when they know they are gonna lose

  • So none of them so the demon in Astas shadow, ok

  • What song is that ??????

  • Hamster eyes: I HAVE TURNED IN TO NANI

  • Horrible Anime😨

  • im sorry but i cannot stop watching this im addicted its amazing omgg

  • Аж заплакал!

  • quem vê esse vídeo acha que o anime é bem animado kkk

  • omg i love your editing with the clips its perfect

  • song name ?

  • Best AMV

  • One of the best Black Clover Amv ive ever watched

  • 0:33 good pictuer (이때가 좋은 장면!!>

  • LOVE

  • WoW

  • Asta vs who?

  • What the name of music?

  • what is this song called its at the tip of my tounge

  • noice currently on episode 57


  • Black clove and good 😊

  • este amv tiene mas visitas que la cancion original XD

  • Amazing🏆✝

  • Someone really good at editing could make a metal music video, kind of like how they turned the Slapchop infomercial into a song, except have that guy screaming "Despair!" In between choruses have Grey mumbling in his decorated mime form, then poof, "despair!" Haha.... I mean Sekke could be in it too

    • Thought Gordon and Grey were the same

  • loved it


  • "zangetsu"

  • Пусть тот кто читает ето окончит школу отлично Пусть тотткто подпишиться на меня будет богат и счастлив Путь тот кто зайдёт в мой канал и подпишиться попадёт в рай

  • This song is made for Asta.

  • The first fight in anime I can remember where legit group on one teamwork rather than the power of friendship bullshit in most shows

  • Yami Badsses