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So you're laying on the couch with messy hair, cucumbers slices on your face and out of the blue your dream guy gives you a call. What to do? How to look a ten when all you've got is 5 minutes?!
Let's deal with your hair first. Simply divide your hair on 2 equal sections, roll it a bit and make a slow movement with your hair straightener as if you were brushing your hair with it. That's it. Now you've got romantic curly waves.
Next one is simple and genius I don't know why I haven't thought of that earlier. So, next time you apply your mascara in a hurry, if you want to make it neat and not to stain your eyelids, just hold a simple sticker note right behind your eyelashes and then apply mascara.
Another great tip for you guys! When applying lipstick, don't forget to avoid blotting the inside of your lips. Stick your finger into your mouth, close your lips around it, and then pull your finger out. This will help prevent any lipstick from getting onto your teeth.

0:57 Perfect way to apply mascara
4:09 Oily skin?
6:06 Messy lipstick?
11:01 No more hair!
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  • Do you want to have an original lipstick that you will not find in any store? 💄 You can do it yourself! How? Oh, quite simple 😊 Just look at 14:35 and try to do it 😉

  • So we not gonna acknowledge the fact that she has a android with iPhone setting @10:57

  • she really sprayed that toxic neon green colored aloe vera onto her face

  • You need to wash your makeup off a little bit better, before you put more on. It was easy to see where your purple eyeliner was, before you put the brown on.

  • The fake freckles reminds me of black heads

  • Why don’t you talk

  • ah yes, the classic green mustache

  • i had to mute the audio. i'm not tryna use a hearing aid when i grow old, ya know

  • at 6:35 , did anyone else realize that the person had two different color eyes? Im shook !

  • So you telling me them at at 7:35 she doesn’t look at the brush to put the make up on I’m not a makeup person but I have a three Tia’s(aunts)who look at the brush first

  • makeup will never imitate natural beauty

  • 5 minuuts Craft and in the vid they say wait 10minutes hMmMm 5 minutes Craft. Bruh

  • ههههه

  • And, one more thing, you only need a wet mascara brush to make your eyelashes poof up a little.

  • Thisw vid just turned into how to make old people look young

  • 16:15 the holosexual in me just cringed

  • How else thinks that the freckle one looks very very 'real'😃

  • 6:35 LOOK AT HER EYE

  • Okay contour and highlighting our two very different things but I get the concept (Highlight) bring forward~ (Contor) add definition~

  • 8:47 Yeeah.. That's a yikes from me.

  • WOW 40M subscribers where have I been!

  • 5 minute crafts actresses, the new as seen by tv disaster actors

  • Did you realize one of the girl has different colored eyes

  • Those are sooo asome diy hacks

  • When they copie freckles that’s offensive because I have freckles and it’s very offensive

  • have anyone tried cutting lipsticks to create new shades?

  • has any one tried salt, water and conditioner hack? does it work?

  • In the first one the girl has the same vanity as me ❤️ IKEA is life!

  • You know with the eyeliner and u turn the led around at my school I did it with the whiteboard markers lol and it works! So I was like the only one in my class with a rlly good marker

  • More subs than jake Paul and loan nice!

  • You can clearly see the tape so I would just find a different t hack or u could use thinner tape

  • Sssooo fake

  • It's so bad I can't stop watching

  • 6:35 her eyes are different colors

  • What's the name of the music at 15:47????????

  • Some fake, some rubbish and just a few good tips. And vaseline seeping into my eyes. I think not.

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  • They think half the makeup products are countour tho lol

  • I feel like I am being targeted, and I’m salt now.

  • dO U nOT kNOw wHaT cONtOuR iS?

  • 11:56 - 12:02 What the... O.o

  • Ya go ahead and put tape on ur eyelids.....

  • I like the before better for some of these

  • 2:13 so natural

  • It would be weird if somebody was looking at u when u wiped ur face with the toilet papaer thing :/ 4:12

  • why

  • I will so take that $20 bill at 1:10

  • For whoever believes that these hacks work, I am sorry for your stupidity

  • Seriously? Faking freckles? Are people that desperate for "beauty"?

  • 7:32 you can literally see the false eyelash like you’re not fooling anyone hun

  • Bom demais e o que eu não sei se vai ser a mesma coisa se for o caso de uma vez que eu não sei se vai ser a mesma coisa se for o caso de uma vez que eu não sei se vai ser

  • 1:12 get a bag that stretches or get a new bag

  • woah 6:38 she had 2 different color eyes! so pretty

  • So, when Pumpkin calls you and asks you if you can come see him as soon as you can but you have dark circles under your eyes, just go grab your husband’s tea bags to out on your eyes so you’ll be hot for your bf.

  • I want to commit fork-in-outlet-while-in-a bucket-of-water-and-Im-standing-in-it now.

  • En el minuto 7:30 la chica tiene un ojo de cada color

  • 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 I only watch these for a good laugh. Thank you for bringing comedy into my life.😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

  • why do you wear glasses in the shower :)

  • There’s a thing called “peel off base coat” you should try it...

  • Русские есть кто?

  • 8:57 y'all shes the lorax

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  • These girls aren't good at makeup in the slightest

  • I hope you get a diamond play button

  • That's not what Mendi's for

  • 6:42 so how do we get the lipstick off

  • Never heard somebody put salt water on their hair. I've heard salt makes your hair fall out

  • Or.. you could just be yourself and put on a little less makeup *don't hate me I just don't like how much makeup people put on*

  • boluda

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  • learn excel formula cs-tv.org/tv/video-YAIR6-gU6b8.html

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  • 5:56 what it feels like when you put on false lashes for the first time

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  • This is basically just a video telling you why you should change ur appearance

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