100 Eggo Waffle Challenge DESTROYED

čas přidán 18. 11. 2019
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Revisiting the 100 Eggo Challenge!!
7.7lb and 9000 Calories of a pretty unbalanced breakfast.
This challenge was also preparation for the 2019 SJ Barracuda's World Waffle Eating Championship.
--- Original 100 Eggo Challenge Video
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  • You should’ve put the shave butter on the Eggos for extra flavor.

  • 3:24 sound its my stomach watching this

  • Anyone else wondering how he ate 100 Waffles??? 😳😳

  • Me wondering why he has so many toasters👁👄👁

  • U are a god at eating

  • This is what he has for breakfast everyday

  • La olm ben daha o waffle dan 1 kere bi tadmadim adama bak 100 tane yiyor fakirdin gözü tokturrrŕ

  • I hate watching these videos at 3 in the morning. They make me so hungry but i'm to lazy to go get food.

  • I know how he’s skinny: It’s dat lite maple syrup

  • مو حلك منهولا

  • mattstonie: uploads dollar shave club: allow me to introduce myself

  • they shouldve called him the muffin man

  • Énorme ce type putain 😂🤣

  • 4 seconds in, he ate my whole breakfast

  • "This might be my last video till I hit ten million subs" More like your last video, THAT'S A WHOLE LOT OF SYRUP

  • We running for 1 hour ....500 calories burnt Matt stinks standing and eating burns.......1000000000 calories

  • Cancel this video. That's aunt Jemima! Jk

  • No one: Literally no one: Matt **eleven mode on**

  • Netflix: Are you still watching? Somebody's son: 4:48

  • 05:01 tıkırken ben

  • Food wars in a nutshell: 2:49

  • *The Problem with me it's that after doing 5 squats I thing that I deserve this.*

  • 7:07: "Oh shit I feel like ass" 8:04: "Honestly i felt like i could do better

  • Remember the good ol days when aunt Jemima syrup wasn't racist??? Thank BLM bs for that:)

  • I get tired after 2 waffles because it’s too sweet... I wonder how long he’ll last

  • Anybody else find it uncomfortable to watch him eat...yet you still do

  • U have no clue how hungry I am

  • Eleven:eat eggos Hoper:food first 10 minutes later Eleven:wears my eggos Mat:OOPS...

  • Ok how are u still skinny ?????????

  • 1kg oats oatmeal eating challenge when???

  • 8:26 Wait what did he just say?

  • So are we just not gonna talk about the song or.......

  • Eleven in stranger things season 4

  • 0 türk var ya bune

  • Who eats there pancakes with a full container of syrup Matt stonie is the an saw proof is on the video

  • Matt: I'mma make a bunch on eggo waffles Power outage: ight I'mma head out

  • Where is jj virgin?

  • You know guys Despacito has 6.8billion viwers i am just shoked when i see the viewers😱😱😱😱😱

  • i don't understand how he pulls such a skinny body holy, i'm here strugling, the worls ain't fair :c

  • Porque siempre tienen fotos ridículas como Q W E R T Y U I O P A S D F G H J K L Ñ Z X C V B N M Ahhhhh no se crean mentira ✌😂❤

  • Eleven who?

  • no one cares about you’re “eleven comments” no one cares about that show

  • BRUHhhhhhhffyefgiojbrr

  • It’s 96 waffle 😂😂

  • Eleven would beat this challenge in less than 10 seconds

  • RIP aunt jemima

  • Aunt Jemima.. racist

    • Go back to Facebook and get your head out of your ass

  • Whats that music 4:45 starts ??

  • There 96 waffles

  • Dude he was eating like spamming 🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇🧇

  • Be careful with that aunt jemima syrup. Might get labeled a racist lol

  • does matt ever get full

  • me when im late for school:

  • Random person 100 years ago: “In 100 years, we will do great things. We will break our limits.” 100 years later Matt: “today I am going to try and beat me old record by eating 100 eggos in less than 36 minutes.”

  • Matt: 50 eggo in 4 min Me: Please Matt eat slowly.. I worried

  • Eleven where do you live

  • Eleven has entered the chat

  • How does he not have type 2 diabetes

  • Thats alot of toasters

  • C une honte. Ya pleins de gens qui meurt de faim et tu fais des vidéos ou tu bouffe comme un gros porc. Honte à toi

  • 5:12 me when i suck dick

  • Eleven:EGGOOOOOOOS GIVE MEEE (stranger things)

  • Oh no he ate them with his bare hands I can feel how sticky it is eewwwwwwww

  • Ağzın doluyken çıkardığın sesler öğürme mi yoksa geğirme mi

  • This reminds me of the movie cone heads

  • “Eleven” steals the eggos with her power and beats the reacord

  • Eleven would probably mad at you


  • Matt:Let’s kick some eggo ass “sad Eleven noises”

  • Imagine been his wife having to watch the entire time

  • When I saw him put aunt Jemima syrup I was like NOOOOOO put the real stuff it taste better. I know it cost more where he is but it's worth it

  • I love how he flex’s his toasters in the background

  • Not gonna lie the maple syrup on your hands made me uncomfortable

  • I have just one simple question ☝🏻 How come you are not gaining any extra weight?? If I would eat so much I’ll be dead already😬

  • where's the milk. jk

  • What do eggos tastes like - from a Irish person

  • I feel bad for him he almost threw up a lot of times

  • They can’t leggo your eggo if here isn’t any eggo to leggo

  • *diabetes joined the chat* *stomach leaved the chat* *diabetes is now the admin* *heart attack joined the chat* *heart attack is typing*

  • Others try beating other challenger.. Matt trying to beat his older self challenger...