15 Cool Slime DIYs / Slime Hacks Everyone Should Know!

čas přidán 18. 11. 2018
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Do you like different slimes? We're adore them all! So today we decided to make a real slime party! What we needed for this? Watch in our new Troom Troom video just now!
Supplies and tools:
• Stationery glue
• Colorings
• Acrylic paints
• Borax
• Baking soda
• Water
• Liquid soap
• Cornstarch
• Vegetable oil
• Flat box
• Marker
• Printed image of a blot
• White glue
• Shaving foam
• Baby powder
• Hand cream
• Straw
• Plastic bowl with lid
• Hubba Bubba label
• Nail polish remover
• Slime glue
• Shampoo
• Body spray
• Gel laundry detergent
• Nail foil
• Glitter
• Clear zip file bag
• Tablet case
• Parchment paper
• Iron
• Hot glue gun
• String of sequins
• Embellishments
• Glow-in-the-dark paint
• Detachable ball
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Question of the Day: what weird slime hacks you’ve ever encountered? Comment Below!
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  • I thought you had no nail Polish removeu and I want To make bubblegum slime

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  • What the hell is thickener?! It's called slime activator or activator. This is why I find this channel smart but dumb

  • What the hell is thickener?! It's called slime activator or activator. This is why I find this channel smart but dumb

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