1239HP Toyota SUPRA 2JZ 360° on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL

čas přidán 16. 06. 2021
1239HP Toyota SUPRA 2JZ 360° on AUTOBAHN by AutoTopNL
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  • I'm super impressed, not because of the insane acceleration, but because of how stable it is over 300 km/h

  • WHOA GUYS!!!! THIS 360° IS AWESOME I LOVED IT A LOT!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!🙂🥳

  • I can watch this all day, every day. What a masterpiece, what a sound!

  • Muito rápido !!!!! Ótimo jeito de filmar 360° perfeito !!!!!! Um abraço aqui de Niterói RJ BRASIL

  • 1:04 What a legend! Driving 260 km/h and still checking his mirror if he can switch lane 👌

    • in germany you should do it even at 260 (bikes and other 1000hp cars)

    • @Eskimo Dota 2 I know. I have driven the autobahn several times (as I live nearby, in The Netherlands). But still quite funny to see someone checking his mirror at these speeds. I've driven 230km/h there and I still got taken over by an Audi. Did you know they are removing the no-speed-limits there in the near future?

    • @Kevin de Groot they won't. There would be riots here if they did.

    • @HenneSSy R.-T. i wouldnt be so sure about that. i would like it to stay unlimited, but more and more people are against it. the loudest ones, are the electric drivers. i hope it doesnt happen.. 10 years ago, i would place money on the fact that it wont change in the near future, nowadays i wouldnt dare to take that bet.

  • Loving the 360° View this is probably as close to the Autobahn I'll ever get. 😂

  • This guy shifts the gears like at the last time in his life. I appreciate this. 🙏

  • The turbo sound is insane.

  • Gotta do more of these 360° videos. I loved having my own perspective while you drove

  • Loving the 360. The back window view is epic.

  • New era. New experience. 360 was good for this amazing car :) Nice job.

  • Acceleration is incredible !!! Love the 360 view too

  • Insane when the boost kicks in

    • First and second are slipping under boost

    • At 6500rpm 🤣🤣

    • Yeah, he definitely has big balls. I would sh*t my pants driving that supra lol Imagine putting down that kind of power without the aero and chassis stiffness of a lambo/ferrari, it’s just insane

    • @evelillac Im half half german half american. A lot of germans got this in there genes, they lite-rally- have a race mode.

  • Amazing machinery , and a serious pilot 👊

  • 1200hp Porsche 9ff: "Finally, a worthy opponent"

    • That Supra would destroy the Porsche 9ff with facts. Plenty of proof everywhere. And 1239HP for the 2JZ is nothing.

    • @Cor Pro im not sure tbh, that 9ff weights nothing and has almost the same amount of power as this supra. It for sure would annihilate the supra on the track and probably beat it on a strip as well

    • @Sukhorukov Dmitry порш крут, но с супрой ему не сравниться 😉

    • @Cor Pro i don’t think so

  • I loved the 360° it was a really fun experience thanks loved the car Btw

  • MK4 Supra is never old, especially for the sound itself. This car is still damn't my fav until now. 🔥

  • This is one of the most epic CS-tv videos I've seen. Amazing 👏🏻

  • When the speedo is almost as fast as the revs, you know it's friggin fast

  • First time that I feel a 'real' Inmersion in car driving without playing a videogame, or driving my own car on the street LOL. hope you continue posting 360 vids!

  • Oh thanks guys for letting me participate in the Supra ride via your video. It was a great experience!

  • Dont think 9ff stands a chance... Thank you for the videos, always with the most crazy cars to entertain us🙌🙌🇵🇹

  • I have a 95 Supra Turbo with 1/2 the power hehe, but this 360 view is quite incredible. Thank you!

  • Completely loved it ❤️😍

  • i love how well-edited this video is. Notice how often the km-counter is so different everytime they switch video. XD

  • I'd watch 6 hour version of this video 🙌

  • That sounds like 10,000 rpm!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Good job, do more videos in this format please, thank you.

  • The view from the back window is insane, warp speed

  • That sound!!!! 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • I love the 360 degree view 👍 need more of this 👌

  • That 200 to 260kmh is just mindboggling

  • That speed needle must be begging 😂, love the old supra vs new , that boost kick in gave me chills everytime you accelarate. And i keep watching the speedometer lol

  • For me one of the best sounds!! No pops ans bangs needed!! Love it. Make it screaaaaaammmmm 🤩🤩

  • Idk about y'all but I felt the speed when he was speeding

    • Speeding implies you're breaking the law... Das ist Deutschland Baby!

  • Wow incredible performance great exhaust

  • I don't know what I love more: The heavy breathing of the turbos, or the color pattern on the backseats :D

  • Insane 4th gear grind at 360 degrees @0:46

  • Ah yes, clutch kicking and missing gears, very good driving.

  • It even has a speedometer and rev-counter in the back seat!!

  • Absolutely crazy in the best way possible.

  • The sound when you change gears 😯💪👍

  • Only thing I missing is that G force.

  • The point is at speed how his speedo meter needle working like rpm meter its freaking awesome 🔥🔥🔥

  • Supercars: meh, I’ll watch it later. Mk4 Supra: INSTANT CLICK!

  • 0:46 i gotta say, with the missed change, i was expecting something to go boom. absolute animal of a car all the same. 2:07 cooking the tires at 140 k's (86 mph) is just mental lol

    • The funny thing is that on the bottom left text it says “experienced driver” and that was a big lie lol

    • @QuailsAreFat i jest of course. max is a pretty good driver. i think we have all missed a gear in our driving adventures. my friend missed one in his gallardo, i thought it would destroy the engine, but the rev limiter prevented that.

  • muito lindo

  • lol finally i can feel how its like to pass a car at high speed :,)

  • I never drove something like this but isnt it bad if you always hit the rev limiter? Isnt it better to install a shift light that lights up 500rpm before you hit the limiter. With that you could always shift early enough to avoid hitting the limiter every time. Cant be healthy for the engine.

  • whoaaaa i can feel the acceleration through the screen

  • Yes yes yes. More of this please. Thank you. 👍

  • I like this, never seen a 360 video like this before.

  • WTF that thing pulls like a fright train 😍 I whould like to drive one 💪

  • That's violent. Best sounding car ever!

  • You can't fathom that speedometer being correct. But it probably is. Hot damn... that's fast.

    • I mean it does have 1239HP.

    • ​@Daedalus True, but seeing a HP number, and the reality of it are two different things.

    • @Daedalus 1239HP for a Supra is ''nothing.'' The 2JZ can take way more.

  • I like how he is going ~300km/h and still keeps in the right lane because autobahn

  • Come on that sound !!!! The turbo is singing, this car is a torpedo, it is sooo awesome

  • I mean… that's brutal ... that's insane

  • Finally a true manual transmission!

  • Bro it's something about a 9,500~ rpm 2jz that really hits different 😳

  • ‘When the speedometer moves quicker than the Rev counter’.... I think that’s my new definition of fast.

    • Yeaah. Though it's more related to how long the speedo is and the relacion of transmission. I mean a JDM Honda civic with the old 180km/h speedo will move faster than the 500km/h chiron

  • I used my VR glasses. This was way too realistic. Felt like i was sitting in the back seat.

  • damn that’s fucking fast this mans living the best life😭

    • Yes, it is a crazy life. But never forget: 1 big mistake and it is over

    • @Mische2k that is deep

  • the view with the speedo up there is dope

  • Now that's a beast😎

  • Brutal Acceleration .....Great👍👍

  • I think this might be the best video you've ever uploaded🙌

  • Absolutely insane now, but imagine that 20 years ago...

    • Are there people modifying this thing to 1000hp 20 years ago? I'm not sure

  • Without watching i know its gonna be a banger!


  • if just the camera was a little bit higher this would be the best car experience/video ever !!!!!

  • dude this is freaking awesome

  • I love the sound of those 2jz engines 😩😫😫

  • Has anyone tried max speed on these crazy Supras? Do you think it would do 400kph ?

  • That sound!

  • Man!!!! That thing is gnarly... 👊🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • I can't explore my happiness to watch this in vr😍

  • Wow, it is really pushing hard

  • The real scary part was that he never went into boost on the sixth gear

  • That boost on 2:23

  • THANK YOU!!! I needed this in my life!!!

  • Best part is him watching on his left to see if anyone is passing him 🤣🤣

  • Thank you for the 360° view. . Feels like I'm a passenger 👍👍

  • Les supra sont incroyable 🤯👍🚀🚀🚀

  • Omg the backwards view 😍

  • Классный подрыв после 8000.

  • YES finally I can take a look at the back, you even put the speed there, amazing.

  • Insane how it goes to 300km/h

  • Tuned old sports cars are so cool!

  • JESUS CHRIST!!!! That is fast :-) love it!!! :-)

  • Amazing!! Thanks for this video!!

  • WE NEED MORE 360 degrees!!!!!!

  • Thats brutal man. WTF is that acceleration. :D

  • Damn it fells awesome to be in a supra

  • Great sound. You need the speed so people don't notice them seates lol..

  • 0:55 when he misses a shift my heart fell

  • This Engine is a Art

  • That car is legit 💯

  • If the speedometer is spinning like tachometer, you know it's supra. The God of street cars.

  • That shift when he lowers by accident