2018 US Open Press Conference: Naomi Osaka

čas přidán
Naomi Osaka talks to the press following her 6-2, 6-4 semifinal win. Read more: ms.spr.ly/2018-us-open-keys-osaka
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  • Guy at 11:12 looks like Sinbad

  • Nothing but love for you out here in Cincinnati on behalf of black people. Keep up the good work and stay focused

  • sooo intelligent! sooo good in dealing with the press!

  • Really in love with the Am am am am am well

  • Luv Japanese women they make things so easy in life besides having a lot of bank lol

  • I am an NFL gal! I am totally converted I just adore this creature... so so pure

  • I love her. She is real to the bone

  • Being soft spoken doesn't make you naive, it just means you're calm and quiet. Really impressed with her tennis play and even more so with her demeanor. Even just that response of "who would dream to lose?" shows she has a sharp mind. I hope this is just the first of even more grand slams.

  • Good for you nNaomi you are so smart girl

  • American Tennis! fist pump im no chump grrrr cheating gets colossus build something bigger than the walls of your own ego can hold. rage on screaming like a demon Naomi, (Ego Killer) OMG what a new breath of fresh air! Sportsmanship! Naomi..Love is not a strong enough word on how I feel. You're respectful, gracious, courteous, cultured, well-mannered. I am a fan forever. Hey....Tennis arrogant country club snobs with those airs of superiority.....Go ahead, play her. Fuck around and get your ego broke.

  • Just hold EVERYTHING a minute! EVERYONE that knows ANYTHING about Japan, knows that Japanese people regard ANY mixing with even another oriental person, let alone another race entirely, as an all out reason to SHUN you. If you are not 100% Japanese, then SCREW YOU! is the outright, and well known attitude by the vast majority of Japanese people. UNLESS--- you won! NOW you are not Haitian at all, you are Japanese! Same story with every established "race". Bob Marley was half ENGLISH, and half JAMAICAN. In Jamaica, he was rejected. His English family didn't even acknowledge his existence.... UNTIL---- He became famous and wealthy. THEN--- EVERYONE wanted Bob Marley.

    • Darren Dix And what that have to do with Naomi tennis. She don't give shit about that, and so am i. That is Japanese peoples problem, let them deal with it.

    • ....BUT, ...for some reason the Japanese funded her training. She is "Japanese" because its Japanese money and her membership in the Japanese Tennis Association which was behind her. ....The Haitian contribution? Well, her Haitian dad got her into tennis, and he applied to the Japanese tennis people (as well as to the American tennis people); and it was the Japanese who took her up.

  • So, it' Nike Vs. Adidas? Are you all divided?

  • You're scum if you think these non melanin haters love you you'll see when you beat their kind

  • amazing how she answers the Japanese media in english...beautiful personality...

    • grace mclean yes the japanese media at present understands english.

  • She has a cute smile and voice, but John Wick eyes.

  • My dream final. I'd be happy with either one winning.

  • SO HAPPY SHE WON.. : )

  • I don't give a flying fuck about tennis but for some reason this girl makes me wanna watch it

  • Serena owes the umpire an apology. She was a disgrace with her whining and carrying on. What an absolute embarrassment of a freak show Serena was. Tried playing the gender card saying that this is only happening bc she's a woman. It was her job to keep track of her penalties. She said that her coach just did a thumbs up and went on a ridiculous clueless rant berating the ump. Then the coach admits he was coaching and the replay showed that the coach was doing a lot more than a thumbs up. Strike 1 and a warning. Then she smashes her racket. 2nd offense and a point is awarded to her opponent. Then she gets all uppity and again starts berating and mouthing off to the ump culminating in calling the ump a liar and a thief. The ump had had enough of princess serena's mouthing off and rightly gave her strike 3 for verbal abuse. Game penalty awarded to Naomi. It was serena's job to know that she had 2 strikes and that the 3rd would mean a game penalty but no... she's still all uppity and makin' a jagoff outta herself. She starts blathering about how she's a champion on the court and a champion of issues away from the court. Translation: When she's done with tennis she wants to be some kinda ridiculous left wing mouthpiece, yawnnnnn.... Go fuck yourself you disgrace. You stole the moment from Naomi with your childish tirades where you were WRONG on every aspect and point. Naomi crushed Serena and woulda beat her anyway but jesus christ what an embarrassment. She made a complete spectacle of herself and the ny crowd was terrible and rude. Fuck you Serena, you've tarnished your image for life. No class.

    • Mark Epiphone Serena Brand genius 2018, check it out. PR masterpiece. Serena and Billy Jean.

  • Her response 7:25 really made my day!

  • I hope she continues to kick Serena's arse!!

  • Молодец!!! Ты супер играла ! Сирене не хватило допинга😂

  • Osaka Tokyo. Naomi backwards is I moan. Prove me otherwise.

  • Naomi is japanese, not the way she speaks, but the way she behaves. Serena is american, not the way she speaks, but the way she claims.

  • Out of all this debacle I am most curious about how come she speaks in an American accent?

  • I'm very glad she let the reporter colonizers know where her father came from "#HaitiRepresent" never forget where your parents roots came from i'm admire her humbleness, the fact that she keep telling them that she have Haitian roots in her blood make me proud👏👏👏👏

    • "...colonizers..." When are the Haitian aliens on Hispaniola Island going to go back to Africa? (Sure, those Haitians would be facing the descendants of those Africans who SOLD them to the slave traders, but... ...they are indigenous to west Africa, not Hispaniola.)

  • 🏆🎉Congratulations Naomi Osaka!🎉🇯🇵 🇺🇸 Great sportsmanship!💯🎾

  • Naomi Osaka, you're a descendant of the 12 Tribes of Yisra'EL. Your dad's ancestors came on slave ships according to the sacred scrolls of Deutronomy. Shalom

  • Motherhood changes a person. Things you may tolerate before you will no longer stand. That is what Serena is calling out and I stand firmly with her. This was an illegit win for Osaka...no honor in it.

    • Enforcing the rules isn't tainting the game: CHEATING is. There was no "bias" penalty. ....Why do you deny that NAOMI is also a female player, out on the court, under the same supervision as Serena - the SAME UMPIRE; and she didn't throw her racquet once! Moreover, the International Tennis Federation has unreservedly backed Ramos. The other umpires back Ramos. ....Katrina Adams (USTA) and Billie Jean King (WTA) have tainted the game with their politically correct feminist politics. (Thank goodness Naomi Osaka is a member of the JAPANESE Tennis Association - the organization which was welcome to the idea of funding her, as her Haitian father and Japanese mother discovered. ....In less than two years from now, Naomi will choose which citizenship she will keep - Japanese or American. I think it's obvious that she will be more welcomed by the Japanese than by the P.C., racist American establishment which will always regard her as lacking "authenticity" in her blackness and never fails to slight the up-by-your-bootstraps, I-don't-need-your-pity Asians. Democrats RESENT high-achieving Asians.

    • +Rosa Hodge stop that shit!! it's negative energy sistah!!!

    • Moto A Play.. I do not blab ....I state. I guess you are so accustomed to clasifying women speech as blab which speaks to your sexims. . First of all if that were the case then the game shoould have played out without bias penalty. . The umpire tainted it. and for that I call the win illegitimate. Allow me to add the following: .WTA’s Steve Simon: double standards applied by Carlos Ramos.....USTA president hails Williams’s ‘class’ and ‘sportsmanship’ www.theguardian.com/.../serena-williams-wta-us...

    • WTH are you blabbering about? Illegitimate win for Osaka? Just like how last time she beat Serena? She was on her way beating Serena even before the umpire incident.

    • She did that in 2009 too. She lost fair and square

  • Torch has passed. Gifted player.

  • Congratulations Naomi Osaka!!! You played an outstanding match! Your parents are proud. Your parents Love one another. And your parents Love you!!!🇺🇸🇯🇵🇭🇹🇱🇾

  • unintimidated

  • Wow humility, gracious, poise, intimidated, what more to say, ❤️❤️❤️

  • Once a hoodrat always a hoodrat . Great classy final ooooooooooooooooohaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Congrats Osaka both you and Serena rock. You are a pro.

  • You Had Help..Judge Cheated.for You Scum

  • As a Japanese I grew up being told to always be humble and polite to the others. Now I’m living in Australia and sometimes people say to me this “I don’t understand what Japanese people are thinking because you people never say what you really think” Well,we just don’t say anything ungrateful because it is not necessary. You did great job Naomi Osaka,I’m so proud of you.

  • who is here after she winning us open

  • Naomi congratulations haiti proud of you

  • Whoa - she's fun!

  • I Didn’t know her but now I love her , such a cool, funny and humble person she’s Awesome 👏🏾 👏🏾👏🏾🔥

  • Congratulations naomi :)

  • She is so cute

  • はやく日本に帰ってきなさい。くそみたいな人、くそみたいな国にいる必要ない。彼らは日本人にアメリカでアメリカ人がやられるのを見たくないのだ。日本人にはいつものようにGood loser を望んでたんだよ。 最後に感動をありがとうございました。お立ち台のインタビューはとても悲しくなりました。謝るなおみちゃんを見ておじちゃんは抱きしめたくなりましたよ。

  • I'm so proud of Naomi the way she showed her great character in front of Serena Williams meltdown

  • She beats her as her opponent and she cries as her fan

  • Bon bagay naromi🇭🇹!

  • Umpire Ramos is one of the most experienced & best Umpires iin the game. Serena couldn’t control her emotions , abuses the Umpire, racquet abuse & her Coach said he was Coaching to ESPN, then she tried to turn it into “women’s rights” women power, equality...Then the USTA President & commentators make absurd comments while the rude, disrespectful, uncultured Trump infested Crowd were Booing a young 20 yr girl winning her first GS in tears & apologising for Winning! What Disgraceful behaviour on the World stage. Naomi Osaka you are a Champion On & Off Court, .DONT EVER CHANGE, you are the future. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • MrJm323 Serana didn’t school the Umpire, is that the reason she received a fine post match? Is that the reason all Umpires are boycotting Serena’s matches? Is that the reason Serena was castigated Globally except by the pathetic American-New York Crowd? Before commenting I suggest you understand about Tennis etiquette, Tennis Rules, appears & sounds like you were one of many mentally twisted people supporting Serena’s poor rude, abusive, aggressive, shameful behaviour, let’s hope you haven’t got children who learn that appalling behaviour.

    • "....Trump-infested crowd..." ....WTF?!? It was New York, stupid! A veritable one-party state. The crowd cheered Serena when she "schooled" the umpire on how sexist he was. They're obviously Democrats. ....Indeed, the crowd and the U.S. Tennis Association (Katrina Adams) behaved like Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and the DNC in thinking that their preferred person (Hillary, in the case of the DNC; Serena, in the case of the U.S.T.A. and the crowd) was ENTITLED to "win" the competition (over Bernie Sanders, in the case of the DNC; over the 'outsider' and inauthentic black woman, Osaka, in the case of the U.S.T.A.). ....Both Hillary and Serena maxed out their "woman cards", much to the approval of the obviously 'I'm-With-Her' crowd in the arena. (Hillary cried '"sexism" when she lost, didn't she? Just like Serena.)


  • What kind of dumb ass questions were some these reporters asking? 😂😭

  • You have a new fan!✌😘

  • CHAMPION in every aspect. Humble, respectful and most endearing. Continued success for her future.

  • Haitians are so proud of you!

  • My gpa in high school was an 1.8 meanwhile i graduated from LIU, so once i get my Nuke on U.S.A i'll be the proudest man in human history

  • Let's just say the umpires and lines people are just ridiculous and really play a part in some players playing tennis and the French federation are biased throughout certain players careers especially Serena's career and Mary Carrillo seriously hates Serena!!!

  • She's all muscle, and beautiful.

  • Here's what I posted about Serena Williams before and after the finals... Congrats to Naomi on reaching the finals...but I wonder her finally going up against her longtime, cherished-most idol, would subconsciously cause her to pull her punches, resulting subliminally in her affording quarters to a lactating mother... Separately, I do hand it to SW for having thus far acquitted herself professionally on the court sans any reprise of her familiar scandalous histrionics. Lester Kok 1 second ago An update: The final is over just now and Naomi demolishes her idol in straight sets... but ruefully it's déjà vu all over again for Madam Drama Queen as she berated the chair umpire and smashed and crushed her racket in a fit of rage and hysteric. Is this what a lactating mom hopes to set an example for her wee one Alexis Olympia to model and remember by? Not a moment too soon to fully retire to full-time breastfeeding.

  • There are japanese journalists in that why no haitian journalist

  • Had no idea this person existed until today but man is she impressive both as a tennis player and as a human being. My new favorite player no doubt.

    • Yes and she's cute too. She looks just like her BLACK Dad. So keep cheering her on Johnny!

  • one day sweeties like this are gonna rule the world.....

  • Osaka is funny sometimes ...

  • Black?

    • +Tafari 98 meaning to say when you say "she's black" your implying she is only from african ancestry...therefore to others you are downplaying the other half which in this case is her Japanese lineage. usually if not most half blacks and half what nots are lighter in color than for example Serena whose parents are both black. but then again for convenience people can say she is black. on the other hand for convenience she can be called Japanese because that's her nationality and he mom is pure Japanese. blasian would be best IMO

    • +Boris Bornakiss And what's wrong with being black as night! enlighten me since you've put so much emphasis on her color 👀.!!!

    • +Tafari 98 blasian like tiger woods...serena is black like the night!

    • Yeah, I Know she is a black Queen. My parents are Haitian as well and I AM Black. There is no confusion there, just wanted to inform with the specifics. +Tafari 98

    • +David Valentine She's black still..😂


  • NAOMI allez allez....thé Zoes behind you.

  • Amazingly adorable, blessing to her parents and family.. Good Will to you young lady..

  • We are proud of you and we wish you the best Osaka.... Just enjoy the moment ....

  • Cute and very humble! She will be the next Serena!

  • What a beautiful and wise young lady! And she's only 20. Possibilities are endless. Go Naomi!!

  • Is she half black? I thought Japanese were a bit lighter skinned

  • 7:25 "How do you know I'm not caught up in bad stuff" (LMAO... no pun intended, but that's just gold). I like the kid, but Serena Williams is the truth, and I'm 'Team Serena' all the way... 24 slams would be awesome, something to silence the deniers and naysayers about who is the GOAT! I didn't know much about this kid Naomi but she has the future if she can stay true to herself and not be ashamed to admit Serena is her idol who has inspires her game. That is an honour and not a 'copycat' shameful thing. She thinks through her answers, most times she comes across very genuine, but I'm still trying to figure out whether other times she is trying to be politically correct or sensitive in her replies. But she definitely has a bright future both on and off the court.

  • All AFRICA Women US OPEN

  • "I don't dream to lose." - Naomi Osaka

  • I am rooting against Serena for the very first time. Go Naomi. Sak Pase?

  • I don't dream to loose -Naomi Osaka-

  • ena is no fool. All these compliments means nothing to her, she has a goal in her sight she sure will not be paying much attention to this girl's compliments if at all. She compliments her yet she is coming with the intention of derailing her plans? Do away with the compliments for now,we shall discuss that afyer you've given your runner up's speech later tonight. Thank you Naomi.

  • 13:27 hahaha, she remembers!

  • Maria beat Serena at 17 at her first GS final...Osaka can do it too...Nothing is impossible. Let's go!!! Oh yeah...some of these questions are so dumb but Osaka answers in a sincere way.

  • What a pro. giant congrats to Osaka.

  • “I’m not sure if you call that a rivalry if someone beats you 6-0 every day for 15 years.” I hope the press we’re taking notes for their future articles about sharapova and Serena Williams

  • Mari Osaka is a much shorter, compact player....She wasn’t blessed with some of the physical gifts of Naomi;however, she just had some good wins on the itf circuit, would be lovely if she could lift her level so the Osaka sisters can carry the sisterly torch when the Williams sisters retire

  • Osaka is going to win

  • Bel bagay la, ti dam Naomi Osaka Ayishyen. Viv Ayiti, viv pep Ayiti. Nous vous aimes, mademoiselle Naomi, et nous tes souhaite bonne chances. Peuple d’Haïti sont avec toi. Jamais oublier la payes de ton papa, la Perle d'Antilles. Haïti.

    • hartelijk dank voor je korrectie. Vele talen vele fouten. Mwen mem Ayisyen...eseye ekri kreyol... mwen pa trop fo nan ekri kreyol.

    • Si se kreyol la ou k ekri .. eseye ekrii.. men siw pa trop fò nan français ..pa eseye ekri li... oubyen korije saw ekri yo...

  • I want Serena to win this one, and maybe one more for 25. Then... I can move on to Naomi and root for her, and Sloane.

  • 🇭🇹🇯🇵🇭🇹🇯🇵🇭🇹🇯🇵🇭🇹🇯🇵🇭🇹🇯🇵🇭🇹🇯🇵🇭🇹🇯🇵🇭🇹🇯🇵🇭🇹🇯🇵🇭🇹🇯🇵🇭🇹🇯🇵🇭🇹🇯🇵🇭🇹🇯🇵🇭🇹🇯🇵🇭🇹🇯🇵🇭🇹🇯🇵🇭🇹🇯🇵🇭🇹🇯🇵

  • Guys don’t get it twisted Naomi plays for the Japanese so I go for Serena. Regardless if she’s half this or half that. She lives in the United States and plays for another country. I could go on and on about this, for one the Japanese will say she’s belong to them but she was raised here in the USA. SHE SOUNDS AMERICAN LOL . Serena all the way GO USA!!!

    • She is a member of the Japanese Tennis Association, not the U.S. one. Her training has been funded by the Japanese. Her mother is Japanese; she's a Japanese citizen; her mannerisms are very Japanese. She's obviously been raised somewhat isolated from the American culture of the public school system (with all of its identity politics). ....Many foreign players receive their training in Florida; means nothing.

    • She has dual citizenship, but I guess because she was born in Japan, she is representing her country of origin.

  • Wouldn't it be ironic if she beats serena and goes on to surpass all serenas grand slams, then 20yrs later Olympia grows up beats Naomi and surpasses Naomis grand slam record?

  • Osaka will win US OPEN

  • What a wonderful woman. Very happy for her making the final. Also nice to hear Madison being the graceful athlete she is. Team Serena all day every day. But I like this kid.

  • She was much more funny after the Aussie opens. I like her to win but not sure if she could beat Serena. Of course, I used to always root for Serena. May the best one wins.

  • Holly crap!! Is it just me or her voice sounds just like Maria Sharapova !

  • She is an American! Her dad is American, she grows up in Florida since 3 years old. Her English has no accent but she barely speaks Japanese.

  • She looks like a historical full-blooded Japanese of ancient times.

    • Dad is Haitian/ Mom Japanese. What you are saying is quite interesting tho.

  • How do these clowns have jobs??

  • Rooting for osaka..glad she made the finals..it will be war on the court

  • i have seen Osaka play yesterday against Keys for the first time, and i was very impressed.

  • I liked that she didn’t try to hide or denied her Haitian Heritage...

    • How can people play the actual government game and blame the media for adressing her by the nationality she entered the us open with. She is clearly dark skin, who can hide that lolllll. Everybody sees it but it would be rude to always remind her of her race all the time. What is wrong with people? Her dad is Haitian but she did not grow up of the culture and do not have the nationality. Yet she knows her roots . Good for her!

    • The media is tryn their hardest to hide it.. White supremacy is showing so much clearly lately

  • Playing the best makes a true competitor step up their game and play even better so it should be a good match.

  • Very thoughtful young lady........Not sure if I'm listening to some author or an athlete. Complete and cogent/honest replies.

    • i had much the same thought. the way that she delivers her answers sound like she is narrating a story. there is also a kind of genuine characteristic in her answers that sounds difficult to fake. the answer to the question at 4:14 is a perfect example.

  • Amazing, well thought through answers to the questions. Surely, she's got a bright future.



    • yes, she is a kind and beautiful person... the total opposite of Serina Williams.