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Let's make fall awesome together! I bet you'll agree that fall is a great time to cancel that gym membership. I'm not advocating that you skip exercising, though. Instead, I'm recommending that you get your exercise by biking, hiking, running or, yes, raking leaves. Fall weather is cool but generally not freezing. So cancel that gym membership until winter rolls around. You can renew once the icicles show up.
Sure, you'll spend a bit of money upfront for weather-stripping to weatherproof your home's windows and doors. You might also have to shell out some money to spray extra installation in your attic and seal up any leaks in your walls. But spending this money now will save you during the coldest months of the upcoming winter season. Weatherproofing your home now will result in lower energy bills in December and January.
You know what's even more fun and easy? Waterproof shoes. Find out how to do it right here 0:30 !

1:19 Comfy mat
2:15 Crafty hands
4:38 Cinnamon candles
5:27 Frozen wine
6:28 Herbal tea recipes

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  • Autumn came, and it is the perfect time for cozy gatherings with tea and a book or guests 🍂 😌 At 6:27 we share with you the five most delicious tea options for all occasions! By the way, what kind of tea do you like most?

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    • Resultado do jogo de hoje e do bicho de hoje

  • What we can do if you have no umbrella in emergency

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