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Autumn is here and it means that we have a lot of yummy fruits around! Fruit season is still here, so we should get the maximum out of it. To eat fruits with even more pleasure, you have to know a few easy life hacks that can change your life! Watch and enjoy, and don't forget to tell us in the comments, which idea was your favorite.
Everyone loves watermelons but few people know how to peel them correctly. With our awesome hacks, you'll learn to peel watermelons in no-time! You can make cute balls with an ice cream scoop and make fruit skewers. You can make a coke flavored watermelon or serve it as a cake. You can make a watermelon explosion with...rubber bands! Learn how to make a watermelon ball and amaze all your friends! Watching this life hacks video, you can also learn how to serve a watermelon seedless. And if you forgot your knife, you can cut a watermelon using a floss.
Apples are another source of creativity. There are numerous ways to cut them. For example, you can cut a swan out of an apple, difficult and tricky geometric shapes, or bake rose-shaped apple pastry (or you can make roses out of strawberries). You can cut out a fruit bowl out of an apple or cut a love message right in the apple.
Have you ever seen a square orange? We'll even teach you how to make it.
Do you know that you can grow a new pineapple out of an old one? Watch this video and see how this is possible.
Watching this video, you can learn how to cut and peel peaches, avocados, pistacchios, pomegranates, mangoes, pineapples, shrimp, oranges, accurately and in a few seconds.
The lifehacks from this video are really useful for every day use! Tell us in the commets, what is your favorite fruit or vegetable.
01:07 - Cutting kiwis
02:10 - A cool way to serve an apple
11:35 - Onion snack
12:25 - Watermelon party ideas
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