15 Ways to Sneak Snacks into the Plane!

čas přidán 1. 08. 2020
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Going on vacation but don't want to get hungry on a long flight? We have a couple of life hacks for such cases!
Supplies and tools:
• Gum
• Food coloring
• Press-on nails
• Honey
• Spray bottle
• Plastic lunchbox
• Cup lid
• Marker
• Scissors
• Donuts
• Headphones
• Ziploc bag
• Skittles
• Food coloring
• Face mask
• Double sided tape
• Travel pillow
• Marshmallows
• Orange gelatin
• Blister pack
• Pipette
• Foil
• Hot glue gun
• Fishing line
• Needle
• Gummy bears
• Cap
• Velcro
• Fabric
• Cardboard roll
• Soft bottle
• Gauze
• Soft cheese
• Ice cream scoop
• Ping pong ball
• Hand sanitizer
• Tortilla
• Knife
• Salami
• Plastic wrap
• Case
• Travel kit bottle
• Ketchup
• Mustard
• Sprite
• Gingerbread dough
• Rolling pin
• White glaze
• Silver edible pearl dust
• Belt
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  • She just said boo bs.lol

  • I think trigger insane must rost these 👍

  • Microwave gum.

  • How To Lose Braincells And Smuggle Drugs.

  • Why do you want sneak snacks on the airplane when they sell snacks on the airplane

  • You are making fun of the disabled.

  • This is so stupid like you can bring food into the plane after you go through the scanner there shops for food and drinks and there airplane food

  • You guys realize that you can get food in an airplane, what you cannot get inside a plane is liquids, and it is actually illegal and you could even get arrested (in some states), and even if you had the liquid hidden you would have to pass through the high tech X-ray machines that can detect everything even if you have gum in your mouth or even inside another part of your body that is commonly used to hide illegal stuff, and when they discover you, you can get arrested for hiding things from the security, in some countries or/and states they take this really seriously

  • We r living in 2020 not pre 2000

  • I think I would hide mine well I have this like um This thing that you can like not see through and then I might I think I would hide in there so yeah I love you that and I like to watch like Truman Truman and 123 go like all all the time all very guys June June spelled wrong again OK like I know you guys are very very very rich so I like you guys


  • I think they were wrong about the word snack with drugs.

  • Even if u did these “hacks” TSA would find them.


  • this video is only relevant because of memeulous.

  • That person is wearing the facemask wrong at 2:57 😑


  • That is so cool

  • 9:47 was that his middle finger

  • was the gingerbread belt dude packing or just smuggling snacks in his underwear?

  • The thumbnail made it look like Cocain

  • In my pants


  • how get caught by airport security because your that tempted to bring food onto a plane when you can just go through security then buy anything you want

  • *9:47** did the baseball guy just point the middle finger to the security guard ?*

  • If you go to the newest comments, most of them will be stupid....

  • 💝💖💖💖💖💖💝💝💝

  • 💖💝💖

  • I like how much effort the guy with the belt put into smuggling in a snack he can eat in like ten seconds

  • 2:38 how in the actual f is she having to smuggle food into the airport in elaborate ways but she’s able to legally bring a lighter on board.

  • What if there’s a guard dog

  • Good job

  • ❤️


  • 2:23 *bruh you just scanned her how cant u see*

  • but you’re allowed to bring snacks on airplanes-

  • Why can’t they bring food but they can bring a lighter HOWWW

  • Don’t.

  • YALL GUY FOLLOW THE RULES IMA FOLLOW THE RULES WHAT ABOUT YALL!? Edit 1:tysm to the likes I appreciate it :) Edit 2:idiot theres 0 likes bruh Edit 3:don't fight :|

  • 5:32 lol

  • U could just put a bag of crips in ur backpack but k waste ur time dissecting a perfectly fine pair of headphones so u can sMuGgle 2 donuts

  • These things and allowed in aeroplanes

  • theres free food on the airplane if is breastfast or lunch

  • Why make this vid during the rona

  • step 1. steal a baby and pretend its yours step 2. get an empty baby powder tube step 3. h̴i̴d̵e̵ ̸t̵h̴e̸ ̷"̴s̵p̸e̵c̵i̴a̷l̶ ̵s̴u̷g̴a̷r̸"̸ ̵i̵n̵ ̸t̵h̷e̸ ̷t̷u̷b̶e̸ step 4. get past security and into the plane step 5. **sniff**


  • This is just pointless like you are literally allowed snacks on a plane This video will make me loose my brain cells😂

  • Y’all killed every brain cell I have, I really hope y’all aren’t this idiotic in real life


  • you have great video

  • this got me on some sort of watchlist I'm sure

  • P

  • 4:22

  • I sure do love hairy gummy bears

  • The best thing ever 💋 have a best day

  • here from Joinen :P who else?

  • What country is this? Even if your popcorn went off they wouldn't call security, they'd probably just laugh.

    • @_Pawlissimo troom troom living in a different planet

    • how did the popcorn even pop in such a low temperature?

  • Thank you. I now know how to sneak “food” onto a plane

  • thank you! i will be able to smuggle tons of c4.. i mean food onto a plane now !!!!

  • yep i like this

  • Girl: I can’t live without headphones Me: until your phone dies xD

  • hoppe this works for guns

  • Ok

  • This isn't 15 ways how to sneak food on an airplane it's 15 ways how to sneak drugs on an airplane

  • "I would rather have no burger than have hair burger" Memeulous 2020

  • 5:23 for those here for thumbnail lol

  • You can bring them but your not supposed to bring it on plane only in your bag or luggage

  • What is the purpose of these hacks. You should not be going to an airport during coronavirus.

  • There saying that u can’t take marshmallows into a plane , but u can sneak lighters into a plane??? :/

  • The title is misleading it should be 15 ways to smuggle drugs on a plane

  • Drug Trafficking made easy by 15 hacks.

  • You know someone could just use one of these to transport Drugs and the first crappy hack a security guard wouldn’t open a bag that a bang cane from he’d have to call a domb squad in and redirect the crew so get your facts right

  • 15 ways to sneak food in the cafeteria

  • I’m surprised how degenerate-free this comment section is, I expected far worse.

  • anyone here from memelous?

  • Theyre just trying to help you smuggle drugs

  • Your Chanel is very bad troom troom 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒

  • Alternate title: How to sneak drugs into the plane

  • This is literally so stupid

  • Omg that was actually the thumbnail I thought that was a r/tihi vid 😂 lol!

  • this channel is teaching kids how to sneak drugs in a airport

  • This is illegal you know?

  • I had not gone a plane before sadily

  • Bruh they alowed food in a airport

  • You can’t do this because you might teach little kids How to sneak food into plan because they will get in trouble and go to jail and got killed they will because of you guys there are 10 people I saw who got a rested in jail no matter kids are sold them and they got in big trouble and go to jail because of you troom troom whatever

  • Are we trying to get bees 🐝 for just food 🥘

  • Dude you are aloud home food in the plane bruh

  • 8:49 the quit kid be like

  • Rebecca zamolo on CS-tv with Chad wild clay and Steve and gray shoe and other CS-tvrs

  • Hihihi

  • not one person in the comments has taken the video seriously

  • The thing is you can buy food after you go through security in an airport so this is the dumbest video I’ve ever seen

  • don't do this you will get in serious trouble

  • How to sneak food on the plane, GO TO DUTY FREE

  • Anyone here from daz🤣

    • Keep but daz hat a different version Troom troom haves multiple videos for airplane

  • Imagine ppl trying this. LMAOO

  • Please report this video with me for “promoting terrorism”

  • This is one of this things you keep to yourself if you want it to keep working. 13m views? Oh yeah, at least one airline has seen it. Good job, you played yourself

  • Can you do a how to sneak a gun into the airport