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Check out life-changing beauty ideas that will speed up your beauty routine! You will learn crazy but handy beauty tips every girl should try! You don’t need to go to a beauty shop and spend a ton of money on different masks - watch our video and make them at home! Turmeric contains a lot of antioxidants, exfoliates skin, improves it’s texture and reduce pigmentation and we share recipes of facial masks that will make your skin healthier. Make an inexpensive sheet mask for blackheads using egg whites and toilet paper. If you have oily skin, try this mask - mix sandalwood powder, orange juice, and turmeric. One more helpful beauty recipe is to make a natural scrub for chapped and dry lips. You will need sugar, turmeric, and honey. Gently massage your lips for a minute and the problem is sold! If you woke up after a sleepless night and your skin looks pale and dark circles are huge, try our mask recipe to look fresh and shining! Take a bowl and mix yogurt, turmeric, rice flour, and honey. Apply for 20 minutes and enjoy the result.
Check out the tutorial on how to make French manicure without any effort. If you like romantic nail art designs or spring inspires, try our tutorials on how to make heart nail designs. It won’t require much effort to make a simple heart from dots. Floral manicure is the best choice for a spring look. Follow our tutorial: cover your nails with white nail polish and using a simple marker, draw flowers. Using a small nail brush add a few drops of alcohol. Use the same nail art brush apply more marker on the top of your nail and enjoy the result. Create a very helpful manicure tool - a nail polish remover marker. This is an awesome idea especially when you need to correct your manicure. Take an old highlighter and remove the core piece and place in water until the color is gone. After that place in nail polish remover, pull out and return to the marker.
02:18 Sheet mask for blackheads
05:44 Spring manicure idea
07:31 Wax for healthy nails
12:16 Mask for pale skin
13:41 Whipped coconut cream for dry hair

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  • 10:38 Fluffy idea for your nails😍 More cool solutions: 02:18 Sheet mask for blackheads 05:44 Spring manicure idea 07:31 Wax for healthy nails 12:16 Mask for pale skin 13:41 Whipped coconut cream for dry hair Clothing ideas you may like cs-tv.org/tv/video-Uy3mokM8gr4.html

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