16,000 DAMAGE LUX EXODIA BUILD! | Teamfight Tactics Set 2 | TFT | League of Legends Auto Chess

čas přidán 19. 01. 2020
Disguised Toast seems to be facing a tough TFT opponent, but can they withstand the 16k Exodia Lux build! Enjoy some more fresh PBE Teamfight Tactics action!
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  • You will guys get corona virus when you watch this

  • I disliked because you sometimes speak like gay

  • His pronunciation of "Lunar" kinda pisses me off

  • Bro that game was epic.. i could only imagine being at 100 health the whole game just to come second lmfao

  • try 6 shadow, shadow lux, 2 seraph rabadon

  • Why malphite on thresh you lose ocean and is very good in lunar warden comp

  • Hey toast could you and scara maybe do a tft game with fans

  • the last enemy now knows what dying inside feels like lmao.

  • i

  • Toast: "all good things must come to an end" Me: "hehe, PoopSmearedBalls"

  • Gos spanish

  • cuckold

  • Last player be like "i never had a chance did I ?"

  • 9:34 999% Armor???? how would you beat that shit

  • Hey Toast, love the video, you keep me very much entertained. Could you turn on the captions, at least the automatic ones, so that I can watch your videos with the commentary when I can't play it with sound? Cheers 👍

  • Could someone explain to me what "exodia" means in this context?

  • Hey toast I love your videos and I was wondering if you could feature one of my comps pretty please! You’re awesome so I think you could figure it out buts it’s 4 wardens 4 ocean 2 lunar and 4 mystic! You go Nami, Syndra (your stacked carry), nautilus, thresh, Leona, karma, amumu, master yi, and Janna. If you could do it you’d be more than awesome love your content watched every video!!!

  • Why is it important to keep your econ over 50?

  • Make a video on level 3 lux

  • I don't understand how people find perfect musics for perfect moments


  • some 1 mad from 100 to 0


  • That Reading Rainbow reference though👌🏼

  • Do you not live with OTV anymore? Thaiwan boi

  • Giant killing XDD

  • Where is hearthstone toast :( :( :( feels sad man

  • 0:30 that players name on the top right

  • It´s hard to take the intro seriously, if everything you see is "PoopSmearedBalls" right above Toast...

  • Really nice game but you nee to stop talking away from your mic

  • Hey toast, just let you know, We are still waiting for the six woodland video :~)

  • how he got crystal buff with just lux??

  • Why is it sooooo satisfyinggg!!

  • Wait why is mine still 450% armor on 6 Wardens? Is it the old patch? Or my rank is just too low? No 6 woodland either

    • @Pedro K. ah so that's why, thank you for the information

    • it's not live yet, only in pbe

  • Had a double Rabaddon, Jeweled Gauntled Lux 2 Weeks ago. Took her a while to ramp up but once she startet blasting she dealt up to 25k damage in one round oneshooting everything. Exodia Indeed.

  • Toast do a Spellpower Volibear video! I had 2 games recently where i made Gauntlet and Rabadons on him. He does 2k crits, which one shots most targets and then resets it again. It's so fun.

  • Congrats for the 1 million subscribe ❣️👌🏻

  • looool, those health punhes

  • 6 warden, crystal, with a dragon claw, Titan's Resolve and Bramble Vest on Taric

  • PoopSmearedBalls ?????

  • You are very bad at the Game virgin

  • Where is the video of 3 star lux, mr. Meme man

  • When your Tft episodes have a better plot than season 11 of Dr.Who

  • Nice

  • Your editor deserves a better pay

  • Thats lkinda busted

  • Mage kogmaw next?

  • Remember david vs goliath

  • Exodia is in league????

  • this is the way

  • You would be a great comedian, truely

  • Dang that build at the end was perfect, just the amumu 2 was left

  • what a satisfying video to watch

  • This went from 100 to 0 real quick

  • Solely for the intro it's worth a thumbs up haha

  • could you try spell crit reksai i think that it might be fun

  • Alternative title:Female American soldier burning her poor enemies into a crisp,1945 colorized

  • damn i could relate being a 100 until I 1v1 a player with less than 30 health feels bad but i was trying out woodland lux when RotE first came out. i knew i wouldn't get 1st place with woodlands at that time but its a 1v1 but i can only hope to dream cus people said woodlands not for late game.

  • I expect a yugioh meme edited into this. Damn there wasnt any.

  • Lux is really the EXODIA. I got 6 glacial 2 lunar a while ago. A lvl 2 glacial lux with rabaddons really deletes anyone. Lols