19 TOXIC Tech Fails that will last Forever.

čas přidán 30. 12. 2021
19 of the Worst Tech fails of ALL Time. Including Nintendo, Nike, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft and much more 😈 To see previous episodes of Tech fails:
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  • If you were wondering where I've been for the last week, We went ALL OUT for the theme on this video 😂 Other FAIL Episodes are here:

  • I think Meta will be on a list like this eventually. Imagine trying to get your mostly older user base to use VR for things they can already do more efficiently.


  • Arun, the dedication you have to creatively rickrolling in every video is amazing. I look forward to it as much as I look forward to the topics you cover. Have a great New Year.

  • mixer was actually awesome i was on mixer for about 2 years and in that time it grew tremendously a lot more than people expected and everyone had communities just like on twitch and after it shut down all the communities stayed together moving to twitch

  • The Skype vs Zoom one was interesting. Having been in the communications industry for almost 20 years, Skype has evolved to the point now where it forms the video aspect of Microsoft Teams - a product that outsells Zoom in both the Public and Private Sectors globally.

  • Great channel. I'm not much of a tech geek but I love the production quality, Arun's screen presence and the humour.... slam dunk

  • Love this series! Too bad you didn’t get the 10 million this year, Arun! Love your content, keep at it

  • The sheet amount of effort Arun puts in his video is phenomenal! Hell he even made sure whatever virtual fake thing he put in the bin actually sounded like how it would've had sounded had he dropped the original thing. I came across his channel recently and damn! easily the best channel on CS-tv.

  • I absolutely love this series. Arun's way of presenting it makes it more interesting and engaging

  • I think the death of Mixer was extremely regrettable. It’s integration directly into the Xbox interface was convenient and practical and the stream quality was utterly insane most of the time. I could play jackbox with all my friends and have it set up and everyone on stream in under a minute with only a few seconds of stream delay, sometimes not even that much. Streaming on Twitch just doesn’t have that kind of accessibility. Not to mention the simplicity of Mixers own interface meant I could tell someone my channel and get them in in seconds with no ads or interruptions ever, and every button on screen was extremely straight forward.

  • The cue cat was actually useful if you could find companies that supported it, I got one from a gadget guru friend and used it a bunch as gaming companies were all in too. For what I used it for it was actually pretty awesome

  • I recently came across this channel and I just love it. You are very entertaining and I love the detailed information given. Plus the puns are just hilarious.

  • The amount of hard work that Arun and his team put into ONE single video is just ridiculous... and I love it. Each time Arun uploads is banger after banger, before we know it he's gonna be making videos on mars with 2030 technology.

  • Fun fact: Cue Cats are easily modified into general purpose barcode scanners. Kind of redundant in the age of smart phones though. I got one for a few bucks on ebay years ago and got some good use out of it until technology made it obsolete.

  • Arun, i love your content. Keep this going. And let's hope your channel grows to 12 million subscribers this year. Also a lot of late nights where filled with your content past 2 years please no matter what keep doing what you do. You're my prime source of phone tech and news and whatnot more. You out a smile on people Thier faces ✌🏻✌🏻

  • What i love is how Arun never fails to rickroll us

  • An additional detail on skype: almost every time skype got an update one of the core features that made it the leader seemed to get just marginally worse.

  • Great production, editing, very informative, and trying to keep up to your pace.

  • There should be a series where he sees products that seemed to have no potential but were absolutely game changing