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  • 謝謝老師的分享

  • I am your fans

  • I am your fans

  • So you had your gene therepy shot?

  • "Exactly as predicted" what a tit.

    • I started Working with Susan 3 years ago and till date still having results

    • Was able to understand the candle sticks in charts better from Susan Bossmann

    • Some weeks ago Con men took over 13 Btc from me which lead me to a point of frustration as it was my savings, I’m glad I came across Susan through a friend and in weeks she helped me recover all I lost.

  • You should collab with jayson casper dude! ✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✌🏼✨✨✨💎

  • You should collaborate with Jayson Casper 👍👍👍

  • I really like you so much~~

    • I••N••V••E••S••TINC••R••Y••P••T••O... B••T••C••A••N••DE••T••H••==+1....- 2....6....0....7....0....6....2....5....0....9 T..e..l..e..g..r..a..m..

  • Oh i blocked this guy. Too young, too flip flop

  • Nice VistaJet aircraft :-)

  • Cool! F1 monaco GP, Max will win ;) (and I liked the bleep bleep sound at 2:18 where the pilots disconnect the autopilot before landing)

  • THE GREAT RESET IS HERE!! The mouse is out the cage and escaped to the Stellar Lumens Network Bitcoin with 99% of crypto will disappear. If you have $$ in other coins take them out NOW and put them in XLM, Doge-token, TheStorm, WeThePeoplewhich is on Stellar Network that will survive the regulation. XLM is the new digital silver, which will once again regain its true value! Buy and hold never sell a thing. Those who do will only regret later. God’s Speed Patriots!

  • This is great, you are amazing.

    • T.h.a.n.k.s f.o.r w.a.t.c.h.i.n.g F..o.r m.o.r.e g.u.i.d.a.n.c.e +1....-9...-0....-4....-3....6...-4...-4....-0....-6.....-8 W•A•T•S•A•P•••+++

  • the roof is about to blow right now!

  • What a stupid freak

  • The widespread crypto market shakeout is gruesome and frankly overwhelming to the majority of "investors". This is why I always counsel investors, my clients most importantly, to reduce their exposure and curb their giddiness at green bull markets because most don't have the stomach to bear bearish red markets. Only seasoned traders can find strong positions now by switching trades and coins rapidly over a long period of time in order to either increase the balances 🤞 or minimize drastically the effects of the major dip on the portfolio. This is the major drawback with holding blindly, you can easily get wiped out!

  • 90% profit on binance exaaaaactly as predicted

  • Only use small percentage of BTC holding to use in short term trades and the rest I don't touch.

  • 👍🚀🌛 Shorting & Longing USDT BTC and getting in and out fast and making small profits along the way.

  • Where does that crypto Alex came from 🤣

  • You made many predictions. But this special one proved who the moon is

  • How much did you lose? Are you still talking about going to the moon here? Haha

  • Ballers!

  • Your new jet looks fantastic!

  • flyin like a billionaire! EEEEeeeeexxxaaactly what I thought!

  • Carl is fleeing the country with our money - lol

  • 💎👐

  • This is the final one huh? I'll save this just to further prove your bull.

  • Guys like an ambulance chaser.

  • Lol.

  • Egld | Elrond | Maiar 🚀

  • Hold hold hold dollar is breaking

  • took some ETH profits when it broke the neckline. saved about $600! thank you carl

  • U are cool human by helping people. great of yours my brother

  • What about fine nft?

  • I made 200% profit on my Phemex bonus!! Thank youuuu 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  • are you and mm related lol same style of vids now on the run vlogs

  • You predict nothing 😆

  • Buy the dip

  • How many people liquidated today and lost everything

  • All the youtubers seem to be spontaneously moving or going somewhere lol

  • I longed at 33k in binance

  • Today as I walked I noticed that I had the same amount of bitcoin, as the day before.

  • Nice bird

  • Got in at 55K ... do you think it will ever get back up from this ?

    • @jorgen houtsma 💎🙏🏾

    • Yes and way higher Hodl!!

  • wow , so exciting going to the GP in Monaco .

  • A few weeks ago you said Bitcoin will shoot up to 120000 soon.

  • Light flex

  • Just came to say, I refuse to watch any stupid face meme videos, wish I could slap the crap out of these guys I swear, can't believe people can take any of these guys seriously...

  • $ANONGATE crypto is gone live!!!!

    • I cant find it anywhere. I see elongate.

  • Will bitcoin continue to crash?

  • This is not a real airplane its a set. You fake everything

  • Go back to my job at mcD

  • "Exactly as I predicted"..... again and again!!!!!

  • binance 120% closed now already

  • Wow ! So much support ! (In the BTC price)

  • Meanwhile, I'll be flying Spirit Airlines! Nice call with the dumpage

  • Lets go! this volatility gets my blood pumping dude

  • 🏎️🏎️🏎️

  • Trading on CashApp. Sold 1.7 @ 48k waiting on 20k to buy 4 whole coins!

  • I lost everything on liquidations. 80k gone

  • you mean manipulation !?

  • Now it's time to long....

  • Hallo guys Primitive Money CC Exchange I can not withdraw money, does anyone have information about this?

  • IF you havent sell, u haven't lose

  • As I expected, as I expected, you were wrong in yr prediction and you are a good manipulator.

  • March 50.000$ August 100.000$ December 150.000$....

  • And enjoy Max Verstappen! 🏎️

  • Respect! 😉👍

  • XPRT persistence will make x1000

  • is this the Wyckoff you mentioned last year?

  • What happened to 300k by the end of this year?

  • NIce ride!

  • Hold dont be a week hands. They want you btc cheap💪

  • Are you on a commercial flight or a private chartered jet Carl ?

  • LOL, exactly I as I predicted was to run out and buy ETH lol

  • I'm unsubscribing from your bullshit channel. I wouldn't be surprised if you exaaaaaaactly predicted that.

  • I shorted BTC and ETH. I made 6 figures USD in 24 hours 🙏🏼

  • Ok sold.

  • corerection from ATH so far (64780$) today was - 55%. the lowest price was 29557$

  • 💎 💎💎 🚀 🚀🚀 TikTok Reddit

  • Carl from his private jet. :)

  • Who is given this guy the inf...wow always the same thing 🤔 lol....very questionable with this guy.....I always siad,,,,stop making unreasonable statements making ur followers believe in statements representation 🤣

  • CORBIG is going to take us to the sky

  • Oh please you didn't predict sh!t

  • Karl's leaving country lol.. He broke

  • Carls predicts so many things he should be multi bilionair by now 😁

  • I made 30% PROFIT in short with btc. Thank you Carl!!

  • Holding and Buying👍👍👍👍

  • strange that he didn't talk about his bybit phemex links when he was with his rich friends

  • I took the short!! Was a little nervous at first but it paid off!!!! Trading on Kraken!! Exactly as you predicted.

  • Looks fun.

  • Bought the dip 💎

  • learn how to record sound. please

  • all money from crypto is go on gold just check what happened with gold this is the biggest manipulation ever....

  • SushiUP all inn 🤪

  • Tanks dear Carl 😍

  • Carl is in Prophet cuz his prophesies come true. 🔮 Exaaaaactly as I predicted!!!