čas přidán 13. 01. 2020
Here are 10 things that you absolutely need to know about our new coach: Quique Setién!
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  • How excited are you???

    • VALENCIA CF!! 2 T. STEGEN FC🤣🤣 0.

    • I miss the old manger I met 1 month ago and now he is sacked 😔

    • @MEG4 PLAYS that was dirty the way you treated valverde, im glad VALENCIA cf brought your "excitement " back to earth quickly...didn't they?

    • Who here when Barca got destroyed 2-0 the end of Barca ):

    • Really excited

  • this didnt age well

  • Narizz

  • Best coach ever

  • Won't last 5 minutes

  • Transfer arturh ionoța and berneadeschi

  • lo suben todo en ingles cuando hablan español

  • This girl is great. Don't lose her!

  • I agree with barça this hard decision against velverde, he was nothing to us if we are barçelona's real fans, he never makes subsituite to some players which are able to show what they are like dembele,arthur,samuel umtiti and so on. [WE ARE REALLY GLAD %100] ♡♡♡

  • I really don’t care...

  • No puedo creer que este sea un equipo español y se le de más importancia a subir videos en inglés y no en español

  • قناة جميلة برشلونة جميلة مدرب جميل فتاه اجمل❤️😍😂

  • just pls fix the damn sounds on ur videos.... effect sounds and music are soooo loud and the speaking is hard to hear... so horrible !

  • Porque un club de españa tiene que hablar en inglés?

  • Realmente estoy muy de acuerdo por apostar con Quique Setien, enhorabuena.

  • It's too early to say that Setien is better than Velverde, only time will show. So, for now I'm gonna say: thank you Velverde and good luck; welcome Satien don't make us make memes like: "Satien out, Satien out". ;)

  • She really said BRAND new coach lmao

  • He is a very pleasant coach and I would love to see his coaching with Barća!!!

  • Welcome, Mr. Quique Setién! Bienvenido, don Quique Setién!

  • thank u fc barcelona cus now im excited to watch barca again

  • Aight, I wanna see tiki-taka as well as the philosophy restored, I wanna see the one and only 4-3-3, I wanna see crazy possession stats, high pressing and appearances of youth academy players way more frequently. Too much to ask for?

  • Haber deberías dejado a Valverde este tío no tiene ninguna oportunidad para ganar

  • EXPERIENCE ❤❤🥰🥰🎉🎉🍾🙏🙏

  • Bounty on biden voters...a nickel a scalp..

  • Waiting on Xavi as Barca coach someday..

  • Thanx for out valverdi👍

  • I Don't Think Sack Valverde Now Is A Great Decision He Still Do Good Enough To Stay.And *He Deserved More Than What He Get* We Can Fire Him At The Last Of The Season But Not Now Barcelona Can Face A Crisis. Bad Decision Due To My Opinion. *THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR DEDICATION VALVERDE,GOOD LUCK!*

  • Can't wait to see y'all end 3 or 4 this season and hopefully more years to come.


  • Oye ponerlo es castellano/ catalan nose que pinta el ingles que se busquen la vida pa entenderlo con subtítulos

  • I m very angry umtiti took my place in the team

  • good

  • From the day I knew football game and became soccer fan , I have been a Barca fc fan, I think Quique Setien is good coach but he will face mountain to climb especially to shape Barca's defence which is worst in la liga since I knew Barca.

  • After Valverde the next is Bartomeu.

  • Couthinho will come back

  • Valverde ou... oh wait ... NVM :(

  • Marry me

  • Ya need a sexy girl someone cute

  • I love Barcelona, but your channel still needs a lot of refinements. At least give the girl a mic so we can hear her well. The imbalance in the sound was so annoying. Plus, if you're aiming for the English-speaking people in this video (which you are), at least translate the bits that are NOT in English! Come on, Barca.. you're better than this. On a side note: VALVERDE IS FINALLY OUT. OMG! Let's hope Quique brings back the original Barcelona style which will see us dominating Europe again.

  • Those who said he is another Valverde, you guys are clueless.

  • Valverde ty

  • This girl looks like Emma Starletto

  • Porque hablan ingles si son de españa?

  • Welcome, Quique!

  • més que un club però el català ja es la tercera llengua del club

  • Good luck from Malaysia

  • So sad I dont understand😅😭


  • What did Twitter say?

  • Setien will bring massive achievement to Barcelona.

  • Has he ever played for Barcelona

  • Welcome Mr Setien! to the dream team! Bring us joy and happiness. FORCA BARCA 💪

  • Who else gets their FC Barcelona news from TalkFCB? 😀

  • We want xavi 💓

  • Seeing is believing... So, yea, we still have pique on defense... That ain't good. Quique might like Cruyff, but so did Valverde... Lets talk after the next 3 games, hopefully we kick butt

  • We won't xavi

  • Español hello

  • Her English accent :3

  • I can sleep now without VALVERDE🛌🛌🛌💪💪💪🏆🏆🏆↪✔🔝🔜🕛❣💘 BARCA

  • @FCBARCELONA La chica tiene talento, pero su inglés puede ser mejor. Los subtítulos no reflejan lo que dijo Setién. Si desean mejorar las prestaciones de su canal, no duden en contactar conmigo. Saludos.