1,000km Cable to the Stars - The Skyhook

čas přidán 17. 11. 2019
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Getting to space is incredibly hard, expensive and needs a lot of resources.
A more efficient way to get there is a Skyhook (or Spacetether), an ever rotating cable with a counter weight, that catapults spaceships from earth orbit into the depths of space.
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  • I need have a smoke of what ever this guy who thought about this smoked 😂🤣

  • how would you even time that trip leaving from earth to reach mars at the right point in orbit, right when that tether can catch you??

  • They should call this the *Orbital Yeetus* instead

  • Amazing and so simple

  • Dyson swarms, cable travel and all these other technological advances that are talked about here. I’d personally like to see you guys find a way to mix these ideas. Find ways to have these steps lead into each other rather then be separate possibilities. Give us a sort of road map of technology’s and steps towards us becoming a interstellar species.

  • so basically: why reuse rockets when we can reuse energy? **Y E E T**

  • Wheres my space slingshot!?

  • hearing how it work.... the catch is, to work we need 2 planets with already a population, or at least a group of sufficent people, equip an resources in the other planet to create the 2nd Skyhooke.... and also there need to exist a flow of people anresources coming and going equally between both planets (Earth and the new one) otherwise, the first Skyhook will lost energy.. we will lost some first Skyhooks in the processs of using this method for new planets exploration, so depending if the total of resources invest in the loses is bigger or less than the actual spaceships, there is the reason :v7 but if we get an interplanetary organization, in that point we will 100% sure use this method at least to conect the planets, unless we discover a better one at that time(?

  • Thresh mains would be happy

  • Hurry up son you will miss the School Tether

  • I see no one has do this yet so... Aliens: NOOO YOU CANT JUST EXPAND BY THROWING YOURSELF TO OTHER SOLAR SYTEMS NOOOOOO Humanity: haha shuttle go yeet

  • Calling Elon Musk

  • God damn I would play the shit out of a game where you have to slowly work your way through the solar system gathering resources from planets and asteroids, unlocking new technologies and stuff.

  • I WANT A Kurzgesagt GAME with science and animations Kurzgesagt

  • T- 5 4 3 2 1 YEET AWAY!

  • You telling me Elon Musk still hasn’t seen this?

  • Cant wait for the first "accident" where people miss the tether and fly off into outer space

  • Why was no mention made of the material out which this is to be built? Does a strong enough material already exist?

  • This episode had me grinning from ear to ear!

  • Skyhook? When’s Skynet coming?

  • the future of mankind: 1. space tethers 2. dyson sphere 3. solar engine 4. extinction

  • What about satellities? Won't they get destroyed?

  • There's no good excuse to not build it Me: but corona

  • Satellites? Wouldnt the tethers destroy the satellites?

  • _Elon musk would like to know your location_

  • elon musks' rockets? nah lets just get some ropes and weights, cave man style

  • This video just fills me with hope for humanity's future

  • this is great idea. this idea is practical in this century.

  • How long are the trips going to take?

  • Ok but why the fuck is no one even trying to do this. Like instead of squabbling with each other we could DO THIS.

  • Elon musk: I AM A GENIUS In a nutshell: hold your beer

  • Please contact NASA, you will save us all.

  • Why aren’t we doing this already?

  • Yea but tethers are lame

  • Hope humanity will learn someday and start investing in science and research more than weapons and bombs.

  • So why haven’t we done this yet?

  • Space-X time to do your thing

  • There needs to be a Kerbal Space Program mod of this concept, if there isn't one, then get on it already modders! If there is, send sauce plz ;D

  • This needs to be done!!!

  • Ailens:First time?

  • Elon musk should do this...


  • in this lifetime please

  • Someone mention Elon Musk

  • @elon musk u making this?

  • Everyone wants to be in this time of the world, and who can blame them who doesn't want to exist in a technological utopia, if you dont dislike if you do comment, if you sup to kuzug like :)

  • So happy to see a slingshot evolved like this

  • Can we rename this the satellite yeeter?

  • Soooooo why isn’t this a thing...?

  • If this doesn’t work we could make a giant spring and launch the rocket with the spring What? It could work

  • Me: *sees title* My brain: *ADVENTURE TIME* Because it says “ *SKYHOOK* “

  • This looks insanely dangerous. Where are the P&C experts??

  • It's basically catch with planets and very expensive ships. Good idea

  • Imagine going back to Earth after working for some months in Mars only for the ship you are to not catch the cable and, instead, the gravity ends up pulling the ship inside the planet and you die burned alive, alonge whit some other persons. Biggest Bruh moment in the history of bruh moments

  • yeet stick

  • Would you please translate the site? I love this site but I can't trust google translator. :-( (Sorry if my comments are grammatically incorrect. )

  • If it’s faster than a space ship, can humans inside the tether ship endure the force the speed make?

  • If we really want to be a type 1 civilization fast we first need to make the moon a second earth fuck Mars thats all bullshit from the get go.

  • If we want to make this (and we should btw) we need to stop the world problems ,wars ,ect

  • This just seems like dude perfect space edition

  • Make a game with this animation please

  • ...so we aren't doing this already because...?

  • all of your space videos and especially this one was really inspiring keep up the good work

  • Nobody asking the question of equal but opposite reaction?

  • Make this device on ksp possible ??

  • 6:36 what about Pluto?

  • 1:34 he almost pulled of a ceave gaming

  • I love it

  • Element 115 :)

  • Seems legit.

  • Why don’t we just go to the moon and build space ships there and launch them so you don’t need to go as far

  • Probably wont happen in less than yo, this require extreme calculus, consideration of so many factor, without real efficient quantum computer this is not a good solution and even when the tech get there you need the program, the ai, so much preparation, its just not practical, the space elevator already is much less fiction compared to this, since it is going nowhere, I just suspect that this is an idea that you personally like and wanted to give credit to and this is not objective.

  • Imagine the CONSTANT calculations having to be done to accommodate this. Shuttles latching on to the hook, automatically rotating the momentum of the hook with engines.

  • Amazing we should be telling elon musk about this. Though we will still need FTL Drives if we want to leave the solar system.

  • Yaa make a cable and make it rotate once space debris and asteroid shows up you can't undo momentum causing collision

  • This'll end up being something like the oil industry in that it'll be difficult to shift away from it to something better once the technology is readily available. There will then be hundreds of whirling cables swinging around the earth (I doubt, by the time we come up with something better, we'll have gone further than Mars) that will require synchronicity with all nearby satellites and shuttles. It's a quick and cheap solution but I think it is not a long-term one - hence my comparison to the oil industry (which is now obsolete - for energy, anyway). My goodness that is some primitive technology. Look up the "atlatl" an ancient javelin which utilizes the same physics trick. I hope someone figures out a better idea before somebody actually tries this. The soundtrack on this video is awesome.

  • Ok so build this then the Dyson Sphere then the thing that makes us all go to insane speeds

  • Another thing that could make it easier to get to space would be a fusion reactor rocket. It’s like 10,000 times more efficient than a standard rocket

    • Yes but we aren't able to make a stable fusion reaction yet. It uses more energy than it produces. Helium 3 could solve that though. We believe that it's readily available on the moons surface.

  • @elon musk

  • Elon Musk:write that down! Write that down! (No really, Elon Musk’s Goal is to make us get to mars and make the space tether)