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Check out these exceptionally beautiful design items you can diy in just 5 minutes! Tons of genius creative ideas on how to create delightful indoor tent, cozy pillows, breakfast-in-bed tray for your loved ones, incredible infinity mirror table, embroidery hoop ideas and so much more!
Let's start with my favorite one. Infinity mirror table. You have to find two-storeyed table with removable glass surface. First of all, take out the glass surface and wrap it with black tin foil, then put on special paper strap with the little led lights on it all around the wooden surface and finally put the glass part back in. Turn the lights off, enjoy the view! ; )
This one for the clay and cement lovers. Put some clay into the bowl, add water, stir it up, now put in three wooden legs into this mass, let it dry properly and there you have it! Beautiful and stylish stand for the flower pots, books, gadgets and whatever you want for that matter!
And if you have some big cardboard boxes left, don't throw them away! I'll show you the way to transform it into an awesome comfy indoor tent for the kids!
Enjoy these furniture ideas and let's get creative! ; )

1:36 Bottle ottoman
2:22 Bubble gum?
4:38 Infinity table
6:27 Lack side table
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