2018 US Open Press Conference: Naomi Osaka

čas přidán
Naomi Osaka defeats Serena Williams in 2018 US Open Championship
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  • In short, " She is amazing".

  • who disliked this ?! let me guess crazy serena fans wtf!! disgrace to the tennis world ..Naomi is too cool tho.

  • She realy meanner like a Japanese ... such shame she has to switch one of the nationality she had ...

    • yes unfortunately under the japanese law she has to choose only one nationality when she turns 22.

  • She say "omm" so cute (; A ;) Naomi u are nice person ☆

  • The Media are a pack of Wolves & the Paparazzi are a bunch of Hyenas.

  • "Having been born with a penis and competing as a woman is not fair" - - - Tennis legend, Martina Navratilova - - -

  • Naomi is very graceful not one bad word about Serena, eventhough the journalists wanted some taste of drama, but Naomi kept her respect towards Serena, a class act!

  • Such sweet and cute and also beautiful person.Come on Naomi

  • everyone who was born in Osaka their last name is Osaka LOL

  • Congrats on another Slam Win at the Australian Open (and at the ripe age of 21)!!!!!!! Naomi is truly a woman among girls. Humble. Respectful. A true role model for young tennis girls around the world.

  • I never finished watching tennis game before.. but yesterday i watced naomi game until finish..so yess i'm naomi fans now.. (but sorry not tennis fans)

  • Naomi's humility and personality won me over as a fan. Beautiful. Congratulations Naomi.

  • this girl is such a savage!!!

  • Press: "Sasha was interviewed a little while ago...What made you choose him to work with you?" Naomi's thoughts: "Because he's hot..." Naomi's response: "Because he's a really nice person."

  • Naomi, do you drink? Nooooo......., I'm twenty. She is cute.

  • Serena can go to hell. Naomi deserves her victory. But she can't even enjoy it since Serena is such a sore damn loser. Acting like she's some sort of prodigy and like defeat isn't supposed to happen to her. Naomi is so humble. I'm glad Serena lost

  • She's beautiful for the comments she made about hugging Serena

  • 2018 US OPEN ChAMP💜

  • Yas Naomi a true champ 💜✔

  • I think that a true champion is a person that stands out in and out of the game.this young lady is the epitome of true champion.Sha has been raised well..

  • OMG What a nice young lady, she is a beautiful soul. Her parents really did a wonderful job 🙂

  • Naomi is the coolest thing in tennis

  • I love it when she said she did a report of Serena when she was in third grade. That kind of class is amazing.

  • mavbe this press conferance stressed her more than the final game.

  • She simply won’t be drawn on the bullshit Serena questions! Her media training is on point

  • So everyone cheering naomi and japan, you pissing on Pearl Harper. She and Japan can go where the devil at. The nerve to live here and play for an American Enemy waving Japan's flag. She's real ignorant.

    • troll alert!😁

    • Wtf you either old as fxck or is still stuck in the past and can't move on

    • "...an American enemy..." Are you living in a time warp? Japan and the U.S. have a mutual defense pact, and have had it since the '50s. The question is, how many times has the U.S. invaded Haiti since 1941? ...At least once.

  • Beautiful black woman

  • rACISM is a hell of a DISGUstING THING , much like the people who created it.

  • Dont Drink Niomi.😵

  • Sleep = Celebration. 😀

  • 🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾Haitian Tennis Club 😀🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾.

  • Papa was her first Coach. Its the Haitian Tennis Secrets 🎾🎾🎾🎾😀

  • she kicked Serenas ass bhaaaa!

  • Wow they came in every direction to get Naomi to see Serena negative but what they don’t realize is love is love

  • Quoting Naomi: "When I step onto the court its just about Tennis" "I want to have fun with every match that I play, Tennis is a game, but professional tennis players, we sometimes lose sight of that". Every tennis player should take an example of that, well said Naomi.

  • How can someone be so down to earth? Congrats dear

  • very good at seperating beeing a champion and admiring one,well an X champion,,,give it up serena thers a new kid in town and she got ur digets...big suck go home and be a mom,,you looked sloppy out ther and you continueing to be a suck after your first penalty made you look like you never one anything,,and the fact that you didn't stop pushing the reff then asking for the court officials to come out and talk with you just looked embarsing,,ya if i was Mickeal jackson i would tell you to go beat it!!

  • Smart kid...ya im only 20....hmmmmm acts 43...uniqe girl..just wants to play and have fun..love howe she left it all on the court,,,cool chick!!

  • I have seen highlights of Osaka match against Serena. Osaka play like a Kung fu master. She move smoothly like it so easygoing. My amateur thinking.

  • I wanted to cry when naomi cried she is a person who cares about others feelings

  • 6:28 best question with nice and kind attitude, respect 👍🏼👏🏼

  • Sleep 😂😂😍

  • Great kid had to dealwith with a jacked up adult throwing a roof rage tantrum!

  • She is my humility goals. What a beautiful heart

  • I'm in love lmao

  • OMG this girl is a pure angle

  • Fuckn journos the lowest of the low

  • She speaks some weird english, is that South African, or Australian accent?

  • someones comment reminded me of what was said on th podium that "this was not the outcome we wanted" but for sure it was the outcome God wanted cus His Word says "humble thyself in the sight of God and He will lift you up" (James 4: 10,11) keep on staying humble Naomi throughout yur career, with our prayers and your family support n God's guidance I know you will. 🏆🎾🎾🎾congratulations to yu n yur team. All th best in Tokyo.

  • so cute and honest; Im ur biggest fan now Naomi! pls stay as you are😘

  • I did not think there were humans of this caliver any more. Amazing girl.

  • Now this is a role model for woman. She shows beauty and grace.

  • Salute Naomi. You are my idol now😍😍. I want to be like you.

  • She is so pretty but she really needs to open her mouth to talk. She just keeps her teeth together which i have never seen before when people talk. These reporters did interview Serena, go see her interview. Anyways, job well done Naomi!! xo

    • wtf!!

    • 誰にも癖はあるんだからそういうなよ。人に完璧を求めるんじゃないよ、

  • Sooo Humble. A Genuine Star!!! 100%


  • Power statement from Naomi ,I quote "when I step on the tennis court for me its about Tennis" ,take notes Serena

  • You shouldn't idolize people.

  • Hope she'll never be like her idol.

    • I hope she does, winning 23 Slams or more, earning millions and at the end being one of the All-Time Greats, as Serena is and continues to be.....

  • A lot good comments about her from people. I read God's word to Put your confidence in the Lord not man.

  • Naomi is so humble. She had every right to be angry and bitter since her glory moment that she had worked her whole life for was stolen from her. But she chose to apologize and acknowledge Serena as an amazing player. NAOMI ERA IS STARTING AND SHE HAS MANY FANS!!!

    • +Maggot Brain "Nothing was stolen from her; where do people get that idea from?" From Katrina Adams, the president of the U.S. Tennis Association, who before handing out the trophies said, "This was not the outcome WE were hoping for." ...And the booing crowds, who continued to boo long after the umpire had left and the two players were on the podium, waiting to receive their trophies. Naomi Osaka was in tears because it appeared the crowd was booing the outcome (her victory). The fact is, many of the crowd were people who don't regularly follow tennis but were fans of Serena anyway. They believed the hype that Serena was destined to get her 24th Grand Slam title, and anything that stood in the way of this was just denying what Serena was entitled to have. Serena and her minions soiled Naomi's moment of glory.

    • Gloria Chang Nothing is stolen from her, where people get the idea from.

  • Sweet young athlete. I hope she has a long successful career. I'll be rooting for her!!

  • Naomi linda y humilde me encantó

  • She's pretty poised for a 20 year old ..

  • She told a cool joke about someone an know one got it

  • A true Champ in every sense of the word! Congratulations Naomi Osaka! Greetings fr the Philippines.

  • Best moment of the conference 07:50 !!!!!:-):-):-)

  • Naomi you handled this most unfortunate situation with a grace and humbleness.THIS WAS HER DREAM TO PLAY HER IDOL SERENA AT THE US OPEN FINAL. Sadly, Serena, the crowd and the disgraceful comment by Katrina Adams "Perhaps this was not the finish we were looking for today". utterly spoiled Naomi's moment. Can you imagine? Naomi just achieved her dream and she should have been celebrated, not booed. Even with all those insulting comments and bad behavior by Serena, the crowd and Katrina Adams, Naomi apologized for winning because she knew if she were in the stand she would've been rooting for Serena. I am glad to see so many Americans and non-Americans applauding for Naomi's grace. So THANK YOU! Can someone please tell me name(s) of Grand Slam champions from the past who won unexpectedly against the crowd's favorite player and ended up being treated this poorly and yet somehow managed to be so humble and still respectful towards the crowd and the sore loser? Serena is one of the players known to have bad temper on court. She used the F word towards one of the line's people at the US open 2009, and got fined for that. This umpire called her for verbal abuse because Serena kept berating him and wouldn't let go. No, Serena didn't use curse words but it was how Serena kept verbally abusing the umpire "You owe me an apology" " Say you are sorry" " You will never work on one of matches". I don't think I was only one who was cringing as Serena acted like a bully. When it was all said and done at the press conference, Serena had turned this into gender inequality issue. Serena, if you act even remotely like how classy Chris Evert was, situations like this would never happen in the first place. You are a legend and little kids look up to you so please practice self restrain a little.I'm Japanese and we were taught to be humble and gracious from childhood. Her mother clearly kept the tradition. Naomi even thanked the crowd for watching and thanked Serena for playing and took a bow. HOW SO JAPANESE OF HER! BTW: Naomi completely outplayed Serena, just saying.

    • Tak O She just played Serena in the us open final, that was her dream. She just did, it doesnt matter what happened during the match. People are forcing things on her, and are not even capable or willing to see or feel it Naomi's way. People are messing the experience. Morons.

  • I just love her! She is so adorable! Love from Bangladesh.

  • Naomi is so gracious and real. I love her!

  • A true Child of God. She brought tears to my eyes with her honesty, humility and love❤️

  • She have a graceful attitude

  • She looks like a Mona Lisa beaver........cute not not hot..........

  • This kid is well grounded mature beyond her age. Congratulations! Now I am tennis fan.

  • So humble in a room or ravenous lions.

  • She is very Kobe Bryant-Esk with her answers.

  • Did she just say play video games I'm in love

  • What a beautiful woman, inside and out! Now she is a product of good parenting. I would hate to see her end up like brittany spears, miley cyrus or one of those bad girls gone wild all drunk.

  • She is so sweet, humble, and smart...very respectable

  • love her

  • Don't we all just love this lovely lady?

  • Im not sure if people in the comments are aware that she is Haitian and Japanese.

  • i like her japon's education .. she deserve a titlle and she beat sereena twice this year

    • what school did she go to in Japan?

    • Shes from Florida

  • What a refreshment to see such a humble and talented 20 years old :)

  • She is so awesome and kind and frank!

  • Oh man! One will be very lucky to marry such a wonderful person

  • The proud winner! and should be having to deal with a whiner across the net. She handled these clowns well. Congratulations!

  • おめでとう😄感動した

  • Naomi 5' 11" pretty tall for a woman tennis player, she can move pretty fast on the court. Naomi will be the next tennis champ for a few years to come. Serena might retire soon because the older you get, the slower you get.

  • Good job Naomi. Sorry for the embarrassing behavior, you are a good person.

  • She could feel the voracious energy in that room...and handled it like a champ...just like she handled Serena. But her face at the end of the press conference said it all.. She was ready to get out of there.

  • She just won the championship and goes home and casually plays video games lol

  • Great job Naomi! I cannot count how many times these fake news madia outlets have tried to deprive you of your Haitian background. You are such a very smart young lady the way you always seem to throw it right back in their faces with a smile. These people have a western colonial mindset with deep hatred towards Haiti for being the first black country in the Western Hemisphere to be independent. I have never met a Haitian person that was not proud to be Haitian. Go ask France about Haiti, go ask the so called great General Napoleon Bonapart about Haiti. Most Haitians speak 3 different languages and also hard working people. I speak Creol, French, Spanish & English. How many languages do YOU speak?

  • ❤️✊🏿

  • "I felt like a kid again"..... wow! That hits deep.

  • 🔴🌴🔵 My Dad is Haitian...... REPRESENT😀✌🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🔴

  • What happened to her at 3:41?

  • Bless her, smart girl 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • She is a lovely young lady. look forward to seeing her win again. Very sweet and classy

  • so humble 💖💖