15 year old goes car shopping

čas přidán 12. 01. 2023
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    • Kid is taking that hellcat to do a takeover act a fool

    • Seen this clip while taking a shit 5 minutes turned into 15 😂😂

    • I love the "he's abused by his parents, neglected" 😂😂😂 Also, side note, to help him raise his credit score, have him take out a loan, hold onto it, repay half of it half a week before the payment is due, then return the rest on the due date, this causes it to count as 2 payments and can help raise credit score

    • I was shopping on Craigslist for my first vehicle. 1994 Ford Ranger 🤣🤣🤣

    • Even in that video u dont see wich car he gets

  • "Keep dreaming baby" man I'm dead 💀

    • Lmao

    • @Weston Lord bro took it serious

    • @Weston Lord ✝️❤️‍🔥🔥🙏🏼

    • ​@RENSEN it spoke for everyone bro it needed no other comment we were all thinking it when we came here 🤣🤣🤣

  • Salesman is a G.

    • probably GM or owner

    • @hikisan hahah never fails to make people mad like you

    • He is Owner G

  • That fucking dude, the sales man “I came up with Ds and now I got the whole god damn place don’t feel too much pressure dawg” fuck yeah, my man’s a real one

  • Bens got that salesman personality. All the right jokes, imma start taking notes

    • If you have to take notes it won't work lol

    • @jack jack lmfao facts

    • Noticed

    • He deadass serious no jokes 😂

    • ​@DívíñéDrøpś ツ it fully rhymed

  • my grades determined if i would get dinner or not 💀

    • ​@Michael Bellamy my fam

    • My grades didn't matter. Only if I worked hard in my dad's cabinet shop. They "homeschooled" me for middle school but I didn't do any school work. Just worked in his cabinet shop.

    • 😂

    • 😂😂😂😂

    • Lmfao

  • That salesman gave that kid the best advice he could possibly hear

    • Pray your born into a rich family

    • @Jake Q then they chose the wrong job 💀

    • He basically said he inherited the place no hard work needed.

    • What that daddy's money will take of him he ain't gotta try? That's all I heard. Make your kids work for their shit I'm surrounded by these types of people not a single one isn't in debt to their ears or can do shit for themselves.

  • Giving a 16-year-old a hellcat is very crazy.

    • @Samuel Burton "hug" your slow, read the title.

    • @jo jealousy is tough

    • @jo hah!

    • @Jonathan schellinger Hands always out eh?

    • @T Mayorca Your grammar is having a seizure

  • What a modest young man all he wants is a hellcat and his own private island

    • @Russell Brown That's a great truck dude 👌. I've been looking around for a little 4 wheel drive Ford Ranger

    • @AverageMute I got a 94 b2300 Mazda pickup

    • I got given a 2003 xterra. 208k miles an not a thing wrong with it. Had it for 4 years too. The best cars are free bro lol.

    • By a 15yo a hellcat, you might as well buy a coffin along with it

  • ‘My son Aaron…’ ‘His parents are very abusive’ 💀

  • "don't be too pressured dawg" og shit fr

    • You can skip 80% of classes and not do any homework or show up for quizzes and tests and still pass.

    • I think from always school doesn’t determine the success of some person, there’s people with straight A’s all the time and then get out of school and don’t get shit

    • @Enoch its not true youll see better days soon enough

    • You can only get by as a mediocre person if your parents were above average people

    • @Christian Lilavoisnahh you got that shit its cake walk made it this far , years almost over big homie

  • my dad gave me an old bonneville when I started driving. Fast forward, when I graduated college, we went car shopping and he co-signed n put 10% down on a brand new 2006 325i BMW… he didn’t say anything but it was his way of saying congratulations. He ended up passing away before my first son was born in 2018… Appreciate those around you because a car can always be replaced. ❤

    • I had a '66 bonneville. What a cruiser. Loved that car.

    • @Jae O Felonycongrats on graduating

    • @Naru 'Sanav that would be false because I’m still driving my 2006 BMW with almost 207.5K miles on it, but that’s just me 👍

    • I would've kept the Bonneville, honestly. More reliable at higher mileage than the BMW. But, that's just me.

  • Back in my day, my A’s didn’t determine anything for me. We weren’t gifted anything for having good grades. Just another day.

  • “A rat , a cat a something” words to live by 😂

    • @I Am A God!.. So Are You! The snake, the rat, the cat, the dog How you gon' see him if you living in the fog? The snake, the rat, the cat, the dog How you gon' see him if you living in the fog? The snake, the rat, the cat, the dog How you gon' see him if you living in the fog? The snake, the rat, the cat, the dog How you gon' see him if you living in the fog?

    • @Ray Brozzodmx 😈

    • @Arshdeep Singh ofc singhh❤️

    • Fellow Turbanator 🙌🏼

    • You never can tell these days

  • Must be nice to just get a Hellcat from his Dad.

  • My grades determined whether or not I was still going to be considered a member of my family

  • Ben said, "Keep Dreaming"....bahahahaha!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    • 😂😂😂

    • Very funny as he buys him a 75k car...

    • BRO ahahhaahahahha

    • Looked at the Royce and I about had a heart attack 😂

    • @PaOkArA you as well lmao 😂

  • Damn, my parents never offered anything like this. Man must be nice to be brought up with rich parents.

  • Ben is the master hustler he knows the system and works it baby.

  • “Dont be pressured dawg” I wanna meet this gentleman so bad🤣🤣

    • On me

    • @Gabriel Castro Some fathers go overboard and there’s a fine line. My father was hard as hell on me but our relationship is great now and I’m doing well for myself. He only used the belt once!

    • @Hollywood he was indeed. But everything has Its prices. My relationship with my father was hard, we spent 3 years without speaking with each other. Good man, now I understand, but as a teen, I hated the man.

    • @Gabriel Castro looks like he was successful!

    • @Rodney Brown ???

  • I seen this. He didn’t get the hell cat he wanted but got the scat pack. Good work kid! Congratulations

  • The waffle house has found its new host

  • A “D” student owns an entire dealership. Probably not his only one. He’s got enough cash that Ben genuinely asked him for a loan of $100 million. Unreal

    • ​@Peaceistheanswer27 "c'mon bro you know I'm illiterate. Can you spell it out in crayons and apple sauce??"

    • ​@doja well said.

    • @Peaceistheanswer27 each day, he collects $100,000 in rent 😏

    • @Mr. Fox a car dealership will definitely make you a millionaire

  • i like working for my stuff. feels better when you get something you’ve been working for and not just handed to you cuz you asked for it

    • @Erick Mendoza I don’t think the kid needs your defending if his parents have money like that. They don’t care about you, they won’t give you a handout, give it up.

    • Just because your dad never got you anything doesn’t mean you have to hate on those who do.

  • The Pancake House has found its new host

  • “This is My dream car” Oh yeah, keep dreamin’ baby 😂🤣😅

  • He's got a comedian's voice, radio voice, something.

  • “This is my dream car” “Well keep dreaming baby” 💀💀

  • a 16 year old with a hellcat he’ll be balling just hold off till his 18th for that red key😂

    • @cheech exactly my thoughts and I'm 21 that kid's gonna crash into his school😂

    • ​@jacob carter get him a civic or an old man car. Never get anything brand new

    • ​@Chase Kurtz the 15 year old dont got a beard

  • Good way to teach your child how to get a job, work hard and save money to get what you want. Just give it to them.

  • Bruh my grades got me a firm handshake.

  • You’ll never know what this said.

  • the waffle house has found its new host

  • well my grades determined whether imma be humiliated or neglected💀

  • This is sweet. I bet he's a fun dad.

  • honestly this is my dream car "keep dreaming baby"🤣

  • Loved the keep dreaming baby 😂

  • When your dad is that funny, the car doesn't matter, its the time, experience, and life lessons that make it. Man, you're lucky. Just on that social side alone.

  • This is the biggest "Dad's Sunday Cookout" energy I've seen in a video all week, and I'm here for it. Have a great day, y'all.

  • Definitely should start him out with the v6 or 5.7 R/T. The 300-375 crank horsepower range is the perfect Starting place to learn how to drive higher horsepower rear wheel drive cars.

  • At that age a Rolls would be safer since he won't be driving fast and reckless in it like he will be in the Hellcat.

    • @Travis And then he should drop all of his earnings into turning that civic into a monster

    • Or hear me out. You could get him a 2010 Honda civic because the chances he totals it within a year is obscenely high and he has zero need for anything that can even go above 100

    • @Travis Oke Karin.

    • @Daniël yea we could all fake it till we make it. When the boy is dead in a car crash then it's too late.

    • @Abner Rosado they are pretty fast. Just people who buy them don’t tend to do track days believe it or not

  • dad just admitted he's abusive, amazing

    • you are so sensitive bruh he's clearly joking around 🤦‍♂️

  • "My son Aaron" "his parents are very abusive" 💀💀

  • This kid honestly is the ONLY offspring of a famous youtuber that ive ever seen that deserves it AND MORE. He does so much for his dad and NEVER COMPLAINS!! I hope I have a kid like him when I have kids. BUY HIM A DAMN ROLLS BEN!!!

    • ​@Staple_Boi facts get him an rx7 or something and put a kit on there. He will be talk of the school for sure

    • @Kugelblitz and he'll be cooler at school regardless. Kids love jdm cars nowadays. At least they thought they were cool at my highschool. He'd get hella clout at his school

    • ​@Overly Baked fr. Not gonna be safe driving a fast car first anyway. Get him a Miata, they're solid cars and they're decently fast and you can modify them.

    • Doesn’t mean they deserve a hellcat or rolls, that’s just spoiling him.

    • You know he's not just a famous youtuber right..... he makes a lot more from actual business, this is just to magnify his business

  • Make him work for it and he’ll appreciate it much more

  • And here, I'm having a totally good GWA in college and my parents don't even want me to buy a shoes

  • “I came up with a D in school and run this whole place don’t worry about allat” man is valid 🤣🤣

  • Putting a brand new driver behind the wheel of a hellcat is a real good way to make sure you don’t have a son anymore.

  • This man is super hilarious

  • His son is a big boy my god lol I remember when he was small!

    • Little pudgie 21 year old going to shop for Bently's and Rolls with Ben now he's asking for one lol

    • @name damn, 16 and already drives his dad around in a rolls

    • only 16 i believe

  • Kid hoping to get some bread from daddy

  • dude sounds like Stan Lee if the pitch was lowered

  • I love the car lot owner saying he got a D and still made success. Don’t let grades tell you what you will become.

    • @Posted especially college

    • @John ebut most people don’t treat their whole life like school

    • @grod805 sad

    • His dad left him the dealer lot even when he got Ds.

    • Unless you want to become something that requires college education and beyond.

  • My grades determined whether I got my ass beat or not. So naturally, I had great grades. TBH I’m honestly thankful for it. Gotta love the south!😂

  • Man, I got a 5.0 in high school, and the only "congratulations" I got was: "You should have tried harder. You weren't valedictorian."

  • That Car Dealer definitely spitting some truth.

  • this dad gives me a strong Tony Soprano vibe and I can't figure out why

  • Lol I have done something similar to my daughter. She wanted a Nintendo switch with 10 games. I told her nothing below a B- or a game goes. She nailed it at about 7 games. Still proud.

  • He won’t be able to handle a hellcat as a first car! 😅

    • @Scott Shannon Don’t worry, I’m stacking my money by myself, moving up myself, I’m in the works, I know I work hard at work and at home. I got people depending on me. Everything you just said is so obvious, you thought you did something? I know some guy named Scott, I found on here, ain’t putting in the work I put in🤷‍♂️but hey we all know life is unfair and you seem to be a very lucky one, good for you! Hands always out eh Scott?

    • @jo someone’s projecting 😂😂 I’m sorry your parents don’t love you, but if you work smart and budget it’s not really that hard to buy the things you want. Get to work, build your credit, budget, and invest your money, and then have a good chuckle at the people who think it’s all “daddy’s money” 🤣

    • @Scott Shannon Just by your name, your parents take care of everything, don’t they😂

    • ​@Scott Shannon then you'd have to get special licenses for modified cars above certain specs and that would mean you have to register tests and such with the government which would be a bunch of legal migraines when people could also just not be stupid and make sure kids drive slow cars first.

  • That “keep dreamin baby” was too hilarious 😂😂😂

  • My grades determine if I get to live another semester 💀

  • “I came up with a D in school, and now I got the whole dam dealership” take notes on that guy !

  • Jesus... the only thing I got for good grades was not catching a beating

  • Business owner forgot to mention how his father and grandfather also owned the business generations before him.

  • Hahaha, you're a great Dad. Love the banter and it's not often a Brit can say that to a Yank.

  • Dad gives his FIFTEEN year old son a hellcat. The car is wrecked and on fire with him in the hospital within 3 weeks. Pure pressure

  • the " keep dreaming baby! " killed me

  • “Keep dreaming baby” 🤣🤣 Ben is hilarious

  • Legends says he’s still dreaming 😂😂😂

  • I couldn’t imagine my family having this much money… or wanting to buy me a brand new car with it at least..

  • A good way to teach your kids hard work is giving them a free car for doing what’s expected of them

  • my grades determine if i can stay in the house tonight or not

  • I don’t think I’ve ever heard an old rich man say “Dawg”

  • “Don’t worry if you get a C or B your in.” “That’s my dream car.” “ keep dreaming” Bro really shut him down like that😂💀

  • Don’t be to pressured dawg 💪🏼

  • Aaron is such a good kid!

  • “A rat a cat or something” that mans a walking W

  • " keep dreaming baby " - " me " - " fat poor guy " hell naahhhh man💀💀

  • A hellcat at 15!?? That'll go over perfectly fine. Perfectly into a tree that is.

  • The Waffle House has found its new host

  • W dealership owner mans said had a D and owns the whole lot… just gotta find your way in gives me sum hope 🤝

  • Well keep dreaming baby got me dying 😭💀

  • The car lot owner keeping it real with the son about grades is a total W

  • If my dad was like that I would have be a topper of my area

  • Getting a car at 15 is wild

  • “He’s asking for what? A rat a cat or something”☠️

  • “Keep dreaming baby” I felt that 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭

  • My dream car used to be the Lamborghini Diablo, followed by the Dodge Viper(nothing better than a car that's actively trying to kill you). It is now the Rezvani Vengeance. Gonna get me one of those

  • Giving a 15 year old a hellcat would be one of the most irresponsible things you could do.

  • “Who we donating to?” “ *Me* ”😂😂

  • Wish my parents loved me this much

  • Ain't no way that kid is getting an A+ in science LMAO

  • There is no reason a parent should buy their kid a Hellcat at 16. It’s almost guaranteed they will beat tf out of it, and it will have to get replaced anyway

  • Yesterday a hellcat was too much, today he's committed 😂

    • @pulsar_ Lol when I first got my license I was driving my dad’s 1971 souped up dodge van with a 450 horsepower v8 and that thing was plenty of power especially for a beginner now I have 30 years of experience with a class A CDL.

    • @Hunter Martin Yeah I went wild with my parent's minivan when I first got my license. I'd be dead if they gave me a hellcat back then.

  • This guy is a legend

  • if my future kid musters up the courage to ask for a $80k car as his first, he gonna catch an unholy backhand.

    • Make your kids the same offer my mom made me. Any car you want, but you’re paying for half of it 😂

  • The Waffle House has found it’s new host

    • Fine! What is this shit about?!

  • "You're helping a poor fat guy!" 😂😂

  • “His neglected his parents are very abusive” “who are we donating to?” “Me, he’s killing me!”

  • “Give me 100,000,000 at 3%” dead 😂💀