13 Types of People During Christmas: Funny Relatable Situations and Christmas Pranks

čas přidán 6. 12. 2019
Are you as excited about Christmas as we are?! Perhaps you are preparing for the annual Santa hunt? Is your house filled with Christmas decorations in early November? Or maybe you are that person that always sleeps for too long and is the last to open the presents? Discover what type of celebrator you are and stay tuned to see all these and more funny types of people and relatable situations during Christmas time!
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00:17 The Overly Excited
01:08 The Santa Catcher
02:54 The Foodie
04:05 The Early Bird
05:04 The Grinch
06:04The Messy Gift Opener
06:52 The Early Decorator
07:43 The Singer
08:52 The Competetive Gifter
10:08 The Oversleeper
11:34 The Bad Gift Wrapper
12:33 The Cryer
14:04 The Christmas Tree Police
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