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Candles are perfect to create special atmosphere at home whether it's a first date or candlelit dinner with your couple!
Learn how to make beautiful candle design with me! In this video I'll demonstrate great ways to reuse old candles and make brand new ones!
You can melt pieces of old paraffin candle, add a crayon for color, dip a balloon in this сoncoction, let it cool down for 15 minutes and voila! Here's your perfect candle decor for candles, like a matryoshka doll!
You can also pour melt candle into special egg-shaped vessel, let it cool down, then carve it with wooden stick and create a pinecone-shaped candle!
Also Check out these amazing crayon ideas to boost your creativity and imagination!This time I'll show you some pretty awesome ways to recycle old broken crayons into something truly beautiful. You can make super cute colorful candles, paintings, animal-shaped or Lego-shaped chalks, wonderful pendants and cool prints for your T-shirts using parchment!
0:58 Mother of Dragon egg candle
1:50 Milkshake candle
3:23 Handmade candle numbers
4:34 Cola and Fanta candles
7:20 Multicolored one
10:35 Crayon jewelry
14:31 Revive old broken crayons
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  • Yes. Let's put a flame inside of a thin "ball" of wax. That's going to melt and make a mess. And the dino egg? Fire waiting to happen. Put that in little tommys room and watch it go up in flames. Put an item that won't melt or catch fire...

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  • CRAYONS DO NOT WORK! I cannot believe all the videos on You Tube telling people to use candles. Not only do they clog the wick as shown in this video, but they smoke and will leave black soot on your walls, etc! Plus they smell like a burning crayon. Wax is not cheap, and wicks cost money, spend just a little more and buy real candle coloring and make a quality, nice burning candle.

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