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Drawing and painting is so exciting! I just love it! It boosts up your creativity and helps to calm down and concentrate. Painting is perfect for kids, as it also helps to develop fine motor skills.. Moreover, you can turn it into a family activity and paint all together - use your fingers, shaving foam and what not. Do you want to learn amazing drawing tricks for kids? Watch this video and learn to draw and paint.
The first drawing trick is literally jaw-dropping! Check out out awesome big-mouthed and toothy pictures and try to repeat them yourself. There are many ideas of such drawings in this video - a creepy fish, a worm-eating monster, Homer Simpson, a cute goblin, a creepy chest, a flying panda, and a talking cat!
3D drawings are really amazing. You can learn to draw them in no-time using our easy tutorials. Try and draw a 3D staircase just as we did. You can also learn to draw magnificent patterns. They look hypnotizing but they are really easy to draw.
Do you know what is going to happen if you mix shaving foam, glue and food coloring? You get cool 3D puffy paint! When it gets dry, you get a cute puffy painting - looks really unusual and it's so nice to touch. Shaving foam drawing is fun for all the family!
01:28 - Talking cat
03:24 - 3D drawing
05:24 - Puffy paint drawing
09:36 - Endless drawing
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