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You are planning a party and want to surprise your friends with something special? You will totally love pastry recipes you will find in this video. Moreover, you will find fast and easy ideas on how to make incredible desserts in 5 minutes! After watching this video, you will cook desserts much faster, just practice daily and enjoy the process.
Did you know that there are numerous ways of folding dough? Check out the video and find a collection of ways to make pastry masterpiece! Choose your favorite shape and stuffing and let's go! Moreover, you don’t need to buy extra cooking tools. All supplies you already have scissors, forks, pencil, and your own hands!
You can decorate cookies using cocoa and a fork! Use your imagination and create your own pattern.
There are some cute ideas on how to make decorations using marshmallow! For example, you can create cute fishes or awesome roses and decorate whatever you like with these edible figures.
Another genius recipe we are ready to share is marshmallow fondant. You will need mini marshmallows, powdered sugar, and water. Mix water and marshmallows in a bowl then microwave for 1 minute. Add powdered sugar and stir, refrigerate. Then use food coloring of any color you like. After that roll out your fondant, cut out your circles with a cookie cutter and watch our tutorial how to make roses. Cute roses are ready!
Celebrate a birthday with flower decorated cupcakes. This decoration is really cute and fast to do.
Cut each marshmallow crosswise into 5 slices, arrange 5 slices on each cupcake in flower shape. Place the flower on a cupcake and sprinkle with colored sugar.
As a bonus, you will find a recipe for those who are on diet-gluten-free banana pancakes. Check out gluten-free banana pancakes you can cook in just 10 minutes! In a bowl, mash 2 large bananas with a fork until it resembles a thick purée, add 2 eggs and stir. And cook for 1-2 mins each side! Voila!
00:06 How to shape pastry
02:25 Nutella rolls
05:24 Marshmallow ideas
10:20 Gluten-free banana pancakes
14:23 Blueberry cake

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