25 EASY Science Experiments You Can Do at Home!

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25 EASY Science Experiments You Can Do at Home!
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  • Thank you so much for these Science Experiements! :D *Love your videos!*

  • I was not taught chemistry and very much wanted to; I'm going to learn now at home. Thanks

  • I love your videos! There are so helpful, Especially in quarantine! So thank you for making it fun.

  • I am very interested in your experiments Always looking for ideas for class. Thank you

  • my teacher for science class last year did the dry ice bubble experiment... it's really cool

  • SpaceBound: *and you MIGHT want safety gloves* Me: * *proceeds to put on 20 layers of safety gloves* *

  • Thanx,my daughter is gonna love trying some of these out🤘🏼

  • Me and Spacebound just shared a very memorable part of my childhood. The genius that is Avatar the last airbender.

  • All of these experiments are really awesome! I love all of the ideas! Keep doing all these experiments cuz they are extremely creative and entertaining

  • Anybody know what to do with the first one, the guy wrapper thing? I tried it but I don’t think the wrapper is conductive enough. Any specific brands that work well?

  • Hey, a guy from 2020 here! I am wondering how I am supposed to get some hand sanitizer for the fire bending lmao. Great video. Even if you won't do the experiments yourself they are still interesting to watch.

    • Olivia Breakey first of all we don't have that shop in Austria and second of all I think that you either didn't get the joke or have no sense of humor. Because by the time in the year 2020 when I wrote the first post handsanitizer wasn't easy to get at all....

    • hey, a kid from 2021 here! im in heaven cause i died of covid! im wondering where i can find planet earth again?

    • Lukas Gamez o ok......hell?

    • Lukas Gamez hmmm heaven no hell no hmmmm

    • Ima try fire bending without burning down the whole neighbourhood, wish me luck!

  • I didn't pass it and the time here is 12:00 a.m so i can't be sleeping cause my teacher will be hella mad so thanks a lot spacebound for posting this video! It really helps me UnU UwU

  • I found your channel just few minutes ago and now I'm in love with it

  • useful experiments, easy to understand and conduct safely. Good

  • This got me an A plus in science

  • These are cool projects! I did some of them too!

  • Now that my sister has a son who goes to elementary school, I could try some of these tricks in front of him!

  • Fabulous, they are so cool, I will be trying those out! Thanks for sharing :)

  • For number 17 you can use it on ANY object. It has to have a nice round surface in top like the screw driver does.

  • Love these science videos, please do more if you can. 😄🤗

  • I can't wait to do all of these. Thanks for the video!!

  • The hand sanitizer fire one is a little dangerous. We used a different brand of hand sanitizer and got invisible flame, could have gone wrong. Be careful

  • Thanks so much! I've got tons of ideas for my 5th graders Science Project this year!

    • Wow i want u as my teacher

  • I never knew what you can do with various things in the house.

  • Space bound: have you ever wanted to hold your fire on your hands That one depressed kid: it’s complicated

  • Wow! Thanks for the experiments! And also I subscribed ❤️


  • This is cool! IM going to try these. Love your videos!

  • I love your experiments, and I also love science.

  • Man, this is the best science experiment ever. Thx

  • This is really nice and I love science.

  • I Love Watching Your Experiments

  • This is good, I love it! 😍 I love Science 💓

  • I love science experiments thank you for posting it

  • Your light in your home is already magic... it flikers 50 times or 60 times per second(HZ) depending where you live... MAGIC

  • Thank you for making this video I had fun doing some of the projects including the candy one, which is AMAZING and I'm going to make lots of more batches and also my dreams just became possible to HOLD FIRE.

    • Anyone tried the 25 one?? With the cell and foil wrapper(fire one) Anyone tried? Does it worked? Have u tried?

  • Them:have you ever want to hold fire with your hand Me:uhhhhh My hand:looks at me terrified

  • crazy. hope the next ones are just as amazing as this video.

  • I like the layer coloring ❤️

  • Science rocks! These are really cool!

  • Amazing idea in science.🇵🇭💖💖 I hate science but now I love it.

  • I got intrest on chemistry experiments by seeing your experiments 👍

  • i love science because you can learn anything about everything

    • yenisely fortunato I noo

    • Frank Simpkins

  • I actually happened to have a pvc pipe in my room I was so amazed when I learned I could actually bend water

  • These are awesome ❤

  • my science teacher put this on for us and i wanted to watch it again lul

  • Man . Your experiments are very good. I like 'em

  • I saw this so many times love it❤

  • “Have you ever wanted to hold fire in your hand?” You can just burn the hand sanitizer when you apply it.

  • The glycerin experiment can also be done with baby or mineral oil. The reason why it makes the inner glass appear invisible is because the refraction index for the viscous transparent oil is very close to the refraction index of ordinary silicon glass.

    • I have to use a HUMAN BABY?!

    • @Absolute lol no she means baby oil

  • Thanks for the tips...love this..🤗🙌

  • "Measure how much your bottle can hold in ounces or millimeters..." Me: hmmm... *Pulls out ruler* if you say so

  • I love your sciencetific ideas 👍👍👍

  • I have a doubt with the fire bending trick I wanted to do that trick too but before I checked that if the flame is actually hot I took a match near it and it burnt Also if I keep my hand over it it gets hot Is this indication that it is unsafe?

  • This is a little start to become a chemical engineer ^_^

  • Awesome experiments 🔥🔥🔥

  • I love your videos I really want to try some of experiments😘🤭

  • That was extremely interesting!

  • I tried the holding fire one and it worked amazingly!

  • Nice video Also, is it ok if use some of these expirements in my video?

  • “Have you ever wanted to hold fire in your hand?” *No*

  • Thank you uploading this video it really helps : )


  • Amazing video..... Science is really fun when you learn understand and do experiment with this

  • This video helped me alot in making my science project ♡♡

  • I have a microscope set and it came with a lot more and there is these little test tubes so I put water in the flower and it made this cool light white water dart thing and then I put it under the microscope with the clear panel and the squeezy thing and it looks so cool!!!

  • Episode 5 of where quarantine took me:

  • Eyyy! I tried all of these! Very fun and satisfying.

  • "Make sure you have parental guidance" I'm pretty sure I can look after myself as a 17 year old...

  • Some people people are complaining that hydrogen peroxide is not a household item, you can get it at every pharmacy and you should always keep some in your house, it's really useful in emergency situations!!! Also you can get dry ice from a fire extinguisher, maybe change the one in your car because we all know it expired years ago, put a pillow case over the nozzle and dump it there and you have dry ice (make sure its CO2 one, as it should be in car)

  • Amazing videos spacebound!!!

  • I always wanted to be a science student 😔

  • Thanks! This really helped me! :)

  • My son (and whole family) will love doing these! It’s raining today so we’ll start with Fireworks in A Jar

  • your experiments are awesome and I love it ❤❤❤

  • in the experiment of h2o2 can we use any dish soap ..?

  • That was awesome thumbs up👍

  • i love this make sure to make alot more videos i love them

  • 3:27 " you know the bussiness I know the chemistry"

    • You're Goddamn Right

  • After watching this video, I dropped a like, subscribed, and rang that bell! Can’t wait to look at more videos!!!

  • I love it when you say: “Boom, science baby.”

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  • Hey man, love your video.. keep up the great work.

  • The experiment at 2:25 hurts like hell after 5 seconds!

  • Its really amazing. I like it so much.

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  • Bro you are going good but you should also give scientific explanation of experiments.

  • Bro these are so freaking satisfying

  • Damn for me its hard to remember all these things but im trying my best.

  • kid: mom can you supervise me so I can light my finger on fire with hand sanitizer? mom: Yes! sure honey!

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  • Love Love Love your CHANNEL!!😍💖


  • At what temperature does the freezer need to be for that ice experiment?

  • I love the vids there so good can you give me a tip on how you make great content

  • I really did want to see the rainbow juice but it's still a very good video, noice job ^-^

  • thanks for keeping me entertained

  • Great stuff found here at Spacebound ("S/B"). Tell your your friends, your mother, and your brother! Don't you wish a S/B activity center was located at your local shopping center?

  • I wanna Try most of them,they are really cool😎