20 NFL Players Responsible for Rule Changes

čas přidán 26. 12. 2018
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The only constant about the NFL is change.
Throughout history, the league has had to introduce countless rule changes, trying to eliminate dirty tactics and improve player safety.
Some of the biggest rule changes stemmed from the actions of solely one player. Whether it was using a dirty trick or committing a dangerous act, the league was inspired from such actions by one player to change a rule.
Today we present 20 NFL Players who are Responsible for Rule Changes.
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Host + Editor: Jason Biondo
Writer: Alex Hoegler


  • "Dee-cone jones" "peenalized"

  • Rams middle linebacker in a playoff game against the redskins he jumped over the center during a field goal

  • Navorro Bowman is a linebacker not a quarterback back

  • Miss Calvin Johnson rulle and the change to the force out rulle

  • Patriots made this list just once, but the haters like to pretend that rules are constantly being changed to favor the Patriots LMAO...

  • are you an idiot it's pronounced like low the toe groza

  • Romo no spitting in the face or breaking eye socket of team mate during practice?

  • Peenalized

  • You blew some calls . If you really watch football how do call the minister of defense dee con like the bug spray. The next blown call Tampa Bay emanuals catch . The call was not supposed to be reviewed there was no review the catch then you have John Madden in the announcer booth stating the rule himself that catch was nonreviewable so Tampa Bay got screwed by the refs.

  • So you can’t hit the QB in the knees lower leg upper leg or chest or helmet, but they can still be tackled somehow...👌

  • I feel like part of the horse collar ban was from night train lane

  • So why haven’t Michael Bennett been banned from wearing kicker pads? The dude is a damn pass rusher wearing a damn kicker pads that looks like nothing on him. 😂

  • Where’s the Mel Blount rule? Lol biggest defensive rule change in history

  • The Jesse James play when the refs said he was down and not making a football move during the Steelers vs Patriots game when Brady mistakenly gave Ben Roethlisberger under a minute to come back. Technically Steelers won bc they made the play legal the next season.

  • Vontese Burfict rule of not murdering players on the field. They get a warning then ejected from the game.

  • I’m pretty sure that Mel Blount from the Steelers created that Defensive Backs could no longer draw contact with receivers past 5 yards. Established 1978. Only way to stop that guy

  • 7:24. 49’s and Seahawks are NFC bro

  • It wasn't because of the Bengals receiver, it was called the "Mel Blount" rule.

  • Don't you talk shit about my Vikings like that

  • Odell and Josh had automatic ejection after 2 of the same foul.

  • This is a shit video


  • Fans suffer from rule changes, it sickens me to see receivers run over the middle fearlessly without getting lit up. Football sucks without big violent hits. period.

  • Sarcastic quote at 3:07... sounds like someone that has never gotten slapped in the ear hole on a helmet or even played the game, for that matter. (not counting peewee or pop warner football)

  • Jerry rice

  • 11:00 apparently there was only 30 teams in the NFL in 2013.. the more you know 👍😂

    • If u were listening 30 teams voted to get rid of the tuck rule and 1 team voted to keep it....... The more you know the 👍

  • I can't believe this video doesn't include Bernard Pollard lunging at and holding onto Tom Brady's knee after he'd thrown the ball, taking him out for the season with a torn ACL. That one was bad enough for the NFL to change the rule about lunging at quarterbacks from the ground.

  • Richard Sherman spearing

  • I need the tuck rule to return just for madden, because I’ll throw a ball as I’m about to get sacked and it’ll be a fumble. It happens almost every game

  • 49ers and Seattle play in the NFC, and Bowman is a linebacker

  • This nigga just called navarro bowman a cornerback

  • The saints should have went to the NFC Championship in 2017 then because against the vikings when Stephon Diggs caught that pass he took his helmet off on the field and also threw it so that should have got called back I'm a saints fan but I know its still because he missed the tackle but they should have been in the NFC Championship we got cheated 2 years in a row Reply if you agree

  • This guy really doesn’t know shit 😂


  • Dez Bryant and Jesse James were responsible for the rule where the players had to have control two feet and a football move

  • 3:42 I’m a Vikings fan so fuck you

  • Nobody cares about the nfl anymore

  • Decon Jones isn't pronouned as if he were Roach bait. Seahawks - 49ers don't play in the AFC, and, it was the 2014 NFC Champ game, not 2013. FYI, Mark Gastineu's clebration was called, "WAR DANCE", and the nickname for the D- Line was, "The NY Sack Exchange" Research anyone? ANYONE??? Good Lord!!!

  • Pretty sure Navarro Bowman played linebacker not quarterback

  • 8:30 dancey dancey

  • Cornerback Navarro Bowman???

  • Butfict? Did he change anything

  • Some teams just don't care they still celebrate sacking them it's not like the rules have changed over that you should watch how Dallas cowboys celebrate it

  • The 5 yard rule was a result of Mel Blount. Not a WR.

  • Devin Hester rule: kickoffs moved to 35-yard line.

  • Night train lane made face mask rule

  • Calvin Johnson

  • Can u please just show the clips and quit fuckin talking


  • Didnt night train lane cause a bunch of tackling rules

  • Who looks at Bowman and thinks Cornerback??

  • "Make sure to like this video... `cuz I know you did." NO, I DID NOT, TOO MANY MISTAKES. Make videos about sports you know something about, like online gaming.

  • "Make sure to like this video... `cuz I know you did." NO, I DID NOT, TOO MANY MISTAKES. Make videos about sports you know something about, like online gaming.

  • Who the fuck can't pronounce Deacon!

  • Remember the Calvin Johnson rule

  • Controversial play took place between the Seahawks and the 49ers and the 2013 AFC Championship game. Thought they were NFC teams?

  • What about Night train Lane and tackling around the neck??

  • It’s (dea-kun) not (dea-khan)

  • The Lyle Alzado rule using the helmet as a weapon

  • Yes, we need to make for fewer injuries. But it sure helps me appreciate someone like Johnny Unitas, who didn't have all this NFL bubble-wrap protections. I believe Brady to be the best quarterback of all time, (my opinion) however, he did not have to play in an era that Johnny U did.

  • Calvin Johnson rule

  • dude that slap the ear hole was the move it stuns the linemen flat out it was the best technique back in the day fuck a swim fuck a rip slap an ear hole watch the guys eyes do slot machines

  • What about T.O

  • Navaro Bowman after that fumble recovery broke his leg.. and was out the rest of the season.

  • That's a lie! Tom Brady might be infamous from the tuck rule. But the tuck rule was already there. He had nothing to do with the actually rule change.

    • Nope sry, the tuck rule was already there. It wasn't changed into the Tom Brady rule the year later. The tuck rule was already there in affect when that play happened. But this is the famous play from it. Alot ppl think it's from this play that the tuck rule was named. But it was already in the rules before that play happened.

    • Yes he did. He would have 5 rings instead of 6. Plus the rule don't exist anymore.

  • What about Miracle at the Meadowlands? 🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅🦅

  • I am a raiders fan the tuck rule is stupid

  • Who made QB sacks, not including the leg tackle one, harder to do? You can't properly sack a QB without "Roughing the Passer" being tossed at you.

  • Kam Chancelor jumping over the line on the field goal

    • Makai Peterson Kam wasn’t the first. 🤦🏻‍♂️ If i recall. It was Jamie Collins.

  • Lol 8:27

  • yes jason the 49ers and seahawks are TOTALLY in the afc good call there

    • Jacob Clarizia The Seahawks were in the afc before 2003


  • Portssmith Spartans who are they

  • Hahaa. Unless my hearing is failing me, you proved you are entirely wet behind the ear and have no business talking about the NFL, let alone hosting a show, due to not possessing the relatively common knowledge and respect to refer to the "MEL BLOUNT RULE" as the "MEL BLOUNT RULE." UNREAL. I suggest doing your research next time. 20 players to cause an NFL rule change and you were ignorant enough to not even mention the player (A WELL KNOWN HALL OF FAME PLAYER WHO IS FAR FROM BEING OBSCURE OR INCONSPICUOUS) who single handedly caused the NFL to change the rules regarding pass coverage and contact in connection therewith. MEL BLOUNT RULE. MY 11 YEAR OLD SON POINTED OUT YOUR IGNORANCE TO ME. SHAME ON YOU. STICK TO THE MODERN ERA IF YOU ARE TOO LAZY AND DISINCLINED TO DO YOUR RESEARCH, DESPITE THIS BEING A MATTER OF COMMON KNOWLEDGE.

  • Night train Lane is responsible for the facemask and clothsline tackle rules, lyle alzado is responsible for the cant remove helmet and throw/use as weapon rule.

  • the tuck rule was implemented in the rule book before brady even got drafted (1999) and even got called in the 2001 season regular season so get your facts straight

    • You said “salty fan” in that sentence tho.

    • @F.B.I everyone who says salty fan is an even saltier hater

    • salamipitza lol salty pats fan

  • 2 NFC teams were in the AFC championship game? Learn something new everyday!

  • I didn't know the 9ers and Seahawks were in the AFC. Oh, and I'm sure Dick "Night Train" Lane had something to do with facemasking.

  • Night train lane's tackling change rules

  • Deacon Jones pronounced "Deecan" not "DEECON"

  • Calvin Johnson's catch rule and Night Train Lane, he had caused the no clothes line rule and changed another rule to. I'm so mad that Night Train Lane ain't on this👿👎

  • 49ers Quarterback Navorro Bowman?? 🤔🤔

  • How about saints game they still would of not won the superbowl but really

  • Tom Brady is not an NFL legend he is just on a good team if you put him on a team like the Green Bay Packers he would have problems a legend would not.

  • This fool doesn't know how to say any words. PENILIZED.

    • I think it’s either where he’s from or a cultural choice, like sometimes I spell American words, ex: color with a “u” or other letter even though I’m not from England

  • 7:22 Afc???

  • DeE CoN Jones

  • Calvin Johnson rule?!!!

  • Dick “night train” lane

  • Troy polamalu with a cheep shot on aron locket in college

  • StickUm from a jar was banned in 1980, but that didn't stop quite a few teams from using a "StickUm-Like Spary" that receivers would apply to there gloves (Jerry Rice used this "Spray" for his whole career in the NFL).

  • AFC championship game?

  • It WAS 2013 NOT 1977 49ERS WON THAT

  • dick lane also night train lane

  • Not only should Mel Blount be on the list. He should be near the top.

  • You are absolutely incorrect the way you explained the Tom Brady tuck incident, it shows you have no idea what happened and you don't understand the rule. It wasn't ruled he tucked the ball back into his body, that's what he did. It was ruled his arm was moving forward, so they ruled it an incomplete pass. The rule says that a quarterbacks arm can be moving forward and it still be a fumble, as long as he's not in a throwing motion. So If someone pump fakes and drops the ball, it's a fumble. I'm just curious as to what sports this dude actually knows about, cause it ain't football.

  • You mispronounced Deacon Jones name. You butchered it, really. And I highly doubt the Seahawks and 49ers played in the AFC Championship game.

  • @7:20 that was not the AFC championship game, that was the NFC championship game. The 49ers & Seahawks are in the NFC.

  • Hines ward rule

  • 7:24 NFC championship