10 Times Dragon Ball Went Too Far

čas přidán 11. 11. 2018
10 times the Dragon Ball anime series went a little bit too far!
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Japanese cartoons and media in general have always had a different take on what was appropriate for children compared to American cartoons. We can see this in the dialogue and actions of cartoons from Speed Racer all the way to series like My Hero Academia. However, we decided to take a look at a different Japanese property that might be guilty of some out there scenes. Yes, we’re looking at the ever continuing Dragon Ball franchise.
From the original series to Z to GT and now Super, a lot of out there moments have come from Goku and friends. Ranging from relationships to comments to general concepts, the Dragon Ball series has never failed to cross that line in some way. Whether it was intentional or not, we’ve tried to take a look at some of the more startling moments from the franchise. So grab a snack and a drink, let’s get started!
Entry 4 - GOKU & BULMA
Entry 6 - GOKU & UUB LEAVE
Entry 10 - GOHAN & PICCOLO
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  • Actually I'm fairly sure that Oolong's version of Bulma was the same size. At least in the manga she was always pretty busty.

  • still waiting for 10 examples bruh.

  • mr popo is NOT racist. stupid liberals changing up cartoons... jesus.

  • Dragonball nearly named dragonbulma

  • It's strange with how many perverts there are, you'd think there'd be MORE fan service from Dragon Ball nowadays 🤣 I didn't seem to see Roshi hit on Future Mai and haven't seen any naked chicks

  • A numa e gostosa a bunda dela e gostosa

  • Well it's Japanese show adapted into English 🤣😂😂

  • Goku was smackin that puss...

  • He forgot to add when Bulmas cleavage was squished and mistaken for dragon balls

  • Blue popo is stupid If something is similar to something else that doesn't mean that it carries it's same meaning. It's like saying that Karl Marx had a long white beard that everyone with a long white beard promotes a movement that killed millions

  • As long as you are pure of heart LATER IN THE SERIES Vegeta:Yes im oure evil to the core

  • Someday western sensibilities will conquer and tame anime . . . someday.

  • I remember when bulma flashed roshi and u can see her butt

  • Ew dragon ball sucks

  • Bulma would had more then just trunks as children if i was around

  • Number 1: When Bulma got Broly fired


  • I just don't see how anything on this list could be seen as "too far". The 1980's were a different time. Even now, cartoons do overtly sexual things all the time. Disney is a great example of this. It sounds like this video was squeezed out just to fit the "one video a week" routine.

  • Dragon ball isn't a child's show.

  • So u guys are saying a old man asking to see a 14 yr old girls $&@@! Is not too far

  • Hey, Goku has never seen a girl before Bulma so he didn't know he was horny.

  • 7:34 that made me jump

  • Nothing from this video "went too far" its just normal humor for anime fans. But knowing what CBR finds offensive these days, it's not a surprise that this video exists.

  • So, were these episodes banned? because surely they would get banned since Pokemon also had the same thing in one episode and it got banned lol

  • The Mr. Popo outrage is dumb IMO , anyone who followed Dragon Ball lore would know that. He was the gentlest characters out there just as powerful (in the earlier series). I suspect most of those outraged are professional pc outrage people who would just actively look for something to be offended and not really invested fans of anything.

  • I disagree with you about Popo and the Hitler clone. Also, why is Gohan and Piccolo relationship on this list?


  • Goku also doesn’t care about family friends and family are all the same to him vegeta explains this this is y he’s a better father than goku

  • Plus he’s a god that’s a servant lmao come on

  • Dude theirs an episode where she clearly tells some guys she’s underage and they try to rape her were biased cause we love the show but come on a lot of this shit wouldn’t fly today dragon ball alone did a lot of that

  • Your clearly saying blackface wasn’t intentional for lawsuit reasons it’s cool

  • Yeah the blackface wasn’t intentional look at every black character in dragon ball and tell me that it’s a show from 80’s japan u really think they cared how they depicted black people? Shit they didn’t care till Americans said something come on Pokémon did the same thing with jynx and then what did they BOTH do change them blue cause u know that helped I love the series but don’t give me that it wasn’t intentional crap no one cared bro Pokémon was in like 96 and they still didn’t change her till like some years ago like someone in Japan cared what a black person has to say or think about their show,ha!


  • OK Dragonball Dragonball Z Dragon Ball Super are culturally different from usSo of course they’re going to be different things and Mr. Poe Poe wasn’t black face that’s only because he was brought to America and Japan didn’t know what black face was at Bulma was18 When she met Goku

  • 9/10 are bulma

  • Roses are red Violets are blue I came here for the thumbnail So did you

  • Videl getting raped by spopovich should’ve made the list

  • Not everything have to be for kid's u know, so stop ur shit of SJW already.

  • Master Roshi=Pervert

  • You mean even further beyond

  • how did goku know what balls where

  • Bulma looked good with that hair...

  • Fan service is NEVER too far enough!

  • I don’t even watch dragon ball why the fu-

  • 3:45 *OG* pussy beater

  • If Vegeta Know This To Be Continued...

  • The dragon ball series is not supposed to be kid friendly, other animes have gone way worse

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  • Wow...Look at all this white-knighting...

  • Bulma had a cute booty as a teen lol

  • *didn't go far enough

  • As a kid, I was always super interested in Mister Popo, wanted to know more about him. None of my friends were upset because he was black.

  • 9:12 If somenone is wondering,those are Jagdpanzer 38, WW2 german tank destroyers. 9:34 And here you can se a Tiger I I have to say they are drawn quite well.

  • 4:42 Did he though? Or did Goku attempt it after seeing Roshi use it once?

  • It didn’t go to fare, its for teenagers not for pussyies

  • xD 8:28 his color was change only for north america, by the studio who broadcast it there, all the rest of America has Popo as he was made originally.

  • Your balls are gone !!! 😂

  • Gohan: Hey dad let's train!! Goku: Sure thing yeah!! Gohan:Not you Goku Piccolo: I think he is talking to me 1 like one prayer for Goku

  • 5:04 oh yeah yeah

  • Mr Popo doesn't change color ever in the series. Blue Popo was a specific edit of dbz kai for a specific network

  • "fans were incensed"... or: some people wanting to represent them, we get a lot of them.

  • Downvote for 5 ads in a ten min video. Great video tho!

  • See how men's toxic behavior is also seen as "just a joke"? Shame, women still have a long way to go with their fight.

  • I havent seen blackface but i dont care if anyone _looks_ like him. They banned a harmless episode of pokemon just because of that reason and even changed the design of a pokemon because of it. Yeah i dont want to see a pokemon with a Hitler mustache but i feel like black skin and visible lips doesnt directly mean racism against african americans. Jinx was based off a Yukionna and a japanese make-up style afterall.

  • Cell not coming back in super.

  • Bulma how do you not know you have underwear on.

  • 10:07 Goku doesn't even know what father hood is! His kids are raised without him because he's busy being DEAD. But at the end of the day he still cares for them at least.

  • please remove your voice. annoying

  • I don’t mind

  • Ummm Most of the fans weren't the ones that were upset about Mr. Popo.

  • The only thing offensive about Mr popo is when they turned him blue.

  • This video sucks

  • gotta get that that that that that anime vagina

  • Dbz and so many other anime was not for kid's but in America we make everything that is animated a kid thing, smh!

  • Bulma is 16 in dragon ball btw

  • CBR u missed the most savage moment of master roshi most fans wouldn't hav known much abt.. in the manga by toyotaro. Of universal survival arc....master roshi.. has used almst a similar technique like UI aganat jiren n dodged all his attack!!

  • I still wonder why YT want me to watch such a rubbish video?

  • the libtard piece of dipshit narrator should be lynched and hung from a tree. Fucking PC shitskin. Muh hitler was evil because he was protecting his people from the subhuman middle eastern semite savages called the jews. Maybe we should still put blacks and browns under european rule. Oh wait that's colonialism. Then what is a brown filth semite jew race in europe? NOT COLONIALISM?

  • 2:58 and thus the bulma hentai began on google

  • Goku feeling the sting of Gohan dressed up in Piccolo's gear? Yeah that's something I completely doubt

  • 3:44 Goku's slapping dat pussy trying to get the squirt on

  • So CBR thinks killing Hitler is taking it to far didn't know they were Nazi sympathizers

  • Blue actually made Popo look much worse! #notmypopo #bringblackback

  • I think they went too far when they showed an actual photage of bulmas boobs the time they had the fortune teller baba’s tournament. When they brought her for roshi

  • These guys are fucking Libtarded

  • I fucked myself up when bulma lifted up her dress revealing she has no underwear on

  • It says adult swim

  • Mr. Popo is based on a Jinn roughly translated as a Genie so being black isnt a problem... Blue Popo didnt last too long as he is his rightful colour in all current adaptations.

  • They banned all these moments in the U.S

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  • They went too far when it was over 9000

  • Jeez people need to grow up it's not meant for kids it's for adults

  • i love boma😍😍😘😘

  • Lol I'm never watching dragon ball ever!

  • You TALK to much. Why cant we just listen the ACTUAL episode? NOT SUBSCRIBING 👎

  • Serves Roshi right. Only one man is good enough to handle 18's breasts and that's her man Krillin

  • The over sensitiveness in today's world went too far.

  • How did any of this go to far?

  • èĺĺó