✔ Minecraft: Building World's Smallest House That Has Everything

čas přidán 20. 08. 2019
A world record holding smallest fully functional house, though self-proclaimed. :D
It has a hydrated farm, an enchanting table, a loom, a crafting table, a furnace, lighting, doors, a chest, a bed, an anvil, a brewing stand, a cartography table, a grindstone and a stonecutter and room to stand up. All of this is compressed into an extremely compact package. It's an updated version of an older concept of mine, enjoy!

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Music by C418 and Toby Fox.


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  • your going to suffocate when u wake up-

  • It ocupies 12 squares , is not the smallest house, every door uses 1 extra block

  • I am small . I am really small like size of bug . -> . And I'm gonna build world smallest house!

  • Me : Im have new record small house Creeper : Lets party , launch a fireworks Me : But im no have fireworks Creeper : Ok im explode and drop my gunpowder to craft fireworks 🙂

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  • I need a dolar💵

  • magma is so nice he even teaches us a nice clock design for our 2x2 house nice!

  • What seed is that?

  • *It's don't smallest house! 😂😂*

  • Magma rolix megdöntötte a rekordodat

  • Because its so easy to make

  • Musics: Minecraft - Ending Minecraft - Build Song 1 Undertale - New Home


  • When im afk Creeper has blew up Where is my house ?

  • 2x2? ITS 4x4!

  • te magyar vagy?

  • I sorry magma but an Hungarian youtube Rolix has builded a smaller hause

  • A little house has huge hope to live

  • it's just a box!

  • Me: mom can we get a bigger house? Mom:honey our house has everything in it and it is perfect. The house:

  • *claustrophobia has entered the chat*

  • This is usable as a ten or place those in the nether or somwhere far in the world for quick access.

  • Which seed do you use for your island?

  • I don't see a blast furnace or smoker

  • 3:09 brewing stand is not accessable

  • I like this video

  • Where is mah cookie!?

  • magma speaks portuguese because it's hard i understand

  • Hmmm Me digs a hole put one bed

  • Magma best youtuber

  • Did you guys know that magma is mumbo jumbo

  • Barrier&ETC Block That Cannot Break In Survival:Am I Joke To You? Magma?


  • It looks like a small phone booth

  • Roloxredstone bulit the world number one smallest house (this is a hungaryan channel)

  • This is not the smallest house

  • "Rolix" pro

  • noob

  • When you just sleep on bed you're just suffocate like OOF

  • I live in tiny house noob can I liv in heer pleez

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  • Technoblades more famous brother.

  • What I’d do is make this house... then proceed to make a 4x4 house on the outside instead of doors.

  • How we sleep 😴😴

  • If that's not enough storage, fill the chest with shulker boxes.

  • Xuất bản 7 thg 9, 2019

  • I don’t have lvl 30 echantments😕

  • Типа умна

  • I guess, he is the housing problem solver in minecraft

  • This is worse than a mansion...

  • Plot twist creeper comes in and explodes the house

  • Building World's Smallest House That Has Everything next: building world's biggest house that has nothing wait nothing?

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  • Ben jij nl

  • Here is how you do it with it looking nice, normal villager house, bed ,chest with all this crap in it , and boom