2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest WILD Final Round Highlights!Aaron Gordon Over Tacko Fall vs Derrick Jones

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2020 NBA Slam Dunk Contest WILD Final Round Highlights! Aaron Gordon Over Tacko Fall vs Derrick Jones Jr! 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend Slam Dunk Contest February 15, 2019-20 NBA Season
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  • Tongo

  • I have never seen such robbery in my life

  • Aaron Gordon jumps over an Armored Titan. Judges gives a score of 47. Then an Armored Titan ate those 5 judges. 🤣

  • Aaron got robbed derrick kept doing the dunks he was doing but as soon as aaron do a between the legs they not suprised tgey saw it's a tie cmon now

  • For me the best dunker is Aaron gordon not jones jr

  • No brainer he got robbed

  • Taco men taco

  • Taco Fall is from Andromeda 6 bruh. Look at the mans skull, I’m not prejudice at all if extraterrestrials want to play ball too.

  • Why Chance dress like Mr. Rodgers adopted white-black son he found in the mean streets of Sesame 😆

  • He touched tacko fall that man didnt fully even jump over him and touched his head but yall NBA fans are never satisfied (Most) Ive never seen such a lie to say Aaron Gordon won

  • Even the commentators said he win.. Come on man after he jump on Taco Tuesday..

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="48">0:48</a> jumps over a small fat guy, gets a 10. Aaron jumps over tacko, gets a 9

  • Everyone be like "Aaron Gordon got robbed"...Jones Jr only needed one attempt to dunk everytime...and uh Aaron Gordon did the same dunk everytime too, he just jumped over chance the rapper 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • First of all, I can hear Derrick Jones Jr. has more power in his dunks than Aaron Gordon. I don't know if ther's so.th. like soud effects in this. Let's figure out the full version of the contest.

  • so they give lowest score to best dunks of 5... why is there no logic in this... wait, that show is promoting some brands... i start to understand what the major part of nba is... sadly I can feel the shame of the sold puppets <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="258">4:18</a>

  • AG Jumping over tacko eating a taco while shaving hardens beard while doing a 360 jump with shaq on his shoulders Judges:47

  • Lost of respect for dwade

  • Super robbed!! 2020 is for gordon

  • I think the last dunk of Jones doesn't deserve a 50. Maybe a 45

  • 2.05 although it was the same dunk as Derrick Jones, Aaron Gordon did it better and more elegantly. He did it with both legs elevated at almost equal height whereas DJ only lifted up one leg.

  • Gordon should be the winner, he got robbed once again.

  • Click like if you agree that AG win in that stupid, blind dunk contest!!!!!!

  • Fuck u all judges, all of them are blind fuck you!!!!!!!!!!

  • Everyone saying that all Derrick Jones Jr did was go between the legs. Well all Aaron Gordon did was jump over people. The right person won.

  • This is the second time Aaron Gordon was in a deadlock tie in the dunk contest and he lost both times!?!?!?😡

  • Get robbed

  • bruh be blastin' the Delta Parole to them highlight this right of this time

  • Jr. was more graceful at his last dunk therefore he won

  • Aaron got robbed

  • Robbed men


  • Gordon got robbed.

  • The man cleared tacko ffs

  • 911.

  • Dude whispered to JJr at the end "yo ass got lucky. You know that right?". Lmao.

  • Aaron Gordon: slams dunk a ball thrown from space then cures cancer on the side Judges: that's a 47

  • Aaron got robbed...

  • Hahaha i just like the bulls dunk 2016 his last dunk . But gordon that was legit. 7 5 ft dunked dope

  • I don’t want to here it Aaron Gordon got robbed he deserves 2 trophies 🏆 🏆 The Judges are Kapping if not there not I must be on that good shit

  • This is bullshit now he ain't gonna be in the dunk contest anymore

  • Aaron got robbed hard asf

  • How tf did Jones get a better score with that last dunk that shit was so generic

  • *BRUH MOMENT OF THE YEAR* clearly he robbed Aaron

  • The most robbed dunkers in the dunk contest.. Aaron Gordon How in this universe you dunk over Tacko and lost..

  • Lmao you jump over someone 7'5 and don't win a dunk contest. Gordon bout to take layups for the rest of the season

  • We have been thought that we live thru stages baby kid teen adult grown man married newly married the married life the rebellion stage self sufficient working aaaaaaall kinds of stage but there all false the interview u gotta thing about is with the allah swt were is the faithful stage the thankful stage the submission stage the devoted stage the confidence stage the happy stage

  • All dunk for me gordon win this!!!

  • Derrick Jones jr. even know he lost

  • The whole crowd knew who won

  • And they wonder why the 3PT contest is getting more views. This is pathetic !!! #GordonCHAMP2020👑

  • eric gordon deserve the award but lets give a credit to jone... peace

  • Fucking Dwayne Wade Lost all respect for him

  • Robbbbeeddd

  • Arron should have won he got robbed

  • All he did was between the legs

  • He proved he's the best dunker period. Nobody stopped him from dominating. Why the hell is every one mad that a hollywood actor don't know how to judge a dunk contest? Wtf cares what 5 people thought. The world saw.

  • Aaron for us won...we knew it in our hearts

  • damm

  • Honestly, Aaron got robbed buttttt I’m a bias heat fan so I’m happy that Derrick Jones won. Miami has two All start game titles Skills and Dunk contest

  • Bro jones did the through the legs dunk in. Almost every dunk Dwayne Wade should never had judged hella bias

  • He got robbed frfr

  • Fuck Candice Parker

  • I think AG last dunk was just a liitle fall underestimate short but I think if Gordon will does it again he can really does it.

  • After that slow motion 360, it shoulda been over

  • Aaron should've got a 50 the this is how many people were shocked. |

  • Not even close, Gordon!

  • Clive this is ur chance. We need a dwade parody with everyone else involved

  • I no longer fw dwade

  • Robed twice because is light skin

  • AG didn’t get robbed... STOP IT... he didn’t jump over Tako ... Tako got T-bagged!!! You don’t get 50 for t-bagging 7’5 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • He pushed off Taco but still should’ve won

  • The fans should have booked the judges!

  • Arron Gordon won

  • Aaron Gordon got robbed because the judges were to busy making Tik toks

  • hold up yall, if dwade gives Gordon a 10 then he still loses, I'm not saying he isn't to blame but it wouldn't have meant much

  • Aaron: jumps over a whole 90 inch tv without making it move Judges: 40 Derrick: jumps over a 1940 TV Judges: AMAZING 50

  • Didn’t watch but didn’t Arron have 3 attempts before landing that first dunk ? I feel this is where judges be critical

  • Aaron got robbed not once but twice in 2 dunk contests. Dunking over Tacko was an easy 50pts. Maybe Aaron should have repeated one of those 50pts he did like dunking over Chance again to guarantee the title. So sad.

  • Nah. Gordon’s was not better than DJ jr tf. Aaron did the same thing Derrick did and was definitely touching tacko’s head even if his hands weren’t there.

  • Gordon won 🤦🏾‍♂️