19 Useless Facts You Probably Didn't Know about Breath of the Wild!

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Here are 19 USELESS facts about Breath of the Wild, you probably didn't know! And in case anyone is doing Zelda CS-tvr bingo, here are some terms to help fill your sheet: Monster Parts, Frozen Meat, Underwear, Foxes, Baseball, Amber, Master Torch, Stick Puns, Bark, Lizalfos Blowing Horns.
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  • Nincompoop. ( Muh ha ha ha! Now that I slandered The Bread Pirate, he will never reach 100k Subscribers. All part of my master plan. )

    • Drat. Foiled again.

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    • L+Boko+Ratio+Biteless

    • I want to see an episode of Bark and Bite after taking control of Link's house

    • @Monkey Face XD It would just be a sitcom with corny laugh tracks and synthesizer music.

  • In the animation for the bokoblin you can see the stomach inflate and deflate according to the breath he takes when blowing the horn

    • OOOOO! I never noticed that. That's awesome game design.

    • @The Bread Pirate also for the first fact you can do the same with a shield

    • hmmm I always knew that...But the more you know the better!!

    • You could say he has the breathe of the wild

    • also the lizalfos' tail trembles like a rattlesnake when they blow the horn. kinda cool!

  • Adding on to the monster horn facts, moblins and even lynels were originally supposed to have their own horns as well! The designs for them can be found in Creating a Champion. (imagine if lynels would've been able to call for backup, absolutely terrifying)

    • Someone's been watching Gamespot, haven't they. :D

    • @The Bread Pirate Actually no! I own creating a champion and found out about it on my own :)

    • @Laura Wow! That's impressive you remember that then.

    • @The Bread Pirate Half of my memory consists of Zelda fun facts

    • @The Bread Pirate The lynel horn render has actually been used as a real object in Tears of the Kingdom - the Boss Boko Horn

  • Number 14 surely isn't just a hole, Luminous Ore is right next to it. I think we've found our point of entry to the underground people. Also hoping Satori Mountain and The Lord of the Mountain have some importance in Tears of the Kingdom.

    • DUDE! It must lead to the Zonai. We just need to use more explosives! Hurry Aaron! Grab a shovel. We have digging to do.

    • I think it was just the start of a Zora luminous stone mine that was stopped by the calamity.

    • And we are going to finish it! Stop yapping Rick and pass the C-4.

    • @The Bread Pirate MY ARMS HURT!

    • @TheFreakar We have to keep trying! The Zonai are in here somewhere. I CAN SMELL IT!

  • I love the Kakariko village inhaling easter egg, since the inhaling noises give it an extra sense of realism, as if it's being played live by a performer.

    • Exactly!

    • It IS being played live!

    • @Sudarshan Seshadri I mean in universe

    • @Minister of silly walks It IS being played live in-universe! The band is just always out of frame! (they are very fast)

    • @Cruncy Link: *turns around* The band: *Frantic feet shuffling noises*

  • 10:01 I think the hole is meant to be a trap for the Bokoblin above. Put come meat or fruit in the hole and try to get the boko to notice. Then it can’t escape the hole once it goes after the food!

  • To add on to the last fact, they were planning on having a Moblin and Lynel horn too, which you can see in Creating a Champion.

    • Someone has been watching Gamespot haven't they. 😄

    • That’s really cool! I didn’t know that, I have Creating a Champion so I’ll definitely check this out!

    • @The Bread Pirate I'm afraid that i'm guilty of watching Gamespot too...

    • I am glad we do now!

  • i honestly love how they made link seem like he was a kid rather than a character, giving him personality and stuff like that. It’s awesome. 😂

  • Feed horses tons of food (like carrots & apples) and you can instantly max out your bond with them. I can't remember the specifics, but I think each apple you gave them increased their bond by 2 or 3, so just feed them apples until your bond is maxed out. Easy for me since I had hundreds of apples & carrots

    • 10 bond per food.

    • There is always a person who buys baked apples in Rito Village if you have too many apples (I think it's in bunches of 50 or something).

  • I absolutely love the humor you bring into these videos! Please never stop doing that xD

  • When the world needed him most, he returned. Welcome back, Hyrule’s favorite Pirate! And Congratulations on graduating college!!!

    • *Pirate of the Caribbean Music Plays*

    • @The Bread Pirate lol

    • @The Bread Pirate you should’ve be in Jacksparrow

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  • I'm so glad you've returned to youtube! you've always been one of my favorite zelda creators since your wind waker "series"

    • Whew! You've been with the channel for a while then. I hope to do more gameplay stuff in the future, so hopefully that fits your tastes.

    • I'm in the under 50k club

  • Congrats on graduating! Learned a lot from this video, never knew that you could loot the wagons!

  • So much personality. Wow! I love how you create these small stories to go along with your facts. Fact number 10 is my favorite btw. ;)

  • I knew about the torch thing, feeding the animals and enemies and the sheikah text spoiler, but I didn't know the wagons were lootable at all.

  • HE HAS RETURNED! Useless facts is something a lot of zelda creators can enjoy! Thanks for an awesome video bread

  • Wow, I actually only knew like 2 of these despite how much I thought I knew about this game, great list! And congrats on graduating, I now expect DAILY uploads of lists filled with facts I didn't know

  • Played, replayed and played again over and over and still finding new stuff, treasures and other things I missed the first, second and ever the fifth time around. Cool that I just learned a few more now, as I'm going for another another round of Breath of the wild. Thanks for sharing! 😄 Very nice how you make your videos, love the sense of humor. 👍 Keeping Hyrule hot since 2016... 😂 New follower here and looking forward to see more of your content.

  • BP: There's a second amber here, how could I have missed it! Me: There's amber in the cart???

  • Oh man, it is an absolute honour to be featured in this absolutely fantastic video! Thank you so much! I’m so glad my Short was helpful! Here’s the Short that The Bread Pirate mentioned, for those interested: cs-tv.orgTjxCySS7Fys Thanks so much once again! I hope everyone continues to enjoy Breath of the Wild in the run-up to Tears of the Kingdom!

    • Thank to you too for making that video! I wouldn't have known about it otherwise.

    • @The Bread Pirate It’s my pleasure! I try my best to make funny and interesting content, so I’m absolutely overjoyed to hear that this particular Short has taught you something and proved useful to you! I look forward to checking out some of your other videos too :)

    • And you, my friend, get a subscriber.

    • @Inspector 12Thanks so much!

  • Always a fan of hearing the flute players inhale in video game OSTs. Always cool. Xenoblade does it a lot too.

  • At 9:50 i found this one the hard way because i tried 4 times to golf a rock on a wooden platform beside that. When i finally did and nothing happened, i realized i was duped and yes, there was no spirit of a korok in sight. Also there's one big hole in the death mountain that is also not a korok, i trekked my way to the top and there was no boulder to roll off until i checked a korok map that there was no available korok there.

  • Concerning the tidbit about general stores that using pottery for their signs, there is actually one general store that is an exception to that pattern. Kakariko Village's general store "High Spirits Produce" has a carrot on it's sign and a large sculpture of one mounted above the entrance. Kakariko's arrow shop "The Curious Quiver" features a clay pot on it's sign and a giant pot above the entrance instead. On top of that, the pot mounted above the arrow shop's entrance is portrayed as having arrows in it.

    • I noticed that detail. I have a theory that Nintendo swapped the stores at some point in development. The hylian text in front of the quiver shop actually says, "Sundries Galore" and "wares".

  • I remember finding that hole in my last playthrough and a little further up the hill there is a boulder on a platform that you can shoot the bottom out from under it but it's too far away to try to get it over to the hole.

  • Dunno if this was in a previous video, but there is a difference in unlocking monster camp chests depending on how you clear them out! If you do it stealthily, the chest opens quietly, but if you defeat everything in open combat, a TKO "ding-ding-ding" bell sound plays!

  • Man, this is such a fun video. The editing and narration is a work of art. Such cool facts too, I knew very few of them! (This is my second comment on this video, because why not!)

  • I knew about the Calamity Ganon boss fight arena Hyrule map (I was messing around with glitches and somehow caused Ganon to fly through the ceiling lul) but I didn’t know the Lord of The Mountain was on there, and I didn’t know that the same map was in the trial of the sword. Really cool!

  • One thing I noticed has to do with the Champions Tunika: There's this arm protector thing on Link's right arm, that should be on the left. The reason for that is that you need to protect the hand you hold your bow in, instead of the one you use to draw the bow. Since Link is originally left handed, you could just say that the arm protector is on the correct arm and they just made Link wrong-handed. Seriously why on earth did they make him right-handed 😑

  • One additional quirk of #13 is that hitting rocks back at enemies doesn't damage your equipped weapon, same with hitting crystal switches and a couple other instances.

  • Ok I literally just found out about the baseball trick accidentally a few weeks ago 😂 I wonder if you hit a bokoblin,when it’s throw at you, if it will fly back into the moblin???!!

    • Only one way to find out!

    • Interestingly, I was watching one of my own videos lately, and there’s a part where a Bokoblin is constantly throwing a stone at a platform, and it repeatedly bounces off in one of two different ways. It appears the Bokoblins have two different throwing trajectories, which may be important to take into consideration when trying this. So much to discover in this game, it truly never ends!

  • Fact number 9 was pretty cool. I like how you added a bonus fact, so there's really like 20 Useless Facts

  • I don’t know if I’ve ever heard this before, but on my recent play through the game I never spoke to impa. This changes a lot of dialogue, especially at the ancient tech labs! I also didn’t trigger any of the Sidon cutscenes before reaching the domain and it changed dialogue there too

  • Man let me tell you I enjoyed this video SO MUCH. I've probably seen one of yours before, but after seeing this one and all the dedication and fun you probably had doing this made me instantly subscribe Hope you're having a good day!

  • fun fact: although not seen ingame moblins and lynels also have unique horns, the latter of which is made of metal while the moblins is another scavenged animal horn. you can see these being shown off in creating a champion

  • It's actually amazing (12:30) how there is so many hidden stuff in this game!

  • You can feed farm and wild animals, yes, but you also, if you wear the Lizalfos Mask, you can feed them fish! I was so happy when I found this out in my game.

  • At 6:58, I CANNOT get over the "iron thong" Also I'm in LOVE with your channel! I learned way more than i ever realized about this silly game, and i have 500 hours in it!

  • 10:00 there's many wells and hundreds of rocks in the game that were made to trick players into thinking there's a korok. Especially when using the korok mask near a fake well when there's a korok hidden under a rock under a nearby bridge.

  • I had the same exact problem as your brother with that particular hole right by the tower (it was such a pain) I was looking for nearby rocks and I even loaded some save files and tried to repair my switch because I thought that it was not loading something in particular and was therefore broken :(

  • I knew the gardean one I use it all the time😊 it’s soooooo helpful

  • Remember the first bridge when you get off the plateau, the one where the guy's examining a guardian? Well, if you go back at some point, he's patrolling the bridge, and if you try to jump off the bridge and time it just right, he'll think you're trying to commit suicide and try to stop you from doing it.

    • I remember finding that out on launch day on accident. So funny. 😅

    • @The Bread Pirate I found it out AFTER I beat Ganon.

  • its been 6 years and this game still manages to entertain me. cant wait for tears of the kingdom

  • Honestly most of these aren't even that useless haha. Nice video Bread as always, I am most impressed by the amount of arrows you ended up getting

    • Thanks Legend! :D And yes... I definitely collected all those arrows myself and didn't use mods. o_o

    • @The Bread Pirate That is a very honest and accurate answer. You clearly got these arrows legit lol

  • TotK has the potential to seriously be the best game of all time. Nintendo, please take your time. Invest money and time into this masterpiece

  • It’s great to have you back and I’m so excited to see more of your videos 🎉❤

  • there’s also a roaming NPC that will tell you where the photos were taken! :) he’s the painter from kakariko village - after you help him with the fairy fountain, you can find him at the different stables and he will let you know where to look! he’s my favorite npc

  • Link running back to the GIANT TOP mid commentary was priceless

  • One thing I found in breath of the wild. Is after you completed the yiga clan hideout thing. You can come back later and get some respawnable gems. Note not all gems respawn but some of them do. The bannas also respawn every blood moon.

  • so happy you’re back! i should have connected the dots when you said you were editing🤦🏼‍♂️ also that bokoblin part was incredible

    • Ugh... Bokoblins. Don't get me started. I'm glad you liked it Kaiji!

  • NPCs (some at least) have special dialogue if they’re in the way of a guardian. I found it with Dayto on the foot of Death Mountain

  • I feel better knowing that I am not the only person who wasted a ridiculous amount of time trying to get a Korok to come out of that pointless hole near Lanayru Tower!

  • All of your jokes are hilarious and the way that you yell at link is really funny. This is why your one of my favorite youtubers. Keep it up

  • The way I learned that guardian parts count as monster parts is from Kilton the monster merchant you can get monster coins (forgot what currency he called them) from not only monster parts but guardian parts.

  • Two pieces of amber?? TWO???? Why no one talked about it for the past five years? Thank you for telling us ❤️

    • Your welcome Maria! It's funny, when I told my brother he said, "Who cares, it's just an amber." And I was like, "JUST AN AMBER!?!"

  • The Stick Joke… the stick joke is REALLLL!!! Awesome first video back dude! Really enjoyed this one. I knew basically none of these facts. It’s amazing how much potential there is for these videos even after 5 years.

    • Ayy, Thanks for the feedback FakeFantum. I'm glad we got to keep the Stick Joke too. 🌳

  • This is my first video of yours and I must say you are absolutely charming and have the exact kind of goofy humour I love. Btw, I really could've done with that fact about the memory locations a couple days ago lmao.

    • OOF! Sorry about that. I wasn't fast enough with my video upload to help you. 😅

    • @The Bread Pirate ahaha np! it'll be good to know for my next run.

  • Massively impressed! Played the game for over 600 hours and I didn't know most of these things 😊 Subscribed hoping you to TotK stuff too ❤

  • if you have the zora chest plate equipped, and go to a waterfall, link will always readjust himself before going up.

  • To be more specific, I think that the drawing of hyrule seen in the final boss and trial of the sword is the horizon as seen from the center of the map. Probably either Hyrule Castle or the great plateau, I'm not sure which.

    • True, it's not a map in the traditional sense. Good call.

  • Those useless facts were... well, not that useless after all! Thanks for sharing them :) And congrats for your graduation 🥳

    • NO!!! I failed at being useless. I will make sure not to fail you next time. I will make everything USELESS!

    • @The Bread Pirate ...thank you so much 😂

  • I didn't even know you could loot the wagons in the first place!

  • You may already have it - but the korok seed on top of the akala tech lab can be collected over and over again. Just save before you get it - and hold your shield out, back up and click A as you back up. You’ll get the korok and you can get it over and over. Save each time you’re successful. If the little korok shows up - reload your save.

  • Honestly these were really great and alot of fun. Appreciate the content

  • Only just now finding your channel, and DANG! You’re seriously super charismatic, man! Super excited to binge your videos! Oh, and congrats on finishing college!

  • Maaaan amazing video!!! I really love your narration and your enthusiasm, it's amazing!!! You legit just made my day, I love those good vibes, I also learned new stuff!

    • AY! Thanks Link Link! That's a high praise. And good luck with your channel. I hope you're able to make another video that gets big like your earing one.

    • @The Bread Pirate I'm already working on one which is 25 facts in Creating a Champion, hopefully it'll do well :) Thank you!

    • @Link Link That sounds like an awesome idea! Can't wait to see it.

    • @The Bread Pirate haha nice thanks! I worked on it this morning, I'm already done with the recording and I'm 1/5 through the editing

  • Discovered your content today. And little link with a Cold Cut in the bottom right of the screen when you were talking about the hole had me rolling. Immediately earned the subscription. Keep up the good work dude!

  • I knew 9 out of 19. Great job on making an awesome new video, Bread!

  • I have no idea what happened with The Bread Pirate’s video format, but it’s so friendly and energetic and playful- it’s amazing! Keep it up! I could totally see you as a voice actor btw

  • Actually, every item you buy with required items have the labor thing, Akkala's tech lab is a great example

  • In the book creating a champion it shows what lyanal and moblin horns for warning other monsters could have looked

  • I know that a lot of people know this but if you take a enemys wepon they have a special animation where they either pount at you then stomp or just stomp and the constructs in totk do it as well.

  • These facts are actually useful good job 👍 👏👏

  • idk if this is more commonly known but replaying, I notice the master trials room is very similar to the ganon throne room, except a whole lot more obvious

  • Oh yeah Everytime I think of a random fact I write it down so here's a bunch for ya! The zora helm swim attack might be a reference to the water scale thing in skyward sword. Olkin, the pumpkin farmer in kakariko, tramples on the other farmer's carrots at night, and says he's running around "training" for the trial in the shrine! In east tabantha there is a place called dragon bone mire. This might mean that all the dragonbone weapons from the bokoblins and moblins are made there!

    • Whoa! That last one is a really good point. Clever thinking Sledgen. I'll leave those facts for you to cover though. You found them after all. 😄

    • @The Bread Pirate thanks dude! Honestly don't worry about me covering them I literally have like 40 facts on my list, I would never cover them all xD

    • @sledgen. SAME! My list is so long right now.

  • Congrats of graduating. Also you are one of my favorite zelda-tubers. Can't wait for TotK content.

    • Wow, thanks Chef! I'm excited to make content for ToK too!

  • Please do more speedruns, I love them!

  • did you know there is a second place where you can see all four titans? i discovered this today while playing its southeast of kakariko near the laknaa rokee shrine on the nearby smaller mountain

  • You can also do the infinite campfire if you swing a flame blade/great flame blade/flame spear and go into the menu and drop it then move it into the campfire/wood if you did it right it will re light the fire over and over again

  • I learned lot's of new things, thanks man!👍

  • 8:10 It also shows labor at the ancient lab, when crafting ancient gear

  • I love his voice. It’s so calm and nice. I like to listen to his videos before bed to get me extra sleepy

  • Many new things I didn't know in this video. Bread, you always bring a smile to my face. Thank for the fun video!

  • The Lord of the Mountain is actually based on a game dev who passed away so nintendo added satori because they were going to add a village called satori village which had a lot of bugs and glitches

  • that torch fact is blowing my mind nic-horrible to see you back Bread!

    • Thank yo- I mean, thanks for nothing you shady, green, midget. 💚

  • I really enjoy your editing and way of speaking! I would watch a 2 hour video essay by you any day

  • I am not sure if it says "Labor", but with Cherry in the Akala Tech lab, you are exchanging items for Cherry to craft.

  • So i have no idea if you know this but there is the test of endurance and if you go on the stage while wearing the vai, voe, or saphire armor in the first stage, they will tell you to take it off except if you drink a potion of heat resist and the same for the second stage you can drink a potion but they will say no wearing fire proof armor

  • You are definitely one of the best Zelda youtubers!👍👍👍👍

  • In number fourteen I had the same idea as your brother. I even got a rock from a nearby platform into that mystery hole and only obtained disappointment

  • In addition to the horn fact, there are actually designs for other horns, including a metal Lynel horn. Another CS-tvr featured this recently, I forget who

    • That would be Gamespot! I know their channel really well, and try to avoid copying the same facts as them, although sometimes we accidentally choose the same facts each month.

    • @The Bread Pirate Ah yeah that’s right, and that makes sense, don’t want people accusing you of things

  • This video is hilarious. Love it. I just got back into botw in anticipation of the sequel coming out in the next year or two. Super hype good sht

  • Congrats on graduating college captain! So happy you'll be full time now! Can't wait to see where the channel goes from here!

  • The pirate has blessed us with another booty! So happy to hear about your graduation because I'm currently in my last year too (I'm still wondering how did I manage to get this far, but wish me luck lol) I have heard some of the facts from similar series by GameSpot, but you did a much better job on delivering them. Hope little Link will get his shed back soon!

    • You're almost there Rifat! And once you're finished, it'll be so satisfying. And thanks so much for the compliment! Me and Rin accidentally covered a few of the same facts this month, but I decided to roll with it. I'm glad you were still able to enjoy it.

  • Korok seed hunting is so easy with the interactive botw map. Sure, finding them during normal play is fun, but when trying to do 100, use the map, make a free user acct, & bam! Now you can save progress on the online map. Trust me, it's more enjoyable this way! EDIT Zelda Dungeon has the map I'm referencing

  • My first memory of this game was thinking "does this game have fall damage" while atop the first tower. It did. I laughed. Then after getting magnisis I thought "what happens if I drop this box on me" I died. I laughed. They where my first two deaths

  • The hole does indeed have a seed, you must travel past the lynel and stasis the large boulder on top of the hill and hit it back to the hole🌰🌿💚

  • When you talked about the the general stores having pots around them, I noticed you didn't point out the Giant Stone pot on top of the goron shop.

  • Thanks for the new Zelda Trivia video Captain! :D (Edit) I don't remember being so naughty, when did this happen!?

    • It happened while you were in a food coma.

    • @The Bread Pirate oh, makes sense

  • each race has their unique giant clothing on top of their clothing stores, gerudo have tops, goron have underwear, the rito have their sash thingy and the zora dont have a clothes shop, so they dont have a giant clothing sign

  • Dude i love your vids keep it up! You always make really funny and entertaining thanks man! (get him to 100k!)