20 NFL Players Responsible for Rule Changes

čas přidán 26. 12. 2018
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The only constant about the NFL is change.
Throughout history, the league has had to introduce countless rule changes, trying to eliminate dirty tactics and improve player safety.
Some of the biggest rule changes stemmed from the actions of solely one player. Whether it was using a dirty trick or committing a dangerous act, the league was inspired from such actions by one player to change a rule.
Today we present 20 NFL Players who are Responsible for Rule Changes.
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Host + Editor: Jason Biondo
Writer: Alex Hoegler


  • How bout the Patriot rule? If the Patriots are losing or about to lose all calls against them are nullified.

  • So he did the opposite of throwing it and it is still incomplete

  • I saw that vid of Carson Palmer and I hit around the knees I grab what ever there is to bring ball carrier down and my coach is fine with it like the guy who created the horse coller

  • The first video about the show bout D line dude wasn't even him the Q slid and D-line players today show bout way to much

  • Doesn't matter BAM BAM Kam Chancellor knocked a guy out of bounds at the goal line in mid air

  • You can put sticky stuff on your football gloves

  • Wait if you go out on a kick and idk if it made a new tool when this event took appearance but when Marshawn Lynch held his dick when he jumped in to the end zone but he has no dick jk h I can say that because he signed a contract with the raiders

  • Forward pass is hitting fumbled ball forewarned kind of like forward pass you don't have full possession all the time and your not always over the line of scrimmage

  • There's still streachy matetials in the jerseys today but there tight to your pads

  • Time travel could come true it could be true who knows who knows what the Americas are doing in area 51

  • D-line

  • Evading d line

  • So there was no tool to pull hair to not or to, then they made it official that you could

  • 7:23 NFC

  • Aaron Rodgers, no touching a QB

    • No that's the Pey-Bray rule. Guess you can call it Pey-Bray-A-a Rule.

  • Uhh the 49ers and Seahawks are in the NFC . . .

  • Isaac Curtis isn’t the reason for that rule it’s called the fucking Mel Blount rule

  • Dick Night train lane

  • Bears and Lions 2010 Calvin Johnson TD cetch considered not a cetch and change rules of "Process of the cetch"

  • How are you gonna forget Night Trane Lane facemask rule he tackled with the face mask and then it became a rule you cant facemask.

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  • In future, do not have some loser trying to inject his terrible personality or humor into the video.

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  • 7:25 bro u say AFC i hope u mean to day NFC championship game 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • Not going thru 4100 comments, but the Ty Law Rule.

  • De-con...

  • Before I watch this Rod Woodson better be in this

  • night train lane . face mask tackles and hammer across the throat tackles .

  • Aaron Rodgers: broken collar bone rule. Defenders can't "lift" the QBs during sacks.

  • Dee Con?

  • Mel blount-pass interference

  • It was NOT Carson Palmer's rule! It was the DIRTY (to say it nicely) Kimo von Oelhoffen who caused it, he almost ended Palmer's career

  • Calvin Johnson rule is probably the most well known rule based on a player

  • I can't listen to this guy because he is wrong so many times. Seriously.

  • Whoever caused that dumbass rule where you cant land on the quarterback after a sack. Literally the most asinine rule in the NFL. I'm not a fan of the packers but clay matthews got ripped the fuck off for sacking the quarterback and getting penalized. NFL football is becoming such a pussy sport

  • Terrel owens

  • Night train lane changed like 20 rules

  • Nickel Robey Coleman

  • Dee-con Jones. SMH. Really? That is when I quit watching.

  • Its Deacon dick and Bowman is a linebacker smh who's mans is this?!

  • Nfl gets lamer by the second

  • So what your saying is the NFL players now are all a bunch of bitches lol

  • OBJ and Saquon changed a rule. You can’t be too good at football

  • Why say "you can probably guess what team voted to keep the tuck rule" when New England didn't even vote and the Steelers voted to keep it?

  • Hines ward and the crackback block

  • Some of the rule changes are just dumb and petty

  • Waits 12 years to change the tuck rule lol. Still puts it on Brady lol


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  • It's pronounced Deacon, not DeaCON. FFS!

  • Wheres the dez bryant "catch" rule

  • Mel blunt rule forgot that one

  • Colin Kaepernick no kneeling xD

  • 2013 nfc championship game you mean

  • Jessie James

  • Somebody take away this millennial boy's Sport and Man card away from him!!!! De-Con??? An Cornerback Navarro Bowman? AFC championship? get Dafaq outta here bruh!

  • Really they need to change OT to go the full time, not the first team to score.

  • Lost me at “DeeCon “Jones.

  • John lynch isn't on here you serious? He the reason for the no helmet to helmet rule if I'm not mistaken!

  • Deekon Jones? Oh boy...

  • It's called the Mel Blount Rule. Everyone knows that he was the too good one.

  • 4:17 peen-alized???

  • Did I miss Dick “Night train” Lane?

  • Ur an idiot😂😂😂 DeaKhan????

  • The Holy Roller play didn't change anything, there was already a rule against intentionally advancing the ball it was just ruled in that case that the ball wasn't intentionally advanced but done so by accident. There were no rule changes because of that play. How do you mispronounce the name of a legend like Deacon Jones?

  • Ok, I'm sorry, but a list of NFL Player related rules, and you don't include the biggest one of them ALL???My hero, the greatest maniac of the game "3 mile Lyle" Lyle Alzado, has the rule implemented, that you CANNOT use a helmet as a weapon, lol. Now that's a ''you gotta be kidding me" moment, lol.

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  • Calvin Johnson rule?

  • First why do you say deacon like that and it wasn’t dirty. The head slap if you watch his highlights caught the opponent off guard. Bro why tf is dick lane not on her. Clay Mathews should be on here. And who tf is this new guy where are our ogs

  • Hines Ward rule

  • Mel Blount Rule a defensive player can't knock a offensive wide receiver to the ground and cover another wide receiver

  • Aaron Rodgers and hitting the quarterback

  • SF and Seattle are apparently AFC now?

  • All of you morons mentioning Dez Bryant, or Calvin Johnson, or Jesse James are talking about the same rule. The video is about rules made because of one player. And, if anything, the rule was changed after the Jesse James incompletion, so it would be that play that got it changed. Bryant's drop was 4 years ago and Johnson's was before that, so let it go.

  • Brian Dawkins - The NFL outlawed suplexing the ball carrier.

  • No Calvin Johnson rule🤨

  • Why’d he say afc Seahawks and 49ers

  • I remember a special teams player for GB named Gary Lewis who would block field goals by jumping on top of players for leverage. I think it was Lewis's antics that caused the NFL to make a rule against doing that.

  • Yes Phil Dawson did make the fg kick now a reviewable play rule. Also Josh Cribbs was the return man responsible for abolishing the 5 man return wedge. And Cleveland's Dwayne Rudd had the helmet toss loss which ultimately led to a rule change regarding the removal of the helmet and the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty now a non-existent infraction. This was due in part of Rudds in the grasp sack of Trent Green that was somehow not called down and Green then flipped the ball to an offensive lineman while sitting on Rudds lap. Rudd was positive he got the sack and the clock was at zero, so he got up and ran down the field while taking his helmet off in celebration, The refs called a 15yd unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for Rudds Removal of helmet and it gave KC a free play with no time left to kick a game winning FG.

  • Suprised we didn’t see the Lyle Alzado rule

  • Bra bowman is a line backer n they're n the nfc😂😂😂

  • Ahh obviously dez Bryant the three steps for a catch

  • It actually wasn’t the Patriots who voted to keep the tuck rule.

  • How about Refs that were responsible for rule changes???

  • What about Hester 🤔🤔

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  • Thank you, Millennial Snowflake. You might want to brush up on your facts. You messed up on a few things there.

  • Calvin johnson

  • Neil Smith defensive false start rule.

  • this guy knows absolutely NOTHING

    • Erik Capozzi dick head

  • Bowman was a middle linebacker not a CB

  • Anthony Barr Roughing the passer.

  • Calvin Johnson rule?

  • Lyle Alzado! The Alzado rule: you are not allowed to rip the helmet off of an opposing player and use it as a weapon against him.

  • This video is a total botch-fest. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Lyle alzado

  • Lol Jimmy Graham? Wtf get real kid. Tony Gonzalez had been doing that shit for like 13 years before that turd was even in the league. He did it because he played basketball and was the first real hybrid TE. He completely changed the position from glorified blockers to a legitimate passing threat

  • If Dick "Night train" Lane isn't number one, then your list is shit

  • Tuck rule