2019 FSR 24 Hour Ration MRE Review Menu #6 BBQ Pork Wrap Meal Ready to Eat Taste Testing

čas přidán 21. 05. 2019
The U.S. First Strike Ration is issued to troops in the first few days of heavy combat - before any field kitchens are set up. And weighing about half of 3 MRE's - and taking up half the space. The easiest MRE to prepare and eat. This is part of the future in rations.
This is a real lean & mean sort of 24hr ration review - and the first of these FSR's which will be re-visited since there are 9 different menus. I'll be keeping any of these FSR reviews at about 20-24 minutes in length.
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  • I need to buy a case now

  • Shelf stable bagel, by McDonalds

  • I only watch these for the just that nice and subtle “nice mkay”

  • damn you could invade and occupy the whole middle east on these bad boys

  • It's bread...shaped like a bagel...

  • Is that John Kreese from cobra Kai on his wall?

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 lmfao "it's like bread shaped like a bagel"... yes, that's indeed what a bagel is

  • That jiggle that he did at 15:01 fucking killed me

  • An army marches on its belly. Steve marches to the toilet after eating a 30 year old MRE

  • Yo, Steve legit looks like ReviewBrah’s big brother. Maybe he is ReviewBrah from the future after two tours in North Korea

  • The bagel and cheese spread looked damn good for breakfast. Actually, anytime for that matter.

  • I Had Some Very Interesting C Rations, Back in my Childhood.

  • These C Rations, Where Produced with Bodily Needs, in Mind.

  • Incredibile the difference between the new rations and the old ones, in size!

  • I miss the Lil Tabasco bottles...Hot Sauce is a Must

  • No insta link?

  • 13:09 “ANAL”

  • Looks like jail food

  • "That's a bute" "mmmm a succulent piece of chicken"

  • Yum 2019 Rations have some GOOD FOOD 👅

  • Water

  • 0:11 LOL

  • 12:02

  • You're going to need A LOT More Toilet Paper! ;)

  • >be me >eating mre 5 days into field >find multigrain snackbread >sigh of agony

  • Good vid bro!

  • Man those turkey nuggets look good as hell😂

  • sugar and carbs make u thirsty nut i guess uncle sam knows what best

  • Would love to see more reviews of these FSRs. They seem perfect for multi day back country hiking trips where pack weight and space is critical

  • Pretty sure a soldier using one of these in the field would have a knife on them to cut that bagel

  • bread shaped like a bagel? thats kinda exactly what a bagel is...lol

  • You're slowly turning into a buff Kenobi.

  • Steve they gave your ass combos low key on those cheddar pretzels

  • Damn my boy Steve said 6 oz and eyes it out like a straight G

  • 0:11 what did i just see

  • Watching back your videos i see how much more fancy and tasty US mres have gotten in the past 20 years

  • I'd eat the whole pack of gum at once

  • That "caffinated chocolate pudding" 💩

  • Orange beverage base for breakfast!!!!

  • I like your black and white picture of Hercule on the lower shelf to your right.

  • Scoville.

  • Sup Steve haven't watched your vids in awhile but I love them and your voice now let's get that voice out on a tray mmm hmmm

  • 12:00 *barbeque pork wrap intensifies"

  • 5:17 drip drop

  • Where the hell is the coffee!!!!!

  • No hiss!

  • Kkona food for true Kknonas.

  • American food is so processed.

  • I want him to read audio books lol

  • Whether you're playing FPS games or actually doing FPS in RL. What you need most is tactical gas station snacks.

  • Every time when the “nice” part comes in I’m sayin nice too lmao

  • Hey Steve can you give us a tour of the room?

  • Are you related to Mr. Mackey?

  • Nice mkay

  • 12:46

  • Could of made a sandwich with the beagle and chicken

  • O:11 yup thats us

  • Damn, I want the chicken breast one just for lunches at work 😋

  • Nice

  • A friend of mine got hameroids from US mre's

  • Diabetus Edit: honestly you wtf America

  • Cold food huh? Yeah i remember cold food outta of a green can. Ha, ha, ha yessir. That food looks alot tastier tho. Im old. K. Hav a good one sir. ✨🌾 🌾 🌾 😏😏😏😏😏 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 😏🕓🕓😏🕓🕓😏 😏🕓🎱😏🕓🎱😏 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏 😏😏😏✔😏😏😏 🌀😏😏😏😏😏🌀 😏🌀😏😏😏🌀😏👍 👉🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀 🌀🌀🕐🌀🌀🌀🌀 🌀🌀🕐🕐🕐🌀🌀 🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀 🌀🌀🌀🌀🌀 👟 👟

  • dude that's too much sugar...

  • I would defect from Denmark if the US army just made honey bbq jerky their army ration. I swear I pay like 40 DKK (Danish Krones) or $6 for 25 gram of jerky here and for some reason it is exclusively sold in gas station shops and 7/11.

  • I see your "Back to the Future" memorabilia.

  • You have a cool voice.

  • * Steve is in the army and his squad is under heavy fire* Squad leader: Steve, flank left! Steve: *opens apple turnover* [sniff] Smells like a pretty cheap cinnamon apple pie

  • Everybody: Steve: "Looking pretty... gourmet"

  • where can one get the same serving food tray itself ?

  • Raisin Juice? Dried grape - juice?

  • Your videos are addictive man. Relaxing af

  • You must be a super-taster. After listening to you, I think you have the ability. Doritos Cool Ranch have every flavor. Sweet, salty, savory. Fruity, cheesy, and tangy. It triggers every tastebud you have. It creates a craving for something only one product has.

  • It’s a Tex-Mex pizza bagel.

  • "nice, ok"

  • So am I incorrect in thinking that one of these would make just about a perfect (primary) emergency survival ration?

  • You need to do a Q & A! You're like the most wholesome mysterious dude on CS-tv.

  • Sounded very disappointed with the cheddar cheese pretzels. "ThEY'rE jUsT cOmBoS"

  • Even fucking food is packed in a murica way...smh....

  • You saying "nice mkay" when the food goes on the tray genuinely warms my soul

  • I like how he zooms in slowly at those sad looking wraps at 12:02 😂😂