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You definitely gonna love these pranks! I'm not sure about your friends though! ;)
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0:58 Puzzle drawing
4:48 Office basketball
8:00 Obstacle course
11:35 Bubble machine
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  • Hey guys! Don't forget to share with your favorite hack in the comments! I'm looking forward to hearing from you! :) XOXOXO

  • my favorite one was the basketball office... My brother is going to love that for christmas!🤩

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  • Me and my kids like to buy things and see if it was worth it or if the product was a bust. We look back on our videos and look to find new techniques

  • I like these ideas :) very funny. thanks for creative videos

  • This is almost the same content as the other video otherwise it was the best video ♥️

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  • You guys do awesome crafts and I love them thank you


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  • Why there is no pranks I even watch this video for pranks

  • 5 minute crafts I want to see different things I saw the bubble one the soccer one the fish art one and a lot more I’m just saying try to change the stuff a bit

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  • Feel the speed ??? Love racing? Check my channel and watch those Asphalt 9 legends VIDEOS yesterday ! You don't wanna miss.....

  • Feel the speed ??? Love racing? Check my channel and watch those Asphalt 9 legends VIDEOS yesterday ! You don't wanna miss.....

  • 6:24. Now that’s wat I call cool!

  • 4:43 wait that’s for adults bc OFFICE basket ball?

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