10 Times Dragon Ball Went Too Far

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10 times the Dragon Ball anime series went a little bit too far!
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Japanese cartoons and media in general have always had a different take on what was appropriate for children compared to American cartoons. We can see this in the dialogue and actions of cartoons from Speed Racer all the way to series like My Hero Academia. However, we decided to take a look at a different Japanese property that might be guilty of some out there scenes. Yes, we’re looking at the ever continuing Dragon Ball franchise.
From the original series to Z to GT and now Super, a lot of out there moments have come from Goku and friends. Ranging from relationships to comments to general concepts, the Dragon Ball series has never failed to cross that line in some way. Whether it was intentional or not, we’ve tried to take a look at some of the more startling moments from the franchise. So grab a snack and a drink, let’s get started!
Entry 4 - GOKU & BULMA
Entry 6 - GOKU & UUB LEAVE
Entry 10 - GOHAN & PICCOLO
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  • 10 Times cbr Video is boringlevel over niiiiiiiinetoooooouusend

  • But roshi is pure of heart, his heart is pure pervert

  • I don't get why they used to do this kinda stuff. It's creepy. Just creepy.

  • "Too Far " for Soy Warriors is "Just another Tuesday" for people of Japan.

  • Roshi: the true hero of dragon ball

  • People now days .. i tell u guys , thry only think of money nowadays

  • Ok now who da fak said dragon ball was a kid show

  • Wow, so Bulma tried to get Goku to touch her p*********** at a young age? She tried that? Wow, she was a thot in her youth, damn

  • 8:29 EW!

  • Sensitive much? Or maybe just a cheap attempt at a video?

  • CBR you need to realize Dragon Ball was made for mature audiences. Why DBZ was made for older teens and upper age audiences. Because it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out the audiences they're shooting for.

  • This is stupid

  • Mr. POPO is the stuff of nightmares

  • This is why they don't even put blood in the show anymore if people can't handle seeing stuff like this don't watch it don't ruin it for every one go see teletubbies or something

  • Too far? They were actually fucking funny. People are way too sensitive now. Fuck that shit. Akira Toriyama is one of the funniest people out there imho Also you do realize dragon ball was never for kids right? Its teen to adult.

  • This is why Japanese studios should stop exporting anime to the west. That would also have the additional benefit of not supporting the VA industry which is also filled with toxic SJW's. Keep it within Asia, you have a market of almost 3 billion people.

  • Yo stop saying shit about my show or I am gonna end your career

  • It is mainly master roshi

  • Krillin aint weak your talking about yamcha

  • Can you guys cry a bit more “things went too far” yeah maybe in this day and age when everyone is so sensitive thank god it was made years ago

  • 5 ads in 10 mins. Nope I'm done.

  • Jesus people are sensitive

  • Hitler drives a Maus Pretty sure he wouldn't

  • How about when Krillin exposes Bulma on Master Roshi while Yamcha's right against the Invisible Man

  • Mr popo blue, doesn't look right

  • I am only here for that tumbnail

  • join the Dragonball girls discord server discord.gg/Ju6wAax

  • I think dragon ball had just a bit more than 10, but that's ok because I hate the political correctness in todays cartoons XP

  • The weakest fighter is yamcha


  • Goku hurt by gohan being closer to picolo? OUCH? Seriously??

  • Daddy piccolo

  • TO BE FAIR Goku didn't know much about the world, its people, and gender. So he didn't know.

  • 5:05 pause it

  • Omg shut the f up

  • Vegeta

  • Dragonball never went to far

  • Tbh I don't blame Roshi for grabbing 18's Brest's

  • 3:51 that was the funniest moment in dragon ball histroy 😂😂😂😂

  • Ive seen bulma and android naked in the 90s.. and ranma! what is wrong with that?

  • Kid Buu wasn't Buu's strongest form though...

  • Man just puase and jerk off at the juicest parts you know

  • messing up kids and call its a fair fight is quite unique to db

  • I will never see Mr. Popo as any other color than black. To have changed his color (not yet seen by me) is a slap to the Dragon Ball Universe. People are too damn sensitive over b.s. like this

  • How is any of that "too far'?

  • Im gonna guess its mostly roshi and bulma Edit: yep, was not disappointed

  • I'm black & I HATE the color change of Mr Popo! He was perfectly fine the way he was

  • Thumbnail Almost tits

  • Nobody gave a shit about mr. popo being black.. and fans weren’t outraged because of it.. it wasn’t until the redub (over 20 years later) that they changed mr. Popo to that god aweful blue color, in DBZ Kia and it was only for one tv station airing the show... that is what fans were outraged about. Because nobody saw mr. Popo as “blackface”... but the SJW world that we live in has to stick there ugly fuckin noses in everything don’t they... thus “blue” popo was born...

  • I propose the counter question. Did dragon ball not go far enough...

  • Mr. Popo is not black face he just looks like that change the title to dumb shit that ruined good anime

  • You mean "10 times a bunch of repressed Americans ruined a great anime" fucking uptight bible thumpers ruined dragon ball and many others instead of simply not watching something

  • Bruh “blackface” mr popo isn’t a fucking reference to anything, he’s a fucking character god liberals piss me off

  • No one cares because liberals are annoying

  • I thought that changing Mr Popo's appearance was really sad. He was an old character, just leave him alone. Then the sjw's got involved and all of the sudden, black Popo was bad. That is really sad.

  • 14:11

  • I watched dragon ball from 2018 and mr popo is still black

    • Killenberg yup

    • The 4Kids version of Kai turned him blue, but every other version kept him black. They also kept him black in Super as you probably know.

  • I love it because these things make it so awesome. What is the use of only fighting and no fun.😉

  • Speaking of Dbz and Pokemon, Mr. Popo and Jynx would make a great couple

  • Master rochy by far makes the most risky moves

  • Lol at 5 ads

  • I love DBZ Abridged's version of Mr. Popo - NEVER talk about Popo's training XD

  • You never meet a black person from Africa.

  • You guys are pretty stupid you said Goku is a child but you shouldn't be handsy with someone sleeping, the only person goku knew was grandpa gohan so clearly a female would intrigue him when she doesnt have the same thing between her legs, this whole list is you guys being overly sensitive Also in terms of Mr popo, they didn't change his color you just can't see him as black due to the pecking order

  • Is there any other anime shows like dragon ball/z/super and Pokemon??

  • People who are offended by this would enjoy the 4Kids version of dbz

  • Actually I'm fairly sure that Oolong's version of Bulma was the same size. At least in the manga she was always pretty busty.

  • still waiting for 10 examples bruh.

  • mr popo is NOT racist. stupid liberals changing up cartoons... jesus.

  • Dragonball nearly named dragonbulma

  • It's strange with how many perverts there are, you'd think there'd be MORE fan service from Dragon Ball nowadays 🤣 I didn't seem to see Roshi hit on Future Mai and haven't seen any naked chicks

  • A numa e gostosa a bunda dela e gostosa

  • Well it's Japanese show adapted into English 🤣😂😂

  • Goku was smackin that puss...

  • He forgot to add when Bulmas cleavage was squished and mistaken for dragon balls

  • Blue popo is stupid If something is similar to something else that doesn't mean that it carries it's same meaning. It's like saying that Karl Marx had a long white beard that everyone with a long white beard promotes a movement that killed millions

  • As long as you are pure of heart LATER IN THE SERIES Vegeta:Yes im oure evil to the core

  • Someday western sensibilities will conquer and tame anime . . . someday.

  • I remember when bulma flashed roshi and u can see her butt

  • Ew dragon ball sucks

  • Bulma would had more then just trunks as children if i was around

  • Number 1: When Bulma got Broly fired


  • I just don't see how anything on this list could be seen as "too far". The 1980's were a different time. Even now, cartoons do overtly sexual things all the time. Disney is a great example of this. It sounds like this video was squeezed out just to fit the "one video a week" routine.

  • Dragon ball isn't a child's show.

  • So u guys are saying a old man asking to see a 14 yr old girls $&@@! Is not too far

  • Hey, Goku has never seen a girl before Bulma so he didn't know he was horny.

  • 7:34 that made me jump

  • Nothing from this video "went too far" its just normal humor for anime fans. But knowing what CBR finds offensive these days, it's not a surprise that this video exists.

  • So, were these episodes banned? because surely they would get banned since Pokemon also had the same thing in one episode and it got banned lol

  • The Mr. Popo outrage is dumb IMO , anyone who followed Dragon Ball lore would know that. He was the gentlest characters out there just as powerful (in the earlier series). I suspect most of those outraged are professional pc outrage people who would just actively look for something to be offended and not really invested fans of anything.

  • I disagree with you about Popo and the Hitler clone. Also, why is Gohan and Piccolo relationship on this list?

  • Goku also doesn’t care about family friends and family are all the same to him vegeta explains this this is y he’s a better father than goku

  • Plus he’s a god that’s a servant lmao come on

  • Dude theirs an episode where she clearly tells some guys she’s underage and they try to rape her were biased cause we love the show but come on a lot of this shit wouldn’t fly today dragon ball alone did a lot of that

  • Your clearly saying blackface wasn’t intentional for lawsuit reasons it’s cool

  • Yeah the blackface wasn’t intentional look at every black character in dragon ball and tell me that it’s a show from 80’s japan u really think they cared how they depicted black people? Shit they didn’t care till Americans said something come on Pokémon did the same thing with jynx and then what did they BOTH do change them blue cause u know that helped I love the series but don’t give me that it wasn’t intentional crap no one cared bro Pokémon was in like 96 and they still didn’t change her till like some years ago like someone in Japan cared what a black person has to say or think about their show,ha!


  • OK Dragonball Dragonball Z Dragon Ball Super are culturally different from usSo of course they’re going to be different things and Mr. Poe Poe wasn’t black face that’s only because he was brought to America and Japan didn’t know what black face was at Bulma was18 When she met Goku