1 HOUR of *NEW* Fortnite Memes! (FUNNY TIKTOKS)

čas přidán 21. 12. 2022
1 HOUR of NEW Fortnite Memes! (FUNNY TIKTOKS)
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  • 1 Like = 1 Meme in Fortnite 👍

  • Love your videos Ali, always making my day 😊

  • I love how hard Ali works to keep his vids family friendly.

    • @ShadowPlayz 2014 nothing non family friendly there ???

    • Ihave300vbuks

  • Yo Ali keep up with the great content

  • Everyday when Ali-A uploads always a banger

    • i know right

  • I love Ali-A’s content

  • Memes never get old

  • I miss the storm closing effect. I want it back!

  • I love your content!!!

  • 6:37 made me laugh so hard 😂😂 edit: 10:12 also made me laugh 😂

  • You Can Do A Sky base Safely By Having The Augment Aerialist

  • nice video man keep it up

  • Thanks for always posting the best memes 😬🤪🤪

  • Bro ali a has been one of the most iconic icons to be on youtube

  • There where two different yetis and they switched after he hit one of them or he just healed really quickly

  • 7:11 the reason he didnt die is because they were 2 different people

  • Hey Ali, at 12:55 pause the clip & look at your hat. you may wanna clean the dust or whatever from it.

  • I’d go to the loot pool and throw the chug splashes at the teammates

  • Man I have choked way harder than ninja chapter 4 season 1 I was doing a solo and I made it to top 2 and three of my closest friends joined me and all watched and I lost and he was on between 7 and 20 I don’t remember the health that well and I chocked so hard I had a panic attack and felt like I was going to throw up 21:33

  • 18mil!! Let’s go!

  • another banger vid!

  • Ali a I love your videos

  • I love you and your content

  • I would go for the loot since one of the teammates had I victory crown and I could pick it up after

  • So if their gonna start doing new chapters every year does that mean they will get rid of seasons n just have a year long chapter?

  • Courage with an icon skin is going to be called no more food in the fridge

  • Hi Alia Love your videos they all ways make me laugh

  • I miss old AR sound it was better in my opinion

  • 15:53 hit so hard

  • Thank you ALIA!!


  • Me half asleep at the end “huh what KLOMBO HAS A DRILL IN HIS HEAD” 😂

  • elementry is getting 9!? I got like 3 hours of sleep!

  • Did anyone else notice how he said legendary @26:06😂

  • can we all agree that all youtubers have lots of crown wins becuase of custume machs

  • I'm laughing so hard 😃😃😂😂

  • Hey Alia I love your vids

  • that's right and npc as your teammate can heal you

  • When it dealt damage to the yeti what if he was in a duos and they have the same skin?

  • 1:50 yesterday i got a sky axe meme with my friends they jumped down (they had aerialist) and bro i’m not even kidding it was moving zone and i shockwave bowed the last guy into storm lol 😂 cuz i was still in skybase

  • I got 3 victories in a row 😃

  • 8:43 When You Have To Go Before The Storm Comes In

  • I love how you send wennagade wader 😂😂😂

  • Make a new GTA online series! Everyone enjoyed it last time but now it's outdated. Thank you!!

  • i would revive and we can all have the loot and get a victoiry crown

  • The OG default dance had 4 styles one had LYRICS Edit: it was the save the world beta

  • The lute is what I would choose if i was tocksek team

  • 21:58 plot armor be like

  • 11:30 Best meme ever

  • I feel bad for Patrick😱😭

  • You can still get the old pickup sound in save the world

  • Ro inject got a crown win

  • I love you ali a you are a amazing youtuber

  • 0:58 that got sent to mr beast

  • Ali A: The sit emote don't think I've got that The sit emote: ...never existed

  • So hilarious

  • Claim your “here within an hour” ticket right here🏆

  • I wanna be like my teammates 2:56

  • 12:19 , what is the skin called because it looks really familiar

  • So funny

  • The best icon skin is defo Ali’s but the other ones are very cool too

  • 7:18 the other one had a combat smg out and the other one a pickaxe it was a duos matching in skins.

  • I love Fortnite let's go

  • i love ali-a

  • happy christmas ali-a

  • Really dude you don't gotta post on Christmas Eve spent it with your wife and family. P.S. Don't post a vid tomorrow I'm expecting you to take a day of as it is Christmas.

  • when you said wait for it, there was an ad after😂🤣

  • Made me laught so Hard 59:29

  • Alia is

  • alia is my favorite icon skin and always will be

  • your videos are the best

  • Skull trooper got that light skin stare

  • when i bought the alia skin it was the best decision i have ever made in fortnite

  • Hey Ali-A just bought so Merch thanks a lot for the Video 😊 Edit : I watched the whole Video 😊

  • 22:34 thanos killed all the players... And his FPS lol

  • I want the Alia skin so bad! Aaahhh

  • I love your skin I will buy it soon and the emote

  • I can’t believe I finished the video

  • If you know, you know 🥺 19:50

  • alia is the best icon skin so far

  • That power on my team I text 100 hours to reload

  • The IRL battle bus was Mr Beast’s 😏

  • i remember when you gifted clair all those skins

  • I don't get sleep cause I'm reading anime😂

  • Not just because of the cookie but my honest opinion Ali-a is my favorite icon skin

  • Your the best CS-tvr I have ever known

  • "It's a yeti!" Me: *Its Bigfoot*

  • Imagine if ali put it on the wrong channel 💀

  • you are the only fortnite player i watch

  • Merry Christmas 😁

  • "Get destroyed, he got a wenigade waiduh!"

  • i watched the whole thing without stopping W

  • It’s the light button I’m gonna press right now

  • Your skin is so nice 👍 I love you

  • 7:12 there was 2 troll skins one had a gun another had a pickaxe

  • alia"s fortnite skin is my fav

  • That 1h and 2seconds felt like 10 mins

  • Love you Ali a

  • I would for my teammates and then the loot 🤓

  • I did the sliding thing by accident

  • I love your fortnite emote