100% WINRATE WITH THIS SECRET COMP!? | Teamfight Tactics Set 2 | TFT | League of Legends Auto Chess

čas přidán 4. 12. 2019
Did Disguised Toasts stumble upon a 100% winrate secret comp in TFT. Should he reveal it or keep it to himself...? Enjoy some more Teamfight Tactics Set 2 Action!
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  • PeeGaming

  • I got an ad with Gordon Ramsay. It's the first time I didn't skip a skippable ad

  • Btw, when i started to play TFT i did this comp.

  • how old are u

  • I try this comp and its fucking OP!

  • Played this comp twice - won both. Hard forced them both times. Just econ and only level up or roll a bit when you're above 50 gold and you should cruise into top 4, atleast. Be careful on ocean maps though because a lot of people are going 4 Ocean 3 Mages there. EDIT: 3/3 now. Thanks Toast :)

  • nie działa wypierdalaj

  • What website is that? I run mage/ocean/mountain, if you can get 3*s its gg.

  • GAY

  • It's going to take more than mountain and a Taric to keep your brand alive on Facebook gaming

  • tft 2k19 suck kiedys bylo lepsze z dravenem itd a teraz SSIE

  • This was your biggest clickbait. Congratz son

  • What is the page where you see the compositions?

  • Secret comp; ocean mage based

  • someone has a link to that website?

  • LMAO..Secret Comp? its on Mobalytics as a Malphon Brando, i play it from start 2.13

  • Had a blast watching you, definitely my favorite tft player, btw here is the pic if someone's needs it i.redd.it/jnvju4943u041.png

  • ppl playing card games smh

  • cs-tv.org/tv/video-CMXcvzaGKRU.html

  • I WAS ALREADY SPAMMING THE HELL OUT OF THIS! Such coincidence i swear it

  • I just tried this exact comp and got 1st place too with similar build paths, push level 7, skip level 8 ASAP. Won against 6xlights (2nd) and poison preds (3rd).

  • yet still no 8 in all star toast hehe

  • THANK you for sharing this.. Finally climbing

  • just smoked a joint, saw ur video and did exactly the same as u and won for the first time lmao

  • «Everyone's knocked up»🤰🏻


  • 26:43 Baby dragon learning to fly with the help of its parents

  • Go blade killer

  • grrr stop uploading videos on the builds i like but no one doeees

  • Not really secret, I played an almost identical team yesterday and I had an opponent that I was playing against in that same game playing a similar one. 4 ocean, 3 mages with a beefy front is pretty meta.

  • Renekton is legit just a reskinned Darius from the old set.

  • How is this hidden OP, this has been my go to comp

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • Wells, it is really hard to reach to lv9

  • My boy was really concerned about posting this video or not just because he said he copied a comp

  • This same exact thing happened to me earlier today went ocean mages and got like 6 recurves

  • Berserkers with attack speed Olaf with hand of justice and inferno element map =free win

  • First a bear and now a crocodile? You reprobate.

  • So many of these comments are so "special" because of all of the normies from facebook. And btw, what the hell is a star? Is that like bits?

  • Currently on a 4-win 1st place with this comp, it´s hella risky going full eco early on but i just find a good unit to stack untill i get a brand and play of that meanwhile

  • its so annoying when i see people using your strats in games.. ANNOYING!

  • game is ruined now -_- ty

  • Lux : cristal > janna: trash

  • I tried this out for two games now and won both.I had almost this comp in the final stage. Except: Game 1: I got a force and happened to find zed 2 while rolling for taric 2 so I just put him in to have a champ that could use all the ad-items i picked up. I also used Vlad instead of Syndra. The other finalist was a classic 4 ocean, 6 mage(mage spat annie, no Leblanc), 3 infernal. 3-star Veigar that stacked the items. Game 2: I found early lux so I added her instead of Janna. The other finalist was 4glacial(Ez, Olaf, Voli, ww), 3berserker(mundo), 3poison(singed, twitch), 4ranger(kindred, ashe).

    • Edit: played two more time. Game 3: I had a bad start for mages and should probably have gone a different comp. Tried to force it and got 7th. Game 4: I got mage cap on last rotation and decided to switch to 6 mages, I kept a veig 2 on the bench all game and never sold any of the ocean mages. I kept Malph and Nami in and took out Janna, Taric and put the cap on Nami. Then I found infernal lux and switch out the Nami. It was super GG, even against two mage counters in the end.

  • 4 Ocean Taric is the nuts!

  • It works XD, especially with GA on tarric with 2 stars, btw HB

  • i just tryd it after waching 1st place

  • i use this comp for 1,5 weeks now, its a really good comp indeed.

  • secret comp my ass

  • thanks Toast! tried this comp. absolute cheat!

  • alright, after i started using this comp... i got a 80% top 3 and 40% first place out of 25 games. This is not a secret comp ANYMORE!! it is just too op.

  • Happy birthday Toast🎊🎊🎉

  • i struggled to win a game last 2 days, using this comp i just won 3 games in a row. that's so broken in low elo ranked! ps: used spatola on malphite made him mage, with veigar too i had 6 mages

  • bro. take this off. this is a secret haha. And thank you so much

  • Happy belated bday

  • permastunners? these are a no brainer tbh.

  • Hey disguised toast I got a 21-22 win streak using druid, woodland dessert team comp.. Sad thing is I lost. Gah

  • The second after I finished this vid I went ranked. Tried this comp, hit perfect Brand 2 with morello gunblade and dbltear when i was 8 and 9 hp. Won from there. Lol

  • 8/10 times you wont even make it to raptors if you force this.

    • 8/10 times i get first place with it

  • Not very secret now is it #,#