čas přidán
I love clothes transformation hacks! They let you express your creativity and uniqueness to the max!
If you accidentally spilled coffee on your T-shirt, just turn it into BAHAMAS print!
And if you wanna get rid of your ex-boyfriend clothes, I got you! ;)
There are way too many ways to upgrade your old boring T-shirts!
You can make your own screen prints, make glowing in the dark print, make cute crop top out of an old tank top and that's only the beginning!
You can make cool beach bag out of bathroom carpet or even plastic bottles! Transform your old T-shirt into a bag and make cool prints using real apples!
I'll show you awesome ways to decorate your old clutch, make cool laptop case from a hoodie so you can easily carry your laptop in case of emergency.
Let's get creative, it's gonna be so much fun! :)

0:40 Bahamas T-shirt
1:18 Repurpose your ex's stuff
2:22 Spinner print
7:00 Mat for bathroom
9:42 Old T-shirt - new mop
14:30 T-shirt into dress

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  • Like si le rrobaron las ideas a 123 go

  • The coffee stain is good unless someone saw you do it...

  • Umm ok sure just take a marker out of somebuddy’s pocket at 00: 47

  • Ew

  • How to look cool everyday Step 1:Randomly drop coffee and outline it to make it look like the bahamas.

  • I am a beautiful person who is a good idea,s

  • First of all, no one spills their coffee on their shirt in different locations, it normally spreads in one spot.

  • الله 😍😘

  • Why you always repeat everything

  • Wait what if the coffee doesnt spill the way bahamas are? Or other islands? And also the coffee in the video spilled not in the way like bahamas and then she changed her shirt

  • Right.. it was so casual and normal how the coffee spilled perfectly in the shape of the Bahamas *~*

  • Not everybodys cofee stains look like bahamas

  • Am I the only one who thinks “I don’t think we all have these this laying around”

  • 4:07 amazing

  • Ya dejense de esta copeando las ideas de los demasobretodo de 12 3 Go

  • Im not trying to be rude but the other youtubers did that

  • Tried the one with the print scan and the cling film, it didn't work :(

  • you copy 123 go!

  • 1:12 so do I need to break up with my boyfriend just to do this?

  • Is it just me or is that blue shirt of a stain on it ( I white stain???)🤣

  • Mimsina luiza Minha prima preferida

  • You guys copied 123togo from the coffee spill you just put a different name

  • Me:Standing in the middle of the road because I found a urban dirty print. People:What the hell is wrong with her!Does she have a death wish!

  • The Bahanma stain does not make sence because who the f*** is gonna get such a perfect coffee stain..hmm..click bait!

  • Don't you just absolutely hate it when your coffee spills into the shape of the Bahamas? #relatable

  • ew so disgusting

  • Simple ideas...are you kidding me these take forever

  • You stole the second one from 123 GO!

  • Nem s ksn kk koh no? Ok bjs nono nsnb

  • Coffee don't make like this bad

  • I hate how this is “girly “ 5 minute crafts

  • Legal

  • Not all stains are going to look like that

  • You Guys Are Awesome!!!

  • Why would you randomly have a marker in your pocket and spill coffee in the shape of the Bahamas

  • You stole that from 123 GO the coffee spill one

  • Um u copied 123 go with the coffe shirt #copycat leave a like if u agree leave a comment if u disagree

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  • No me to it can not do that over wise it is magic

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  • Wow very nice vikie

  • Loser

  • You copied 123 go on the coffee one


  • I mean....I am not gonna comment the coffee Bahamas but.......(let's talk about....) 9:14, 10:23 WHO THE HELL HAS YELLOW SWEAT?

  • Wow is mezing

  • 10:20 10:21 I LOVE cat 😍😍😍

  • Serré copian de trum trum

  • OMG im gonna do it right now

  • U guys have way to much time on ur hands Like if u agree

  • ويع مش حلو

  • 1:27 why would you want a shirt that smells like your ex?

  • feio

  • You know what’s better than spilling coffee on a perfectly good white shirt for the sake of likes? Keeping the perfectly good shirt to avoid smelling like rotten milk!

  • If you looked the bahama shape was marker Like if you seen it👍

  • Super bluska z odsłonionymi plecami❤

  • Hi hope a nice day

  • Love y'all you guys make me fall asleep


  • Now

  • Is 5 minute crafts following 123 go or my brain is on my butt right not

  • I think what really happened with the coffee is they splashed it washed the shirt then with something the colour of coffee they drew it on..

  • They expect us to carry a perminent marker in our bag😐😑

  • 7:50 she looks like the one in the TV but it's not her

  • Thumbnail what if they wash it

  • Oh no I spilled my coffe in the shape of the BHAMAS let’s just STEAL a pen and waste 2hours of my life drawing round it it will look so cool ✌🏻✌🏻

  • T-shirt cool

  • Nimeni nu ar purta așa ceva

  • If you have that many coffee stains on your shirt, just buy a new shirt

  • 😝🖓💔😏

  • Hello

  • There hacks does end woek

  • I like

  • I specially put this comment here because I will not say anything about ‘the Bahamas spill was perfect’ (well I just did but still).

  • Hii

  • Please watch my ‘oh my gah lady ‘ video

  • Copy

  • The coffee one you copied


  • What are the chances of your coffee stain looking like The Bahamas?

  • Or you could just... wash the shirt to remove the coffee stains...

  • Because I thought that she was only in 123 go

  • Is that Vicky with a yellow tank top???

  • On the fidget spinner one the red looks like blood 😧

  • Wuat

  • I love your videos you make

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  • You got that from 123 go

  • Let’s just clickbait it by DRAWING the Bahamas because there is no possible way coffee would do that :/

  • Doesn't karina from sis vs bro have that shirt from 04:49?

  • I don’t have anything to say. I’m just thoughtless.

  • Why does it say five minute crafts when some would take hours

  • Use that bleach to drink while your at it. 👌🏻

  • Even though it has violence, which is cutting our shirts, I still think this is helpful for broke people :3 I think..

  • Won’t the coffee spill and the ink from the marker spread because it’s still wet

  • Am I surprised that 5 minute crafts uses fidget spinners...no

  • I wanna know what the 1st song is

  • If you saw, when she spilled her coffe the coffe spilled more on her shirt

  • COoL 👌👏👌