10 Times Dragon Ball Went Too Far

čas přidán 11. 11. 2018
10 times the Dragon Ball anime series went a little bit too far!
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Japanese cartoons and media in general have always had a different take on what was appropriate for children compared to American cartoons. We can see this in the dialogue and actions of cartoons from Speed Racer all the way to series like My Hero Academia. However, we decided to take a look at a different Japanese property that might be guilty of some out there scenes. Yes, we’re looking at the ever continuing Dragon Ball franchise.
From the original series to Z to GT and now Super, a lot of out there moments have come from Goku and friends. Ranging from relationships to comments to general concepts, the Dragon Ball series has never failed to cross that line in some way. Whether it was intentional or not, we’ve tried to take a look at some of the more startling moments from the franchise. So grab a snack and a drink, let’s get started!
Entry 4 - GOKU & BULMA
Entry 6 - GOKU & UUB LEAVE
Entry 10 - GOHAN & PICCOLO
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  • I think these are times that Dragon Ball went just far enough. Seen much worse in other anime and from the internet itself also you used it in the thumbnail why not put it in the video. Also also there was the time that they were fighting the invisible fighter and they flashed Yamcha Bulma’s tits the desired result was achieved as the invisible fighter was drenched in Yamcha’s ensuing nosebleed.

  • If you want to see ALL of those things Go to Teamfourstar or TFS for short

  • Where’d they get the thumbnail

  • "Too Far"?! Not far enough!

  • You ruin the anime that's how it was

  • Oh fuck you. It never went too far. Pussies.

  • So some of the best moments in DB, DBZ is too far? Nice one

  • Aww too far? fucking Pussies.

  • It's not meant for kids

  • Goblin slayer makes this look like a toddler's show

  • GT! Also rochi......

  • "went to far".... wrong title!!!!!

  • who did you make this for? you're actually making fun of people who like dragonball. making some strong SJW suggestions as well.

  • No real fans were upset by black Mr. Popo, only the new crowd in recent years took issue. Further, only one station has recolored Popo, and blue Popo is ridiculed by the fandom.

    • inspiration for Gotenks*

    • Further, the remark about Goten and Trunks seeing Gogeta and him being the inspiration for Gogta is false, Gotenks existed before Gogeta. Also, with regard to Gohan and Piccolo, Gohan wasn't in any sort of training gear as a child up until Piccolo made a set for him that was like Goku's. Later Gohan asked Piccolo for a set like his, but eventually settled on wearing Goku's traditional style, and that's not counting the Saiyan battle armor or Great Saiyaman outfits. Lastly, this list was good, but do turn down the virtue signalling. :)

  • Maybe if you talked slower my gf could fucking enjoy this video you price of shit

  • One time, Goku turned SSJ3 and that pushed his power level too far.

  • man... our world is more fuqed up than ever, but as long as we dont thematize it and stay PC all s fine.

  • 5:04 thank me later

  • Don’t forget, “Don’t shoot! This man is not black!”

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-67T3QjTKZqc.html Dragon Ball Z is the shit ❗️

  • I think you're being extremely charitable in insisting the offensive elements about Popo where so unintentional. On a lighter note; in a decidedly edited version I saw, when Uhlong (surely misspelled) gets his hands on the Dragon Ball, the music drowns out his voice so you can't hear his's wish. Next time we see him he's got the panties on his head and the narration says he wished for "comfortable underwear" ?!? I always interpreted that as the Dragon literally granting his wish to get into Bulma's panties.

  • Piccolo is Gohans real dad

  • 3:43 goku you lucky bastard

  • Uub is an asshole

  • Are we all gay or is dragon ball writers are only man humans

  • Master roshi grabbed krillins sleeping cushions

  • bullma is hot

  • You're retarded if you think any of these are "too far"

  • Its sad that half the people in this comment section didnt watch DB or DBZ.

  • Well... there was the whole Krillin & Maron thing. Roshi was a little frisky there as well. And then she was 'super' superficial. And it was weird that Krillin was jealous when she kissed Gohan, who was like a little kid, cheek.

  • Ya we need to got feather beyond

  • Video brought to you by people who are ignorant of dragon ball

  • Honestly people who actually think that Mr. Popo is a black face symbolizing racist stereotype type really need to get a fucking clue because Mr. Popo is literally a Dijiin, a Japanese folklore ceature. Also we see actual black people who less still have fairly large lips(Although honestly alot of black people really do have genetically spreading) and these black people have now I have a very distinct type of brown from Mr. Popo, and of course if Mr. Popo was truly a stereotypical depiction of black face then tell me why Mr. Popo is portrayed as godly levels of his and intelligence

  • This video is retarded.

  • Fking hell man how much do you need to virtue signal in this video and on Dragon Ball of all things FK you unsubscribed because of this shit just how dare you

  • Dumbfuck. Mr. Popo isnt blackface. Fucking retards

  • The thumbnail say all

  • So, no mention of Oolong drugging Bulma so he can feel her up in her sleep? Cause I gotta say that was one of the squickist moments for me when watching Dragon Ball.

  • "Too far". I'm guessing you are from the US. Censorship in the US is sometimes ridiculous. There were far more sexually oriented, violent and bloody animes at the time and before that.

  • Just to add that the only reason why Gohan wore Piccolos outfit was to honor his sensei. It's the same reason whis changed Goku's branding from Roshi to his own after the training.

  • Didn’t go far enough 🙃

  • The Dictator......has an army...... TOOOO MANY JAGDPANZER 38T HETZERS!!!!!!

  • As a kid I always thought Bulma and Goku would end up together. But hey that’s me

  • Dragon Ball is tame af. It's just funny. It was made in the 80s, when people weren't such pussies.

  • #roshi was perv

  • Dragon Ball > Dragon Ball Z > Dragon Ball Super

  • Funny they leave out the part where its implied 2 Red Ribbon guys were going to rape Bulma 1. they just watched youtube clips and didnt come across that scene 2. The most likely reason, Ignored it because the 2 soldiers werent white. Honestly though even that part wasnt "too far" its a good message to younger girls not to talk to creepy or obviously horny dudes you dont know. The blackface Mr. Popo thing is retarded, he's not even human and he's an eyesore when he is blue, a pitch black Mr Popo makes for a better color combination. Dragon Ball is a great series for all ages as it is just like Z was before Kai sterilized it. Anime fans get ready because anime/mangagate is here and theyre trying to build up momentum to ruin yet another hobby like videogames and western comic books.

  • have you watched the show or just images of it?

  • The original Dagon Ball series never ever went too far. It was always at the right measure! Good times when there was no political BSness...

  • On her L A P

  • Kinda resembles TFS popo's pecking order.

  • You mean not far enough wink wink

  • you forgot the uss m'dick

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  • Who else is here because of the thumbnail 😂

  • They’ve never gone too far, in Japan it’s normal, it’s not their fault you Americans are too sensitive

  • Wow, I sense NPC agenda here. Really, offended at Mr popo?

  • Wow, I sense NPC agenda here. Really, offended at Mr popo?

  • Top 10 times when cbr went to far

  • Maybe it’s just me...but they went “too far” how again..? I’ve seen more offensive shit on present day Cartoon Network

  • popo isnt black face he is a black alien

  • Happy Thanksgiving CBR

  • krillin time will never and has never been a thing

  • none of these are example of going too far. If you think so you are a total pussy.

  • Bulma is wearing battle bunny skin riven my favorite

  • Naruto is the best anime better then DBZ. 😉

  • the shrinking scene of master roshi😑

  • Man, Vegeta is so lucky to have Bulma

  • Roshi you dog! I'm so jealous XD

  • My cousin showed me dbz and he asked me who oolong is I asked who the talking bacon is that messed up?

  • "10 Times Dragon Ball Went Too Far" Watches video Still waiting to see one time it went too far.

  • Remember kids when you get in to trouble just scream it’s the secret to power

  • The end of the Future Trunks arc

  • Who else came here because of the thumbnail

  • As for the character that does the boldest move would have to be Burma. She's human n slapped Beerus

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  • Stop posting dragon Ball content if you don't know wtf you talking about. Kid buu is not even close to being the strongest buu dumb ass dude

  • Dude you're such a snowflake! Remember when roshi asks goku and krillin to kidnap a girl for him? Or when videl gets destroyed in the tournament? We will never get to see that type of things again because of people like you!

  • That’s the thing with dragonball now is that they don’t have the inuedos , and sneaky adult jokes that the original DB had

  • This felt like DB/Z recaps than "Gone too Far".

  • bulma your balls there gone yep I watched that 3 times over and it was hilarious

  • These were the times dragon Ball was really funny, kids these days are really puritan

  • if we're talking dragon ball 1 it was not really meant for little kids and 2 Japan is more ok with sexual stuff than the west and less ok with violence, so i imagine it was rated teen

  • This movie sounds like SJW shit... leave Mr Popo, Master Roshi, Oolong and even fictional hitler alone

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  • Really too far??? Not true at all

  • Thas why Goku is one step ahead of Vegeta LMAO since a kid he already got Bulma HAHAHAHHAHAA

  • Since the Beginning of Time, Men have been allowed to be attracted to women. It's only been in the last 5 or 6 years, since the Weirdo California Social Justice Warriors came on the scene that they've tried to emasculate all men and destroy the natural sexual attraction of beautiful women. I feel so sorry for this generation. Your world is so skewed and so mixed up. You're going to live the most miserable existences trying to live up to this crap the SJW's are inventing to destroy your manhood and your sexuallity. It's all so artificial and nonsensical. Just enjoy each other for what you are and stop being sorry for being boys or men who like pretty girls.

  • The only thing in that went too far in this video was turning Mr. Popo from black to blue.

  • It's only racist because Americans see it as racism, not every country has that ill American culture, They scream racism at the smallest thing possible.

  • Roses are red Violets are blue I just got clickbaited And so did you 😱

  • Just skip this video. Dragon Ball never went too far. We are "so progressive" nowdays then we can do less things than we could 20 years ago.

  • Kid Buu is not his strongest form. Damn casuals.

  • Why does goten look like Yamaha when he is grown

  • When feminazi editors get their simp staff underlings to narrate their propaganda about decades old anime

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  • "That must have been a big sting in the heart of Goku" = You not knowing Gokus character

  • something that most forget, IT WASN'T MEANT FOR KIDS.

  • Just came here to say your MOM went to far!....later