16" MacBook Pro Review: Now Do It Again!

čas přidán 28. 11. 2019
16" MacBook Pro is an impressive bump from the problematic 15"... now do the 13!
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  • Why on earth would you shoot Red Raw for CS-tv videos? XD

  • Who else has it

  • CS-tvr tech rewiers are concerned about video editing performance and actual users don't care about it.

  • This macbook pro 16 is coming with CATALINA and we are not Able to downgrade .... this MAC OS CATALINA now with the last update 10.15.3 is the most WORST OS EVER .... Minimum 7 problems. Keyboard stoped work if your laptop is sleaping. Your mac will crack the sound all the time and pop the sound really bad if you are on 44 khz . sample rate... your display color will increase saturation and contrast so HIGH that you cant read anything. THIS IS THE MOST WORST MACBOOK EVER ( probbaly not the harddwerr ) BUT THE MOST WORST MAC OS EVER ... REALLY REALLY DISAPOINTED . DO NOT BUY IT . DO NOT BUY IT

  • So like you said, it's not the Labtop you would buy right now. If you were out shopping right now for a brand new or used Macbook Pro which one would you buy? Because I'm back and forth between the 15" models and this new 16" MacBook Pro.

  • wow... I just got a MacBook pro through sterissa12 on 1G...I didn't expect it to work but it did... so amazing

  • Would have been nice if he mentioned what his first choice was.

  • MKBHD: Give em what they want. People:Affordable iPhone Apple:LOL!!

  • Apple listen to customers?!?!?! Man...which kind of a drug u are using?! Imaginable for sure!

  • I still prefer Windows 10

  • “Holy crap level” ooh you kiss your mother with that mouth

  • Please make a video with an iPhone please ! 👍👍👌👌💐

  • No touchscreen...

  • I DON"t MIND PAYING MORE $$$ if it is worth the money in the first PLACE. But as soon as you buy a new MAC BOOK PRO even before your APPLE CARE is up, they come out with Faster newer crap ever 6 months.

  • OR RECYCLE IT FOR FREE????????????????????????????? APPLE is really getting on my last nerve. They are so MONEY HUNGRY to be the HIGHEST TRILLION $$$ COMPANY they are raping US over the COALS with their PRICES just so they can be a MULTI TRILLION COMPANY and they want to be #1 so they MARK UP THEIR PRODUCTS like 9000 % it's insane. Then after 3 years YOUR CRAPPY MacBook Pro is not worth SHIT and I really honestly feel like APPLE sends out updates that make YOUR OLDER MACS SLOW DOWN AND START HAVING ISSUES. I used to buy a new MAC BOOK PRO every 3 years until they stopped us from upgrading the RAM.

  • Add a trade-in Get a refund of up to $2530 when you trade in an eligible computer, or recycle it for free.* THIS IS TOTAL BULLSHIT. APPLE wants your SHIT for SHIT. Then they try and RESELL your stuff for a whole lot of $$$ packaged as REFURBISHED. My Macs all of them are kept in pristine condition yet they won't give you shit for your stuff.

  • I wish people would TELL APPLE OFF and STOP BUYING THEIR CRAP until they do what WE WANT. Give us UPGRADABLE RAM OPTION. APPLE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE by not allowing us to upgrade the ram. They still cannot give you more than 64 GB of RAM. how about 128??? apple is so far behind in this area.

  • APPLE needs to allow their CUSTOMERS the decision to UPGRADE THEIR FREAKING RAM. This is why I am going with Mac Pro. I don't like being TOLD that I cannot UPGRADE my RAM. APPLE is so damn SLOW at allowing better and more RAM

  • New Apple MacBook Pro (16-inch, 16GB RAM, 512GB Storage) - Space Gray @t

  • The apple listing to the peapole are a lot better than youtube's

  • Which one would he personally get?

  • 5:02 I see it 👀

  • Yall see that duck app?

  • Nice grey roadster. I'm thinking of getting the grey or the white. Have to seeee..... -_-'

  • What's that wallpaper you're using on the Macbook Pro? Do you mind sharing it?

  • The price of the MacBook Pro shown in this video is about $6000... just to let you know.

  • whoa black macbook pro? with those thin bezels, that would be one sick mbp. And oh please bring back the magsafe so you can charge from both USBC and the Magsafe!

  • i love this wallpaper can any one send me the link ?

  • No Nvidia support after Mojave... I can no longer develop CUDA code. No 32-bit app support after Catalina... I can no longer use Mathype/BaKoMa/LaTeX editors. No touchscreen or stylus support. Shall I scribble my equations while teaching on a... touchbar? A cheap Dell or Lenovo can do all of the above. Apple's misguided leadership has neutered the mac.

  • Now do the same with the 13” and also remove the touchbar. Thank you.

  • What, no SD card reader?! That's insane for a flagship laptop!

  • The touchbar is stupid, time to remove it Apple.

  • As long as there's not a memory card slot, it's not a "pro" and they haven't listened to customers.

  • Once they do this to the 13 inch MacBook Pro, people will go bonkers

  • Only

  • Which antivirus software do you recommend for macOS?

  • what's the best option for an engineering student? 2.6GHz 6-Core or 2.3GHz 8-Core

  • Make a video about your life. I mean what are you profession what are you doing XX about your life

  • This is not what we wanted. It’s missing a lot of things it should have.

  • Beautiful! But please bring back the sd card reader. :)

  • 5:02 awas the old colourful Macbooks of the 90s

  • People want headphone jack but Apple never gives

  • I have a 2019 15" MBP with the i9, how much better is this one and should I sell mine and get this one? Thanks!

  • I'll probably get this for art school and I'm so hyped!!!!

  • What is the laptop you would personally get? 🤔

    • María Romo Lozano depends on what you do, if you’re a content creator go for this 16” mbp or if you’re a programmer, I’d also suggest this

  • How do the usb port work and sound cord

  • iPhone 11 Pro Users: "How about a bigger battery and ultra wide? Apple: Sure! Users: "And usb-c instead of lightning" Apple: "Uh no"

    • @TheBayo 148 this can't be legit, is it?

    • slepx bruh they have to now, new EU law

  • Does "charmin soft" mean "like crap"?

  • what could you possibly need 6 usb c ports for?

  • The specs on this machine alone make me feel like I shouldn't be allowed to even view the review on my cranky 4GB 10 yr old laptop! Goals!!

  • I'm now 5 minutes into the video and you said 64gb of ram... like this gotta be the future. My time machine works!! Wish instead of a like button, by now I thought they would created a love button. Your videos awesome bro.

  • Not sure if you did a video yet on Acer Nitro 1080 Laptop vs this 16inch Mac Book Pro. If haven't you should do a review on it, they on sale at Best Buy stores for only $600 and if have a Best Buy Card you my friend just earned a discount.

  • i got one for my son in college stopped working three days after he got it. they refused to give him a new one and sent it out for repairs, 9 days later not a word, 8 hours on repair service. they suck

    • Edward Matson what site did you buy it from? did you get apple care or was the 14 day policy still valid

  • Thumbs up for lte

  • Does anyone know the name of the wallpaper?

  • Hi Habib HD, Why are you shooting your CS-tv videos on a Red in 8K? That just seems like a lot of wasted space, as most people watch these videos in 720p

  • listen! The keyboard is everyhing! I have always loved Mac, and apple! But the latest Macs with the "butterfly" keyboard is absolutely shit! worse thing ever! this new models are like night day. so much better. I'm so happy I got rid of my 2017 model just because of the keyboard. Steve Jobs would never aproved that butterfly shit!

  • There is now a official twitter app for Mac now

  • You forgot about the FaceTime camera

  • *hugs my 2015 and cries in broke*