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Just in case you've been wondering how to make GIANT SLIME, here we go! PVA glue bottle, liquid detergent, food coloring, sodium tetraborate. Voila!
Check out these amazing crayon ideas to boost your creativity and imagination!This time I'll show you some pretty awesome ways to recycle old broken crayons into something truly beautiful. You can make super cute colorful candles, paintings, animal-shaped or Lego-shaped chalks, wonderful pendants and cool prints for your T-shirts using parchment!
Take several stones and put them in the gas stove on the baking sheet just like regular bakery. 'Bake' for 15 minutes. Then take the stones out ant start painting them with crayons. You'll get an amazing print in the end. I used blue, white and rose colors.
Another great hack. Take some stones and nail polish. Open the nail polish and simply start pouring it on the stones. Let it dry. Then you can use it as a jar lid decoration like I did.
Candles are perfect to create special atmosphere at home whether it's a first date or candlelit dinner with your couple! Learn how to make beautiful candle design with me! In this video I'll demonstrate great ways to reuse old candles and make brand new ones! You can melt pieces of old paraffin candle, add a crayon for color, dip a balloon in this сoncoction, let it cool down for 15 minutes and voila! Here's your perfect candle decor for candles, like a matryoshka doll! You can also pour melt candle into special egg-shaped vessel, let it cool down, then carve it with wooden stick and create a pinecone-shaped candle!
Also Check out these amazing crayon ideas to boost your creativity and imagination!This time I'll show you some pretty awesome ways to recycle old broken crayons into something truly beautiful. You can make super cute colorful candles, paintings, animal-shaped or Lego-shaped chalks, wonderful pendants and cool prints for your T-shirts using parchment!

1:29 Candles goals
4:20 Stones design
8:33 GIANT slime
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  • HOW MANY TIMES DO I HAVE TO SAY THIS?!?! YELLOW NAIL DON'T MATTER!! If you ware nail polish a lot, then your nail will be yellow. It's just the polish staining your nail!! It does not affect the the "health" of your nail (unless your have yellow nails for some other heath reason, in which case the whitening "hacks" will not work). And last but not least, if you try and whiten your nails, you can/will end up damaging them even more. #whyyellownailsdontmatter.

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