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Awkward situations usually occur suddenly but we are ready to share some brilliant tips on how to cope with them. If you are stressed out at work or somewhere else, we know an effective way to solve this problem. The quickest way to reduce stress level is to suck your thumb. Sounds weird but it really works! This habit comes from childhood and works perfectly.
A full bladder is a real disaster especially if you are in a very important meeting or talk with a person and can’t stop. Remember that you shouldn’t cross your legs or press the lower part of your stomach. Watch our video and learn the best pose when you need to control your bladder.
Place a finger under your nose to prevent sneezing. Doing that brain receives an alarm signal and stops the sneezing reflex. If you had a cool party and have been drinking for the whole night, you might start suffering from vertigo. Excessive drinking may cause a toxic environment in the inner ear that why you start suffering from vertigo when you are lying in the bed after an alcohol party. There is an easy treatment put one foot on the floor and the brain will receive a signal that you are standing something firm.
Moreover, you will learn helpful tips how to solve small problems like what to do with loose boots, how to add grip to slippery shoes, how to avoid camel toe using sanitary pads when you wear leggings. It’s a very embarrassing situation when you wear a beautiful floaty skirt or dress on a windy day. Don’t worry and attach coins to the skirt. If you want to get rid of underarm odor, use vodka. Use toothpaste to cure pimples.
00:09 Genius tips for awkward situations
01:46 Vertigo treatment
08:15 Aloe vera for stretched marks
05:02 Vodka for stinky pits
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