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Black Clover Opening
Black Clover Opening
Black Clover 49
Black Clover 49
Black Clover 50
Black Clover Episode 49 HD subbed
Black Clover
Black Clover amv
Black Clover 49
Black Clover 50
Black Clover Episode 49
Black Clover Episodio 50
Black Clover Episode 50 Preview English Subbed HD
Black Clover Episode 49 Sub
Black Clover Episode 50 preview
► Anime: Black Clover
► Song: Layto - Little Poor Me (Vosai Remix)
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  • Black clove and good 😊

  • este amv tiene mas visitas que la cancion original XD

  • Amazing🏆✝

  • Someone really good at editing could make a metal music video, kind of like how they turned the Slapchop infomercial into a song, except have that guy screaming "Despair!" In between choruses have Grey mumbling in his decorated mime form, then poof, "despair!" Haha.... I mean Sekke could be in it too

    • Thought Gordon and Grey were the same

  • loved it


  • "zangetsu"

  • Пусть тот кто читает ето окончит школу отлично Пусть тотткто подпишиться на меня будет богат и счастлив Путь тот кто зайдёт в мой канал и подпишиться попадёт в рай

  • This song is made for Asta.

  • The first fight in anime I can remember where legit group on one teamwork rather than the power of friendship bullshit in most shows

  • Yami Badsses

  • Nice cool amv bro 😁

  • asta and the black bulsls crew may b misfits of the wizarding world 4 the most part buttheyre odd powers r very potent when used together

  • I'm still waiting intell someone notices he has five leafs on his grimoire

    • need to rip that fkin bandaid off already, "YOU CANT HAVE THOSE SWORDS!" everyone else "uhhhh lets not wonder why the main evil guy is wondering about his swords, or why his grimoire is so dirty with such a unique never before seen ability" like srsly, its such a fat fucking plot hole that just needs to be gone already

    • licht noticed it

    • Me too..

    • Same i think they see it as a stain since its dirty so they don't really notice 🤷🏽

    • I am waiting for that too. Maybe they know that it is dangerous that's why they didn't recognized it on purpose.

  • real song name please

  • musica top

  • asta no se puede convertir en un deminio ya que no tiene mana

  • Omg I alredy say it to Mystic Demon from you -Music Perfect ❤️ -AMV Perfect ❤️ I see how much time you need for one AMV Boy ❤️ The last thing I can say Subscribed.


  • Yami The Boss

  • Congrats on 1.2M views i can bet about 1000 views are from me alone , this amv is so addicting. I love the anime as well as the song. Can you do "You dont fuck with the god"(song) AMV on black clover somehow? Much love !

  • هلا ا

  • Sick amv What is the name of this song


    • Realmente

    • melhor amv que assisti até hoje

    • huheh amo esse animeee

  • Boss ??

  • I love this man it’s just go together perfectly

  • Я не понел объясните Астер король демонов?,и когда они узнали что у него пятилистный? И в какой серии скажите пожалуйста

  • cs-tv.org/ch/UCRVD5ZIfU7PPr3JJipAnj_g?disable_polymer=true

  • Which filter u have used ? And awesome amv

  • 1 million views

  • Так годно, что готов смотреть хоть каждый день (что я и делаю)

  • I'm glad I drop this anime

  • damn if i was the dude that like made the anime the design and all taht id make asta way more badass

  • Супер!!!

  • أحسن أنمي حماس إثارة روعة يخليك تتحمس لاشعوريا

  • Muito foda

  • What's the song cuz it's not in the title

  • I like black clover

  • Awesome asta is such a key member of the bulls♣

  • Black Clover is basically Fairy Tail done right.

  • Yami is the strongest Magic Knight Squad Captain.

  • Поставьте лайк пусть эти иностранцы думают что я что то интересное написал

  • Adorri a música

  • Best AMV for black clover

  • Amv foda

  • Buen video ✌️👌👍

  • Anti-Mage(magina) lol

  • 🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😍

  • Do guys think that asta is like fk overpowerd or dome sht

  • You deserve more views for a such a good work

  • where do you get the anime

  • Melhor amv

  • kys better noob

  • click bait 2018..

  • Круто

  • what's that thing with Asta?

  • This is not his demon form... it was just a demonic presence coming from Asta that Vetto felt

  • Fuck mano, I'm still waiting for the ant to turn, in a few episodes this will happen, you'll be too much !

  • Wow amazing AMV 😍😍😍 Check out my channel for more AMVs like this :D

  • Link Music

  • I can’t wait for the Witch Forest arc that’s when his demon really awakens and I know he finna go berserk

  • Top

  • So asta is the real demon..! Cursed warrior..! Daaam i guess he wil show his true potential in this season..! Anyways can't wait..!

  • Wats this song kold

  • Seria pliz!!!

  • im still kinda new to animes but so far its so inspiring ive loved every single moment

  • what is the song

  • good music good..

  • Love this song and os cool

  • i love music ^-^}-b

  • подскажите че за песня

  • Is he still screaming

  • Что за серия?

  • Essa foi a segunda vez q apareceu a Aurá demoníaca de asta

  • cool video I liked, and in good quality I have similar ones if it's interesting to come to my channel and watch my videos

  • Omg my favorite part is mirror mirror you will crack and fall .omg so amazing keep it up

  • muito loco!!!


  • hes not awakening shit though thats the bad part-.-

  • Music name ?

    • Little poor me

  • tu puede monetizar este tipo de contenido en tu canal

  • This AMV is LIT Good job bro.

  • Good job with the AMV, can't wait for season 2

  • good

  • Good Amv

  • bad so dab

  • Круто но поставь песни которые больше подходят для битв к примеру посоветую музыканта $ucideboy$

  • КАК ЖЕ ЭТО ОФИГЕННО!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Name of music ???

    • +Mojang foi mal, mais eu n gosto de funk n 😂😂😂

    • seu br safado, ta fazendo oque aqui, vai escutar funk.

    • Little poor me

    • You find music name at descricpt sorry poor eng

  • how come the others cant see the demon coming from Asta?

    • Because is just an aura Vetto felt from Asta because his beast form with extra senses

  • La cansion como se llama

  • ฟังประจำ

  • สุดยอดดดด

  • มันมาก

    • +Asta ไงแอสตร้า555

    • สุดๆครับ

    • ดีเจอเพื่อน555

  • Shut up yuno come back when ur main character even usless girl has more time in the anime

  • Black Clover ^^ i love it

  • I can't wait to the day that asta surpasses yami, also I wonder if he'll get to be the captain of black bulls ( im sure he'll get vice-captain )

  • An Excellent AMV with this Song and these Scenes people. Thanks.

  • When i am the first spanish coment in this video v:

  • То чувство когда AMV бездарно, но популярно....

    • Да пох, все же AMV бездарно...

    • Скорее всего он популярно потому что там видно демона в Асте. Или в гремуаре демон… незнаю как точнее