20 Fortnite HACKERS Who Found Easter Eggs

čas přidán 20. 03. 2023
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  • 4:13 Fun fact: this lobby is actually used in save the world during the pirates event or at least very similar to it.

    • ​@Peyton amen

    • oh ok

    • @Peyton My guy I'm not even a Christian so stop with the religious statements


    • Thx for the info

  • I've gotten under the Fortnite map once using the respawn block in a place where it's mostly underground, and there was a machine you could interact with to change every setting in your create world. this was before the create settings were actually supposed to be released so me and my friends had a lot of fun messing around with gravity and all sorts of stuff

  • T5G puts so much effort in to his videos and he helps me out so much so can we all just take a moment to appreciate how much quality he puts in his videos

  • Let's appreciate all these hackers who found all this.

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    • @Peyton No.

    • Fax 🗿🍷

    • Assassin free pass


  • Hey tommy, with the new crew pack skin sometimes the little prancer emote only shows the skin floating in the air

  • With how number 13 is talking about unused lobbies, I think it's time I share this story. Back in chapter 1 season 6, I was playing FN with my cousin. Mid match he randomly got kicked out, so I went to the other room to see what happened to him. His status on my friends list said his status was unknown. When I left to the other room to check on him, he was in the lobby, but it was snowing and there was a lake behind him with a fish (or penguin I cant remember) frozen in an ice cube in that lake. And if you think this is fake, in season 7, there was a pickaxe in the battle pass that had this frozen fish/penguin on a stick.

    • There is also a penguin frozen in ice as a backbling I have it on my alt account

  • i love watching t5g. he makes fortnite fun to watch! 🎉

  • One thing I find Ironic about the collision event one was Gunnar being in the place of geno is referencing to another zero war comic where Gunnar appears and Jones was made to think that Gunnar WAS geno but then stone reveals that it was a lie to make sure Jones didn't know what geno looks like

  • hey T5G i use youre code in the item shop. noone is talking about this.there is something that is confusing me. in the live event the entire map was covered in chrome. what was on the map? the devourer skull but you couldnt see it so it must have been covered in chrome. the chrome heals stuff so that wouldve meant that the devourer was alive. WHERE WAS HE!

  • 5:08 This one scared me to DEATH. How, though?!

  • The other foundation actor did a pretty great job actually!

  • I never realized hackers got all this info. I thought it was just coders

  • If Klombo wasn't meant to die why did I find his skull in the snow biome of the last map TTnTT Great videos though lol Happy New Year!

    • He wasn’t meant to be killed by a player. I guess one of them just died during Collision

  • The 1st person one want a glitch. It was an actual thing back in s7. I found it a bit after i started playing and messing with my settings, but it’s awful and i believe they removed it.

  • Love you tommy! Keep it up!❤Also Happy New Years!🎉

  • 4:16 they found the save the world pirate event lobby screen, the event happens once in awhile.

  • This is why epic is amazing. They always hiding easter eggs.

  • 7:53 bruh why did they have to break it early it could’ve been like the ice cream truck in chapter 1


  • At 0:35 - 0:39, that was the funniest clip I have ever seen on a top5gaming video. Nice job tommy

  • 13 is actually in stw. They were originally going to put it but instead left it in stw.

  • Tg5 I found a thing with the Evie npc. If you her with the ageless skin and talk to her she will ask about the portal he’s making

  • Epic games actually kind of brought attention to the imagined and Gunnar fighting if u watch their collision vid

  • I spent multiple hours in battle lab trying to break the rock at then end and it never broke and I was annoyed to find out all it took was a cow catcher

  • I love your videos❤

  • Gotta build those covered bridges

  • This is actually super cool and I cannot believe these things actually exist in Fortnite.

  • 4:19 Reminds me of Save The World. 6:09 FPP is available in Save The World, too.

  • i feel like some hackers actually ruin the game, im not talking about like gameplay im talking about huge build up to things but then they figure out how to get around it.

  • Hey Tommy i mayby got something that wil explain the fortnite storyline. In the movie Never ending story there is also something called the Nothing so maybe something to look into?

  • Everyday when Top5Gaming uploads always a banger

    • aszassiin nobody will die ok ive seen your stupid comment but pls dont because some people could be faint hearted and could believe this so pls dont keep saying this

    • @aszassiinro i saw this comment months ago mane im dead 💀

    • @DiamondPugs ikr

    • npc ahh comment

  • I wish there would be a collab with someone like garand thumb or demo ranch, but I get why there wouldn't be one

  • Bro I can’t believe they spoiled the gulactus event 😂

  • Even though I just subbed i love your content so keep going

  • I have a question, I remember there used to be old narrators for this channel. I would like to know what happened to them/why they left.

    • @Firy why do they keep coming onto this channel just then i saw this profile with odd translation then it said I've been cursed.... I'll die if I don't subscribe to channel blah blah blah WHY do they do and say such stupid things


  • HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE 🎉 edit: 3:32 is my nightmare fuel

  • Can’t believe hackers actually help us

  • In every video, in the end. It’s been Tommy, and keep it here on top 5 gaming. Love it

  • most of these arent even "hacking" + the "unused" lobbies are actually for save the world

  • Hackers/Leakers are actually kind of annoying. I would like some things to stay hidden

  • The take L got me laughing

  • Happy New Year Everyone!!!🎉

  • Loving the videos t5g !!!!

  • Looks like Mustard is gonna have to fire another employee

  • You can use the shield and the exgalaber to kill someone fast

  • 0:56 dude's the reason klombos disappeared 💀

  • Happy new year ! Hope we will get creative 2.0 next year☺

  • 2:02 bombshell moment XDDDD

  • You should do a vid where you talk about what happened this whole year

    • Ok

    • No he shouldn't. Looking back through all his vids he repeats himself a lot. I don't want to have to listen to something that was mentioned again and again and again and again

    • Ok

    • Ok

    • What

  • Jason is so proud of you

  • There is now a mythic hammer you have to kill the ageless boss

  • Did they manage to find anything in the chapter3 finale

  • i don't really think saving images and looking at spectographs should be called "hacking" but whatever

  • Top 5 gaming I need you to see this. There has been a series of ads on CS-tv using your chapter 4 video over some chapter phone gameplay. Claiming to be Fortnite on iOS (they don’t even mention nvidia) they been using Ali a’s video over similar gameplay to promote what I believe is a scam. Hopefully your team can get this solved.

  • Happy new years guys 🥳

  • I knew the rock sounded different during the event!

  • 6:03 for some reason I don’t think that’s gonna be that last time he brings up family guy XD

  • Damn hacking during the best event ever hope he didnt miss the ending😂

    • @DiamondPugs me too even though I know it's fake and he just wants subs

    • 🎉Happy New Year🎉 Tommy

    • Nah he just wants subs dont subscribe to him

    • @aszassiinnah bruv im terrified 💀😐

    • Btw 3rd

  • i love ur vids there the best keep up the good work :)

  • 6:03 oh my god finally he stopped

    • @firefoxboy 10o6 t5g always brings up the family guy characters being hinted in fortnite. Like in every other video

    • ?

  • With "when" fortnite is taking place right now (knights and ye olde times), feels like Midas and Oros might make another appearance pretty soon

  • if a skin as a full face mask or helmet covering there entire head (by delault) they have no face unless the charactet is with mask and helmet is made to have a unmasked or hemletless style then they have a face like the rock and spider gwen for ex

    • @Laura Hes saying that a skin that has a full helmet and that dose not have a style to take it off has no face, Unless the skin in question has a style to unmask or lift the helmet up.

    • Wat

  • We love your videos ❤️😎

  • Top 5 gaming finna turn to top 6 gaming soon! Keep the grind

  • I realised something when mr meeseks came out. fortnite was planning to add more rick and Morty skins back in c2 s7 because in mortys backpack there is the meeseeks box and mr meeseeks came out

  • Happy new years eve everybody!

  • i mean im not saying i support hackers but its pretty amazing what they have done

  • I feel kind of bad that they neglected Chris Hemsworth face for both of the Thor skins

  • I think the picture in the book might be the pickaxe of indiana Jones

  • 00:35 XD

  • Happy new year T5G!

  • Happy new years 🎉🎉🎉

  • most of these "hackers" are data miners

  • I want spongebob characters in fortnite so bad and I have no idea why 🥲😂☠ But Patrick running round with a shotgun or floating on a balloon shooting arrows would be HILARIOUS.

  • Happy new year everybody, hope this year will be a great one for everyone seeing this comment.

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  • Its funny how epic just troll them instead of banning them, prolly cuz they can't cuz they ain't in the actual game.

  • The rock when he finds out Slone is alive:Fu...!

  • I had Covid when the pile of rubble behind the waterfall got added where you had to work together but my friend told me to use a cow catcher so we did and I took a photo and sent it to my other friends and they were so confused btw I’m not a hacker

  • I am literal speed absolutely love your vids T5G!

  • This is not about this video but the symbol on galactuses head matches the symbols on the doors of the trucks at the gas station

  • First

  • 5:49 So does that mean we have 2 genos in our locker?And is solone did?

  • The cave secret wasn't a hacker?? They just figured out a glitch that broke it. TG5 really grasps at straws sometimes...

    • And I dont like how this same situation had happened multiple times, honestly sad.

  • Me and my friend tested out something and it worked if you time a jump and open the vending machine to see it’s guns you won’t take Fall damage

  • Fortnite should have language. Otherwise they might as well make it an E rated game.

  • #9 probably Midas turned him gold on accident or smth tell epic I said this

  • I just love it when the notification pops up "someone liked your comment" or "you got a new subscribers" it makes me so happy 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥.............

  • They should pay omarge to the og shooter and do a conkers bad fur day cross over

  • The Only Time Hackers were USEFULL 👌🏻😅

  • I guess Liam and fin stopped loving dad

  • Anyone on the t5g team please do something to keep away the bots in your comments, at least just announce it

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  • The foundation one 😂


  • The guardian shied is now in the game

  • After quitting fortnite since 2020 i still find ur vids interesting

  • Keep up the good vids and happy new year

  • 7:03 this should be a meme instead

  • We call most of them data miners mr.Top-5.