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If you love to decorate you already know that glass gems could be found in any crafts shop and will cost you a penny but the crafty projects are easy to make and look fantastic.
Glass drops are awesome to decorate some plain objects like jars and vases. You can also reach a cool magical effect by attaching glass drops to a glass jar. Put a light inside and enjoy the magic!
Flat glass marbles crafts are really cheap and wonderful, you can make various projects using this simple material. We share with you how to create super easy marble bowl that could be used as a cute candle holder. If you love to design jewelry you will totally love the idea of baking the gems. Preheat the oven and put your glass stones in a baking dish. Bake the stones for 20 minutes. Prepare a plastic bowl with cold water and add water and pour the stones into the water immediately. Stones will have cracks on the inside but the outside is perfectly smooth. Your stones are now ready to work with, use your imagination and create! Have fun!
You gonna love adorable glass pebble magnets for your fridge. You may paint them in any color and glue the magnet. Voila!
Moreover, you can create a spinning cosmetic organizer using baking trays and glass gems.
Use a balloon as a mold for a bowl - cover it with wet cement. Watch our tutorial on how to make these cute bowls and candle holders.
Modeling clay is also a great material to express your creativity and to make adorable handmade accessories. Check out the idea of a lovely leave-shaped bowl for your jewelry.
Always wanted a stylish vase that will express your creativity? Check out how to create an adorable vase from an empty bottle of whiskey.
Watch our video and make your own concrete planters to upgrade your interior design. It won’t take much effort but you gonna love the result. To make concrete planters you will need plastic bottles and concrete. Follow our tutorial and have fun!
Watch this video till the end to see how to make kitchen clocks from cups, table from old hangers, how to reuse your old toys and a lot more!
00:07 Glass drops décor
00:45 Handmade pendant
05:50 DIY Lamp
09:10 Concrete planters
06:57 DIY cute kitchen clocks

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