10 ways Windows is just BETTER

čas přidán 19. 09. 2019
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Windows is the most popular desktop platform in the world, beating out Mac and Linux.
We reached out to our community to find out what they liked most about Windows and why its just better then what Apple or Linux bring to the table.
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  • Did my man literally just list Microsoft office as a reason why windows is better?

  • Windows: Has better customization and productivity! Linux: Excuse me?

  • Do the kids even know that DOTA stands for Defense of The Ancient?

  • Those i-sheep characters in the beginning were spot on.

  • NONE of this is objective.

  • You don't make your videos in Final Cut Pro?????? J/K

  • the thing about windows is that it can be quite hard to find the bottom line,i have bought computers with the bluetooth allways on ,remote conection switched on its like buying a house with the doors wide open

  • But its not perfect by any means, then again so isnt macos

  • i made windows 10 look like windows 7, if you also want to make windows 10 look like 7: cs-tv.org/tv/video-eQNE2qB-pa4.html

  • i made windows 10 look like windows 7

  • windows its not better we are forced to tolerate the bloatware 10 it's because programers are LAZY AND GREED

  • 2020 will be the breakout year for Linux on the desktop!

  • More like the "Epic" Games Store

  • There is an old saying from when I was young, "Direct X is better than sex". Direct X and the library of programs that require Direct X are the big reason I'm still on Wondows

  • How can you do a "Windows is just better" and then a "Mac OS is just better"? Do you have no opinion of your own?

  • this video didnt help shit i tried for years to convince my dad to buy windows but he is hardly convinced no matter what i try to convince him

  • win98?

  • Original Diablo just works on my Windows 10 PC, i9 7900X, 1080ti hybrid

  • The only problem i have with windows 10 is, the metro/fluent theme. Its ugly, aero glass is beautiful and looks so natural. If i could change a few things in win 10 itd be: Dumping the metro theme and settings app Bring back aero glass and the responsive windows 7 start menu Restore everything that was removed from control panel Remove random bloatware and make it easy to disable windows defender Fix the sluggish file explorer search

  • Can the AUTOMATIC UPDATES be changed to MANUAL in Win 10 Pro?

  • XP to 10 is an easy transition. 7 to 8 was a deal breaker. When 8 came out, I just didn’t upgrade my super old PC. I had to replace several parts including a screen, a several power supplies and a battery. It want until 10 came out that I finally was willing to upgrade.

  • Can we changes icons for folders and fonts and overall theme for Windows without screwing around registry ? Nope... In linux its just a command away...

  • Where's the video on "10 Ways Linux is just BETTER"?

  • I see that windows colors light behind

  • My reason for using Windows: my employer won't buy us Macs......that's it. haha

  • I game on Linux I use WINE and OracleBoxVM... it's great

  • There's only one reason: it has a monopoly. Every other reason follows from this monopoly: more apps, compatibility,...

  • Linux: Sketchy stuff and networking, highly customizable, can run a vast majority of apps and homemade scripts/etc. Windows: Gaming and Editing Mac: Subtle method of letting your parents know you’re gay

  • The U.S military uses windows

  • 1.) Gaming 2-8.) It's ubiquitous and familiar 9.) Hahaha, windows is the most stable OS? Yea...tell that to 100% of the world's supercomputers or the vast majority of web servers. 10.) Support for older software maybe, not so much hardware. Also, to clarify, Linux distributions are mostly differentiated by what GUI and tools they come with out of the box. At the command line, they are largely the same, you may just have to grab some packages from the repositories (with a single command) to install stuff that didn't come with whatever distro you're using. While there may be thousands of distros, the majority of them are either Debian or Red Hat based. The major difference between the two being the centeral repositories they pull from (and on the client side, the different package managers they use).

  • It would be nice to have a linux based video that is not for gaming... coz there are those that don't game... much

  • Linux would be better if it had support from game companies and software developers.

  • Linus ad on Linus video. We live in a society!

  • Just listing positives in a vacuum is pointless. "Hitler was known to be a good orator..." You need to address or at least pre-empt problems that mitigate Windows' positives.

  • Linux is better at customizability cause Linux itself is the kernel, in theory you could make your own distribution with the software you prefer to do core functions

  • macOS = coding (Java and c++ mostly) Windows = gaming Linux = devops That's what I personally use them for

  • Mac dude does not look happy to be Mac dude

  • Windows = value for money. More specs for less the price.

  • I use linux windows mac os and bsd

  • Ubuntu has never been cool

  • im a part of the majority.

  • Reliability?? Stop it

  • That Windows-key+1,2,3,4 is a great tip. I just tried it and it's great.

  • Before I even watched the video I knew the comment section was going to be gold. I was not disappointed.

  • I’m offended you didn’t mention GOG but you mention uplay and origin

  • 3:26 Dude, NO! No one should be using the default user folders like Documents, Downloads, Desktop, Pictures, Music, Videos for storage on Windows. The user profile gets bloated big time by doing this and that is one of the main reasons why the system starts feelings sluggish and the startup time becomes longer. Not only that, but recovering data in case of system failure becomes way more difficult than it should be thanks to this practice.

  • Even though windows is still having some problems. Still, WINDOWS & LINUX OVER MAC ANYDAY.

  • 9:24 oh, so i guess pressing right ctrl and scroll lock 10000 times a day doesn't count?

  • I’m Linux’s bitch 4 life!!!!!!

  • Adobe Photoshop was just a Mod of Microsoft Paint

  • Proud to be a longtime Windows user, since Windows 98...

  • me from windows XP: What and Where the hell should I click! even the Start is dooe hekey thinge

  • what is the most polished poop game that runs on a potato? Raid Shadow Legend (only play for fan service and since I need VPN for NSFW stuff) if want play Turn-Based RPG, Summoner's War better

  • why am i this happy to have a windows? is not like i've been usung it for like... 20 years or so hahaha

  • Something that I really want on Windows are tabs on explorer :(

  • Depends on what you are doing. It is like saying why is a chainsaw better than a butter knife. Yes a chainsaw is great if you want to cut down a tree but it sucks at spreading butter. Yes you can spread butter with a chainsaw but chances are you are going to mess up your sandwich and spend a lot of time cleaning up the walls and floor. The moral of the story is to use the right tool for the job. I use Linux while coding and boot into windows when I want to play a game. I used macOS for a couple of years and found it to be somewhere in the middle. Linux and windows both do some things great and sucks at others while macOS seems to do near everything just okay.

  • I actually went from XP to 10, mostly because 10 seemd pretty similar.

  • Windows doesn't just work, in fact it doesn't work at all on my computers and I'm not buying a new computer because the old ones work perfectly well on Linux.

  • Everyone likes insulting Windows, but at the end of the day, it gets the job done. You can't build your own desktop Mac, if you can't afford a Mac, you can't pirate MacOS either, you can't play the latest games on Linux, gaming in Mac ain't great either. Office is a solid tool for many types of work. And in spite of it not being 100% open source, Windows allows you an insane amount of customization and third party programs, that other companies (Apple) don't allow. I respect you Windows.

  • I think the 'modding' aspect is a bit of a moot point. Concidering how few games are moddable these days.