19 Inventions that will Save your Life!

čas přidán 21. 03. 2023
19 of my favourite Life-Saving inventions!
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  • Which Invention did you find MOST surprising? 🤭 For the NEXT Inventions vid: cs-tv.org/tv/video-1_2q9JclfcQ.html

  • Arun's team is really really skilled, like the greenscreen is practically seamless, the transitions are always top notch and the content never ceases to engage me. We all need to just take a moment and appreciate the amount of hard work and dedication that goes into every video. Phenomenal work as always!

    • agree completely xx

    • @duesenantrieb agreed. Too much clickbait bullshit on YT now.

    • now he needs an equally as good team for his video content ... most stuff he showed is 10 + yo or plain bs/clickbait

    • Shamless shill comment above?

    • I think its not actually green screen but a background all the effects 😃

  • I know that I sound like someone who just writes nice things in the comments when I say this, but you are the only content creator whose videos make me genuinely excited to watch; you put so much effort into the quality of every part, including the visuals and audio, and it really makes a difference for those who engage with your content. I’m so happy that your channel is continuing to grow, and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in 2023.

  • Arun: *talks about the escape floss* The MI6 spy who was about to use it in his next mission: OH SHI-

    • @Hawkeye entertainment yes, that was diamond shoe laces tho

    • @xundine Mii have a nice day! Watch the video too! Its nice

    • @ThatOneGoogleUser oh ok, have a good day

    • @xundinemii904 that's odd perhaps someone with a similar name or something commented on this video. They deleted Thier reply soon after.

    • @Beanie i dont even know, like how did they get my name

  • 3:50 Saw stops in general are really, really an important investment that have been around for some time, actually. I always considered them a hazard to my table saw, an overly expensive gadget and was pretty annoyed my dad was so demanding that I have one - until I had a piece of wood that had gotten a little damp caught really awkwardly, got my hand pushed forward and I really, really don't want to know how much worse then a light scratch and a massive scare I'd have ended up with

  • Arun will prolly be the first Tech CS-tvr to reach 50M Subs very soon with the way he's making his contents so appetizing to watch!

    • Mkbhd : Let me introduce myself

    • Linus isn't like Marques or Arun though. The guy is more IT than anything

    • Probably

    • @Blue Eyed Snake I love LTT as well but it's totally different tech content. Arun's is more widely appealing, whereas LTT is more for computer/tech enthusiasts and people who want to understand it more thoroughly.

    • The trick is to keep moving here and there all through the video.. the viewers eyes keep playing catch up like and action scene.. observe even the body parts.. thank me later 😏😏

  • This should get millions of views. Such important information and it gives us hope for the future. Thanks for taking the time to put this all together and presenting it to us. I hope everyone passes it on.

  • Sharing the same name as your cat always brightens my day, and I’ve wanted to say this for some time. Keep it up!

  • I'm into wood working and when I share about how amazing SawStop is it blows the minds of those I show their demonstration videos of what the company calls an 'activation.' Just the fact it can save your fingers is massive. When take away fatalities the number of amputations caused by table saws is horrifying.

  • Love learning about new tech, especially ones that saves lives and helps the environment ☺️

  • Its amazing how well he suites them scrubs. He always reminded me of my doctor anyway. lol

  • I've used a sawstop before; it is really nice knowing that there is an extra layer of safety while working on different projects.

  • Take a few steps back... understatement of the year! 🤯

  • Arun never fails to deliver amazing, innovative and quality content every time ❤‍🔥

  • Great video as always. Informative and entertaining. But if you're not wearing #19 and yet find yourself trapped in a car, whether sinking or otherwise, you can pull out any of the headrest and use the two metal rods from the headrest to smash any of the windows/windscreen to climb out of the car. It's actually designed with that in mind. That's why the ends of the two rods are pointed.

  • Dear Arun, your work is fabilous. Please do more education videos like this! They are great! Thank you for everything!

  • These were some of the smoothest transitions from product to product that I've seen on your videos. You just seemed to flow from product to product really easily. Keep it up!

  • I know this will make me sound so stupid because at the end of the day having my life saved would be worth any temporary discomfort, but as someone with really bad anxiety in confined spaces, just looking at the Tsunami pod made me feel hugely uncomfortable! As a wood worker though, I have to say that Saw Stops are just the greatest thing ever! And your videos are fantastic - thank you so much for making them!

  • It's a good video so far, and having seen as many videos made by Arun as I have, I know it is only going to get better however I have a couple of minor issues with it. At 3:57 you say that SawStop is new but its actually not as it has been available for sale since 2004 and at 4:03 you say that it has a 3 volt current running through it when it is actually a 12 volt pulsed electrical signal that enables the detection function.

  • The way you present each of your videos truly deserves appreciation

    • The trick is to keep moving here and there all through the video.. the viewers eyes keep playing catch up like and action scene.. observe even the body parts.. thank me later 😏😏

  • The most fascinating thing about his videos is even non-techy people enjoy them

  • Man he is taking his youtube videos to very next level everytime. Kudos to his dedication nd creativity

  • Hey Arun! The Xiaomi 13 pro just dropped out, not sure if it's only in China or nah. But yeah, I'd love to see your review :)

  • 2 hours and over 240k views! This just shows how much people love this guy.

  • Really well written and delivered information. Thank you Arun!

  • glad to have these 19 Inventions! A Life Saver, word for word

  • What a brilliantly positive way to end the year! Some great gadgets in there! A really entertaining and useful series! Happy New Year!

  • This was fun. Just came from a video about the fire extinguisher ball, it seems they work best in theory as of now. The amount of powder inside it made it hard to put out anything but tiny fires and the explosion were a small issue in contained rooms and with grease fires. Great video, i didn't want to just point out "Wrong" things. :)

  • I just downloaded opera and I love it. 100/10 highly recommend

  • Now that's a lifesaving video 😉

  • How great is the way you manage the channel brother, always at the highest level, congratulations, happy new year 😊

  • These invention showcases are the highlights of my day every time they release, and this one is no different!

  • Arun not only do you inspire my purchases but I have watched your videos for years and you have inspired my XR communities existence. I never commented before because I wanted to wait to mention until we actually grew, so now thanks to your awesome content inspiration we have a community of over 3000 members all loving rhe same stuff!

  • Absolutely smashed it this year!, Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in 2023!

  • Doing arm security as an occupation, a lot of these items are very helpful.

  • 5:13 that transition........ the editing person needs a raise

  • Aha! 19 gadgets that can save our lives in the new year. Thanks, Arun!

  • Smooth editing , entertaining videos! Keep it up you are amazing!

  • It's amazing that the pendant only works from the inside of cars and won't allow people to break in 🤯

  • Arun is the only creator that hasn't made a video on ChatGPT, like i've been waiting for this video from him that i ended up using ChatGPT to pridict what Arun would say about ChatGPT.😁 I know this will be the best one yet

  • Great video bro👍allways enjoy your videos it's interesting easy on the ears and just the right amount of funny Good job bro👍👌😎🇬🇾

  • Dude, it's crazy to think Arun produces this high quality videos with a small team of people.

  • When you got a notification from mrwhosetheboss, you know he is not gotta disappoint you. He's never gonna fail giving us such content. Keep rockin' on man.

  • Hey arun! Amazing video as always! Just know that you are the best tech CS-tvr out there! 😄

  • These are very useful inventions . I appreciate the mrwhosetheboss team ❤️🎮😎🔥

  • The editing in this video is next level 😍❤️

  • Hey mrwhosetheboss idk if you will see this but ever since I discovered you I keep waiting every single day with the hopes of you updating a new, funny, interesting video. Keep up the good work

  • Love your content!

  • This video was unexpectedly wholesome. If we keep focusing in developing ideas/products/services to protecting each other instead of trying to destroy entire countries we can me sure that us humans are going to survive against any type of threats

  • Can we just appreciate the beautiful editing this man put into this video? Keep it up!!!

  • Links to the products that are actually available would be nice!

  • Lol I have started using opera recently and it’s amazing. I quite like the dark mode forcer(colours sometimes mess up tho)

  • "anything that can cut through a tree, can cut through a human" Arun 2022😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 8:50 When I was younger, I had an idea like this. Cool to see it's real now

  • Arun's ability to make ads enjoyable to watch is amazing 💯

  • the videos bassically give you the correct ratings & comments keep it up arun amaizing work😁

  • 13:54 The fact that one of Arun’s fav videos is the Harry Potter Puppet Pals song fills me with joy on another level that no one will understand 🎉

  • Your videos never disappoint

  • I love how he always finds a way to rickroll us.

    • its at 9:15 and 10:53 btw

  • The floss and the bola thingy is quite useful in everyday life. Tho I dont use Opera’s products since it had a massive databreach in 2015-2016, plus they collect massive data chunks about users. Its like a Chrome 2.0…

    • so which browser do you use now?

    • 🤣 2:19PM 1/1/23

  • Never thought that we can turn something as nostalgic as a Wii remote into a medical tool as a laparoscopy, that's insane.

  • I watch every second of Arun's videos, bt before starting it, i like the video.. as I'm assured if it's Mrwhosetheboss it's gonna be fun and informative

  • Already using opera gx. Work well and enables next level multitasking.

  • you have the best content we should appreciate how long they take to make us new good vids

  • I knew the saw stop one for a few years now, it's amazing and simple tech.

  • Imagine a dude in a cop car using that bracelet to get out of the cop car

  • The saw stop is an amazing product had two in the woodshop at my school, they really do work!

  • A lot of these are extremely expensive, hence why we don't commonly see them. Still very cool though 🤩

  • I love how most of these can be used to help bad guys :D

  • So fun to watch this man! 🤘

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    • “The only guy who pays attention to detail” 😂

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  • Today I Found this Master piece CS-tv Channel and Feeling regret that why I hadn't found it before. 💥💥💥❣️

  • Let's be honest here, Mrwhoseboss is an MI6 agent. Those gadgets in the video are ahead of their time. But always appreciate your video😄🔥

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  • This video is awesome, as always, but I do feel like recently, your videos are getting more and more fast-paced. I'm just a bit tired of seeing so many graphics that are going on at the same time. Can you slow it down? I really miss the calming feeling your earlier videos from 2020 - early 2021 had.

    • You can play the video at different speeds. Click on the cog on the bottom right corner of the video > playback speed > and choose a slower speed.

    • I love the videos and keeps me entertained and have adhd (some days are worse then others)

    • I agree. I still enjoy Arun's videos, but I would love to see more vids where he calmly discusses something in-depth.

    • The trick is to keep moving here and there all through the video.. the viewers eyes keep playing catch up like and action scene.. observe even the body parts.. thank me later 😏😏

    • ikr seems content are focussed to ADHD people

  • these are really useful. please do more of these videos

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  • i’m extremely surprised you didn’t mention the AED, i’m not sure they’re in other parts of the world but they’re extremely common in Australia and they have saved countless lives

  • 8:30 In Romania too, I've seen a lot of mountain streets that have these.

  • Another great video that might one day save a life.❤🎉👍

  • I literally use opera for a long time and its so cool

  • Finally some tech videos to save me from studying physics

  • I do gotta say man you came along way remember when I said I used all my Google accounts to help ya get to 10 million it’s was couple years ago hope you keep growing let’s beat Linus tech tips

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  • Your videos always make my day. :)

  • Hey Arun, sorry the fire ball is not the best option and should come with a warning. The fireball illustrated explodes with force which can displace burning items onto the person fighting the fire. The unit also did not meet the South African Bureau of Standards testing requirements. For any fire products it is vital to make sure it is certified and tested to EN standards and or UL listings. Many people die when they think they are safe.

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  • Arun: shows the sharper images from Opera Me: Already using RGX/Lucid mode