✔ Minecraft: Building World's Smallest House That Has Everything

čas přidán 20. 08. 2019
A world record holding smallest fully functional house, though self-proclaimed. :D
It has a hydrated farm, an enchanting table, a loom, a crafting table, a furnace, lighting, doors, a chest, a bed, an anvil, a brewing stand, a cartography table, a grindstone and a stonecutter and room to stand up. All of this is compressed into an extremely compact package. It's an updated version of an older concept of mine, enjoy!

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Music by C418 and Toby Fox.


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  • My favorite small base design is a BIG grandfather clock.

  • What’s the song name?

  • What is that music in the background called.

  • Dude please change your background sound it will be better when you change it.

  • The Hong Kong government can finally solve the problem of lack of land and lack of house Yay, I might be able to buy a house when I grew up(I am from Hong Kong)

  • I really wasn't expecting it to be this small :>

  • Magma: *Builds a small, compact house.* Mumbo: *_I'm about to end this man's whole career._*

  • I like it, it’s creative

  • Your the best Minecrafter ever by the way do you have a server and i have subscribed liked your videos;) and i love your builds i even have my own house on my own server full of your furniture!! and i am also planning to build a city and nice world!

  • I made a house that the smallest house and it has to pecices of dirt and one door

  • plz make v 3 of the smallest house plz magmamusen

  • U are superb

  • name or link of the song pretty please!

  • Im on ps4 edition so it updates slow I got llamas and shulker boxes at least 3 months after everyone else And I dont have 1.14 either -~-

  • Flats that cost less than 4kk roubles in Moscow be like:

  • *Suddenly a creeper came* Magmamusen: AWWW MAN!

  • I would love that idea but I’d get claustrophobic, I know it’s weird but I can’t handle tiny spaces

  • 1 like = 2 subscribers to musen for showing us the secrets of Minecraft


  • What is your world seed? i really want to know

  • By the doors

  • Its not 2x2 its 4x4

  • Hallo Moin

  • This dude has the coordinates of his island memorized

  • ' I call this one *The tardis* '

  • make a tardis

  • Builing worlds smallest house.. Magma: they call me a madman How did that got on my brain😂

  • Buna vorbesti si romana?

  • I just love of how at the beginning, Magma acts like Bob Ross

  • Wow!

  • Hey cool house but I can’t get my dog inside and he can’t stay outside cuz I play in hard and skeletons will kill him

  • Now I knew that the stone cutter is back (it was in phone )

  • This is hong kong

  • Me: *bye hole* I won't miss you

  • What if the creeper is in front of your house?

  • i'd feel hella claustrophobic

  • What’s the song name? I love it but I can’t find it

  • I have been watching your videos since I was 6 years old and it was amazing until now keep up the good work MAGMA😁😁😁

  • What’s his seed?

  • Awesome video! Im making tutorials too check It out😄


  • Increíble

  • It has everything but comfort

  • Hong kong flats in a nutshell.

  • Suprising how after like 4 years he still uses the same island

  • Old Minecraft tutorial house:am am I a joke to you

  • I like to live a minimalistic lifestyle in minecraft but goddamn

  • Aw man 🤣

  • 5x2x2 house

  • (edit) lol

  • Eshan

  • To make it even better. Zombies do not try to break down closed doors. So if you angle the doors when you place them. When they close they box in that area. The zombies will assume the door is closed and not attack the door.

  • Hello

  • Does anyone know what music is this ?

  • Probably the most useless house

  • hong Kong in minecraft

  • Man you gon' suffocate once you sleep.

  • Wait a moment where is my free cookies D:

  • What is the song name? I need the song because its beautiful.. It make me cried to hear it.