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I'm 99% sure that your favorite place in the house is your bedroom! Am I right? So let's make it the ultimate comfort zone! In this video I'll show you how how to make reading place with perfect temperature, how to change linens like you’ve been doing it your entire life, stylish night lights and night stands using balloons, hydrogel beads, no sew blanket, knit blanket without knitting needles as well as incredibly beautiful macramé ideas just for you! Enjoy the life hacks and sleep tight!
There's nothing more important than good night sleep! It gives you energy for the whole day, restores your strength, cures minor pains and aches, relaxes all muscle groups and internal organs! But here's the funny thing, it all works good unless you have sleep troubles. So in order to stay healthy, cure menstrual cramps, headache, backache and other sorts of pain you need to sleep tight.And here's how you do it! One of the best ways to deal with sleeping problems is yoga. Find the most suitable asanas for you and make a little sequence, for instance, pigeon, bow, cat-cow pose, spinal twist, child pose, side bend, upavista, any pose you like!Sleep tight and stay healthy! ; )
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  • Also I am for sure going to make a load of those T-shirt pillows I have a load of old T-shirts, and because I'm such a sentimental person I struggle when it comes to giving things away/throwing things away, so this is a really good & clever way to 'recycle' old clothing, thanks 5-minute-crafts for the ideas!!!!

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