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Check out these insanely cute and pretty DIY jewelry ideas! Treat yourself with new pair of earrings, some bracelets, feet jewelry or rings! :)
You can use simple beads, bobby pins, safety pins, drinking straws, nail polish, chains and even old toys! Only the sky is the limit to your imagination! :)
You can put some beads on the safety pin one by one, and then put pins together to form a brand new bracelet.
I’ll show you how to turn your old little toys into earrings. Make awesome bracelets with popsicle sticks and glue gun.
We’ll make heart pendant, unique feet bracelet and cute and handy jewelry organizers for all tastes!
0:35 Beautiful pendant
1:10 Bobby pins necklace
2:10 Toy earrings
2:25 Casting resin bracelet
5:52 Chain bracelet
7:50 Feet jewelry
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  • 5:03: Mini Basketball Hoop Earrings. Make these earrings if you want your earrings to catch on things and rip your ear!! Or, you could use it as mini basketball hoops!!

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