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Amazing activities from this video are good for any age. You can find many different hobby ideas for kids in this DIY tutorial video - soap making, paper crafts, decoupage, and decorating. All you have to do is to choose one awesome craft for this evening and set your imagination free. There's nothing easier than repeating after us (don't forget to tell us in the comments, which craft was your favorite)! Let the fun begin!
If there are toddlers who don't like washing their hands, there's a cool solution to this problem. You can put a little toy in a shape and pour some molten transparent soap over it. The trick is the following: the more often the soap is used, the sooner the kids would get the toy! Isn't it the best motivation that can transform into a good habit? Watch how we've made our dinosaur and car soap. You can choose any small toys for this craft. Another awesoem idea for making such a dinosaur egg is freezing toys into balls of ice - watch them melt and get your baby dinos!
If you like dragons and dinosaurs, you cna't miss our amazing bright dragon egg craft! Don't miss your chance of becoming a mother (or a father)) of dragons and get yourself one asap! Such a stunning design masterpiece can also be a very good gift for someone who loves dinosaurs.
If you have a sweet tooth, we prepared many cool ice cream ideas for you in this video. For example, putting an ice cream box into a ziplock bag keeps it perfectly soft. Did you know this hack? Tell us in the comments if it was useful for you. If you have some Nutella leftovers int he jar, you cna put some ice cream inside and let it melt a little. Yummy Nutella ice cream is served - eat it straight from the jar.
Watch this kids crafts video up to the end and see how to make a cute paper Sponge Bob.
02:10 - Making cool presents wrap
04:08 - Ice cream crafts
08:32 - Temporary tattoo
12:21 - Cool experiments (spot the fake one)

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