20 NFL Players Responsible for Rule Changes

čas přidán 26. 12. 2018
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The only constant about the NFL is change.
Throughout history, the league has had to introduce countless rule changes, trying to eliminate dirty tactics and improve player safety.
Some of the biggest rule changes stemmed from the actions of solely one player. Whether it was using a dirty trick or committing a dangerous act, the league was inspired from such actions by one player to change a rule.
Today we present 20 NFL Players who are Responsible for Rule Changes.
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Host + Editor: Jason Biondo
Writer: Alex Hoegler


  • He literally forgot the most notorious rule in the last 40 years. The Lyle Alzado rule regarding a player using their helmet as a weapon.

  • Aaron Rogers rule that got implemented this year... qb are snowflakes and if you takle and land on top of them that’s a foul

  • No mention of the Mel Blount Rule?

  • You pronounce deacon wrong

  • what about dez bryant's catch that was reversed

  • The Calvin Johnson rule should def be on here.... pretty sure it screwed the lions outta multiple games and well as other teams before the rule was finally changed.

  • Bring back Mike Cantalupo. This dude is terrible.

  • The Alzado rule: you can’t rip off an opponent’s helmet and use it as a weapon

  • navaro bowman broke his leg and still held onto the ball

  • Tuck rule was in the nfl before that game. They were actually the first victims of it a year or two before hand

  • Dude. You spent entirely too much time telling consumers to like and subscribe, especially considering the top comments about your lack of football knowledge. Surely you provide other types of content, but I'll never see it. Unliked and marked as "I'm not interested in the channel."

  • AFC championship...... cornerback Navarro bowman. Seriously. Dude is fucking retarded

  • Could you have found a less knowledgeable person when it comes to football. Dee-con? Seriously.

  • He is a met fan but he has a red Sox jersey but not a Yankee jersey. Anyone...

  • This guy sucks

  • WAIT!!! No mention of the STEELER'S Mel Blount rule??!!!?!?!?!?!

  • Bowman is a big CB eh ;)

  • #13 - I see what you did there.

  • The Patriots didn't vote against the tuck rule repeal, the Steelers did.

  • Probably someone has mentioned the Hines Ward rule?

  • NFC Championship game, u dumbass!!

  • Dudes an idiot

  • Aaron Rodgers, sacking a QB with more than half a player’s weight will result in a penalty.

  • Mel blount

  • No "Dez Bryant Rule":catch/non-catch.

  • Night train lane caused several rule changes

  • Where's the Jesse James catch rule??

  • Navarro bowman is a linebacker

  • Then there’s the “Patriots rule” if caught cheating then you’ll get 0 to hardly nothing done to you. Case in point. Belicheat was fined (big deal), Brady was suspended for 4 games, but the patriots were allowed to get the seasons schedule posted first so that they would play poor to mediocre teams while Tom Lady was out.

  • Aaron Rodgers - Roughing the passer rule

    • His hit from Anthony Barr against Vikings - caused broken collarbone iirc

  • What about the clothesline tackle and runners kicking defenders in the chest?

  • No Hines Ward rule when there's a picture of him in the background

  • I forgot this is a TPS video, so of course it's complete crap and fictitious info. I'm trying my damnedest to get this channel removed from CS-tv. It's really just spam anyways.

  • 1) It's Deacon like the Deacon not Dee-con. Disrespecting a legend like that ain't acceptable. 2) The 49ers and Seahawks play in the NFC, so how could they have met in the 2013 AFC Championship Game? 3) Anyone who knows football would tell you Navarro Bowman is a linebacker not a quarterback

  • gosh... you really annoy me... sheesh... omg... so typical.....

  • Lol this guy has never watched football in his life

  • He is that friend that mispronounces names and just sucks. Please stop guy. Know something before talking about it. At least a little bit.

  • This guy is a Fucking clown and knows nothing about football. Why not get someone who actually knowns about the sport to do this video. This ruined it for me.....😡

  • Dick "Night Train" Lane was responsible for two: the face mask rule and the clothesline rule.

  • Bronko nagurski is from my hometown bunch of shit here named after him. Yep I am that lame guy in the comments.

  • What about that Jessie James Incomplete Pass rule?

  • How about the ENTIRE Dallas Cowboys team that created the no excessive endzone celebrations rule after they not only interrupted the Redskins "Fun Bunch" but also wound up in a fight with them over it because da poor wittle cowboys got there wittle feewings hurted over a Redskins touchdown. The Redskins started the endzone celebration and Dallas ended it. Now any excess celebrating including hard spiking the ball gets a flag.

  • I miss Mike Cantalupo...

  • 7:22 remember when the 49ers and Seahawks played in the AFC championship game? Me neither.

  • Uhhhhh didnt Tony Gonzalez start the whole Goal-Dunking?

  • Does Ricky know his hat is on crooked?

  • i dont like this dude.

  • i can’t watch anything football related without someone mentioning Minnesotas kickers

  • To this day I still can’t believe they ruled Bert Emmanuel’s catch an incomplete pass!

  • holy shit youre so unfunny it hurts dude just say the facts and end the video no one likes ur jokes

  • Wasn't the 5 yard rule with regard to contact with wide receivers called the Mel Blount rule.

  • You're an idiot... What position was bowman?? Lol

  • Anthony Barr Vikings defensive player, rule that you cannot put body weight on QB after breaking Aaron Rodgers collar bone


  • Bowman is a lb not a cb. The fumble would have been a moment change!!!...You big dummy . Sound like a 9er fan right

  • Redo this list please. You've missed some big ones. 1. Cant grasp the facemask (the dick nighttrain lane rule). 2. Cant hit anyone with a piece of your equipment (the lyle alzado rule). 3. Must come up with the ball to be a completion (calvin johnson rule). 4. Cant clothesline an opponent (another dick nighttrain lane rule). 5. Cant hit an opponent with your forearm (fred 'the hammer' williamson rule).

  • Can anybody tell me who the hell is D-con Jones

  • 7:23 *NFC, not AFC

  • I know it’s not named after him, but ever since Minnesota Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr broke Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers collarbone now anytime you are tackling a quarterback you cannot put all of your weight into him

  • You being flippant about rules that are implemented for the sake of player safety really pisses me off. Why? Because one of my friends had his life ruined by football, literally. He received a dirty hit where the helmet hit his chin, snapping his head back so forcefully he got s severe concussion and broke bones in his cervical, basically it broke his neck. The concussion alone ended his playing days since it stuck with him even to this day, 12 years after. He could barely funktion for the first year and still has severe headaches from time to time and fuzzy vision accompanies the headaches. The pain in his neck is also something that's still with him to this day. He can't lift heavy things or bend his neck as much as normal without pain. That injury didn't only end his sporting days, it pretty much made sure that any physical labor was out of the picture. His whole life has been limited from since he was 19 years old. And he is hardly the only victim of the sport. The amount of retired pros with brain damage is downright scary and the amount of high school and college players that had their careers ended before it even began is not insignificant. So be flippant about it. It's not like it affects you personally. But in my eyes, you're scum with zero empathy.

  • Exactly who are you yelling at,.. with that "the quarterback has to be safe" squeaky little girl voice? You don't get enough of that bitch-act-with real people? You need to whine-it-at an-imaginary audience too?..Bitch!

  • How the FK could they tell if a player purposely hit the ball forward? Who made that F-K-N rule Mueller? Sounds like that same mind-reading-lie-shit he did to Gen Flynn.

  • The Lyle Alzado rule I want you not use their helmet to beat somebody up with

  • Tent Richardson was not a draft bust he had a great 1st and 2nd year his family members always kept asking him for money and to him it started feeling mor like a job then a game so he got tired of football and left he was a great player up until that point though

  • No Hines Ward rule?

  • lmao Dee-Con Jones?

  • What about Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens They changed touchdown celebration rules

  • Seattle Vs. San Francisco in the AFC championship? "QB" Navarro Bowman?DEA-KAHN Jones? Ok pal. This guy is just a head reading a bad script.

  • It's Deacon Jones.....not D-Con Jones. Dude was poison to O-Lineman, not to Rats. Come on Jay-Sun!!

  • Lyle Alzado

  • Jason Witten Helmet rule

  • I don't think this guy watches football...

  • This is why I miss cantaloupo this guy sucks

  • Dez Bryant

  • It wasn’t the AFC championship when Navarro bowman forced the fumble it was NFC

  • Calvin Johnson with the possession all the way through rule

  • Didn't Jesse James change a rule after the Steelers got ripped off that one game with the Patriots?

  • 7:19 Seahawks are NOT in the AFC bruh get it right

  • Do the top Nfl one hit wonders

  • Omg idk how I forgot this but NaVarro Bowman has never played quarterback or cornerback for the 49ers, I couldn’t really tell which position you said for certain. I’m not sure what amazes me more the fact that you made 2 huge mistakes in this video...or that whoever edits these videos, if at all, is a jerkoff too

  • I have watched a lot of videos from this channel for a relatively long time now, but I haven’t watched a single video that has pissed me off to the point that I feel the need to comment on it until today. You’re a sports channel that mainly focuses on football, and a good amount of NFL history, so when I heard you butcher Deacon Jones’s first name more than once I instantly knew that you clearly have no business doing this video. I mean it’s not like he was just some guy who’s mainly known for just the “Head Slap” rule either because he’s freaking DEACON JONES!!! The man who invented the “Sack”, if it wasn’t for him who’s to say if the sack would ever have become a actual stat. He essentially CHANGED the game of football forever, shit he SAVED the game of football because think of how instrumental the sack is to the NFL now. It added such excitement to the game. Outside pass rushers that had size and speed forced the offensive tackle to evolve and get bigger and faster themselves. Point is that many people do not have a clue who he is and that it was Lawrence Taylor who really started all of this but really it was Deacon (pronounced Dee-ken) Jones that laid the path for LT and the rest.

    • Oh yeah and btw if they had made the sack an official stat before his playing career most people believe he’d have the most career sacks bye a lot

  • AFC championship lol



  • 7:23 AFC? Last time I checked, the 49ers & Seahawks were in the NFC--unless the NFL changed another rule about conference loyalty.

  • Dee kon Jones

  • This dude sucks

  • Dee-con???

  • He may not have been the radon but randy moss for the celebration rule

  • The Calvin Johnson rule(s)

  • 2013 AFC championship between two NFC teams?

  • Seattle CS San Fran in an AFC championship game?

  • To all the people talking about the “AFC” flub: the Seahawks were in the AFC before the Texans came in 2002 and the 49ers started in the AAFC.


  • @7:20 AFC Championship between the 49ers and Seahawks???

  • The fact you called him D-Con Jones, and players get a penalty if they INTENTIONALLY, not initially, run out of bounds, just shows you haven't a clue about the game. You just read facts online and promoted them here. Sad.

  • Could there be a more effeminate man talking football? This was a step towards letting a 5 foot tall woman that never played football officiate tomorrow's Pats vs Chargers game.. thanks America.. there might be 300 genders now but none of us have balls

  • AFC Championship???

  • "DEE-KON" Jones? ..... wow. What a NFL historian.

  • D-Con Jones? Are you shitting me??